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Team Building Activities San Francisco

CityDays, trusted events for fun-filled team bonding.

  • Trusted team building sessions in San Francisco
  • Fun, inclusive & immersive events
  • Fast tailored proposals
  • Suitable for all budgets (from $20 pp) & team sizes
  • Flexible event dates & times - change last minute free of charge

Activities that get your teams working together.

  • Trails of clues that lead teams through the secrets of San Francisco
  • Solve challenges & snap photos to top the leaderboard
  • Make it yours with a bespoke hunt - from your office, add pub-stops, a restaurant, other activities...
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Suitable for all
Our hunts are suitable for all ages & abilities.
Event management
We'll get your event created, setup, venue found & teams prepped to go.
Teams that'll beg for more
We guarantee you'll all have an amazing team day with us.

Interactive hunt experiences

  • Help your team re-discover San Francisco, the city they thought they knew.
  • Optional breaks in bars/pubs/cafes along the way, great for teams to overlap and share experiences.
  • Low maintenance for event planners, high fun-levels for teams.
A mix of clues, puzzles and photo challenges

Extra highlights

  • Receive snippets of history, quirky facts and intriguing stories about the areas you visit.
  • Pub/cafe breaks along your hunt, all totally optional and some with discounts on food & drinks.
  • Make memories at locations along the way, get inspiration from previous teams and share a clever snap!
  • Go at your own pace or go for top spot on the game leaderboard.
Learn snippets of history, optional breaks in pubs/cafes and a leaderboard for each game.

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How does it work?

Gather at the start zone
All teams need to start in one of the start zones on the map.
Grab a team snap
Pose for a great team selfie and show off that team spirit!
Game time!
When the clock hits the start time, they're off! Teams check-in at the start zone before they set off.
Points mean prizes
Markers across the map are valued at different scores, teams choose a route and unlock the points as they go.
Pub/Cafe Breaks
Fancy a scheduled meet up in a pub or cafe break along the way, no problem!
Home straight
Teams check-in at the finish zone before the time reaches zero. Team with the most points are crowned the winners.

Team Building Activity San Francisco Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays Team Building Activities San Francisco

Carolines over 50's Club Team Building Activity San Francisco

Carolines over 50's Club

Fantastic trail , really enjoyed 10/10

Golden Pineapple Team Building Activity San Francisco

Golden Pineapple

Amazing experience. Great ways to show little nooks and crannies you would otherwise miss. Really fun clues. Would full…

MAD MAX Team Building Activity San Francisco


Beautiful experience, group absolutely loved it. Great history and storyline, only thing is that there could’ve been mo…

Candler Clan Team Building Activity San Francisco

Candler Clan

Had a fantastic day out! We loved the clues and they were the right level of difficulty for the whole family - age 11+.

The Ginger & the Gay Team Building Activity San Francisco

The Ginger & the Gay

David and I had the BEST day exploring York, solving the clues, and had such a wonderful time over the whole day. What…

Mumson Team Building Activity San Francisco


Had a great day out in London doing the outdoor escape room, I have been round London hundreds of times but found areas…

Shell and Phil Team Building Activity San Francisco

Shell and Phil

Brilliant clues and a great way to see the city. We will be looking to see which other cities we can do this in!

The Gunners Team Building Activity San Francisco

The Gunners

We had a great few hours following the clues and exploring a part of London. Definitely tested the brain cells! Loved i…

Brains and Whiston Team Building Activity San Francisco

Brains and Whiston

Was a intresting and fun filled day 😁. FromBrains & whiston

Special six Team Building Activity San Francisco

Special six

A fantastic day out finding new places and spotting things you would normally just walk by! Highly recommend this activ…

Rocky Team Building Activity San Francisco


Great for getting out and seeing parts of the city you wouldn't other wise see. Plenty of places for food and drink on …

Wiggins and Simpsons Team Building Activity San Francisco

Wiggins and Simpsons

Such a great time. We had an amazing afternoon, and enjoyed all the stops along the way!!

Priceless Team Building Activity San Francisco


Great way to explore London. Even if you live here you will discover hidden gems and lots of fun facts

Rescue Aid Society Team Building Activity San Francisco

Rescue Aid Society

Fantastic day out! Wet and windy, but helped us see a city we are familiar with in a whole different light! Great fun!

Kanye Quest Team Building Activity San Francisco

Kanye Quest

Very fun to see some areas where we've never been! Good riddles, not too hard but not too easy.

Team PP Team Building Activity San Francisco

Team PP

It was fantastic! Really interesting clues and made me see my home town in a new way - looking for our next one!

BBSS Team Building Activity San Francisco


It was really excellent experience. We saw lots of places we had never seen and enjoyed the challenge of the clues. We …

A and L Team Building Activity San Francisco

A and L

We loved the tour! Made us think, tired us out and was great fun! Thank you

Callaghans Team Building Activity San Francisco


What an excellent way to explore Bath. We had great fun following the clues and finding all about the city. Brilliant w…

SBM Team Building Activity San Francisco


Was a fantastic day out! Cannot fault it. Got us thinking, was the right level of challenge, and took us to some beauti…

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At CityDays, we’re passionate about helping people rediscover their city: whether they live or work there or they’re just passing through. And for businesses like yours, we kick it up a notch.

Whether your business is the new kid on the block or a globally recognized brand, we have team building activities in San Francisco that will totally change the game. Turn your coworkers into code-cracking detectives, immerse them in San Francisco’s vibrant culture and history and watch as they cooperatively hunt down The City’s secrets.

Want to find out more? Read on to discover more about our unrivaled San Francisco team building activities.

Ideas For Team Building Activities in San Francisco with CityDays

CityDays’ guide to booking the best team building activities in San Francisco, including outdoor activities, corporate team building activities and much, much more!

1 Go On a Scavenger Hunt Through San Francisco

It’s no secret that people who walk more typically have healthier, longer lives - but did you know that walking also ups your employees’ productivity by as much as 50%?

If you want to see more creativity, collaboration and improved communication at your workplace, consider making your team building activity a scavenger hunt through San Francisco.

Not only will your coworkers discover more about the city they live and work in through discovering landmarks and uncovering secrets, but they will also have a chance to work together to beat the other teams in the process.

Find out more here.

2 Go On a San Francisco Treasure Hunt in Search of The City’s Secrets

San Francisco is full of whispering secrets, awesome landmarks and (to be honest) some pretty crazy stories. You just don’t know where or what they are.

Give your employees the gift of memories that last a lifetime while they explore San Francisco’s hidden network of treasures, unforgettable sights and intriguing histories.

Using nothing but each other, their problem-solving abilities and their cellphones, your teams will have to work cooperatively to find their way around our masterfully-crafted trails around popular San Francisco’s districts - or from your office’s very own backyard.

Find out more here.

3 Immerse Your Coworkers In a San Francisco Urban Adventure

There’s a kid inside all of us that says “play is the only way”. And we agree.

Urban adventure games are an ideal way to get your coworkers bonding, building their teamwork and observation skills and having fun.

Your teams play along by answering clues, solving puzzles and deconstructing riddles which reveal a secret map to awesome bars and cafés, beauty spots, cultural quirks and incredible history.

Find out more here.

4 Play a San Francisco Exploration Game That Reveals The City’s Cultural History

At CityDays, we believe in the importance of understanding a city’s heritage. The good and the bad. So we created Liquid Lives, a route that exposes and explores San Francisco’s incredible multicultural history and celebrates the city’s cultural diversity.

From entrepreneurial Europeans to Chilean and Jewish miners, hundreds of thousands of people have made San Francisco their home from all over the world. While some individual names and stories have been lost to history, our Liquid Lives trail highlights the city’s major feats and falls made by The City’s pioneers from its beginnings to today.

Find out more here.

5 Go On The Hunt for San Francisco’s Secret Garden

One of the best team building activities in San Francisco for invigorating a bit of friendly competition between departments: seeking out a Secret Garden.

To get there, your graphic designers, office clerks, administrators or whoever will have to transform into daytime detectives by undertaking a monumental task: finding the end location first.

To do that, they’ll have to work together seamlessly, carve out their own tactics and put their minds together to solve tricky riddles and head-scratching puzzles. Whether they opt for quick wit or slow and steady reasoning, all teams will experience a fantastic day out with plenty of benefits for all involved.

Who’ll get there first? We’ll find out when we look at the leaderboard…

Find out more here.

PSST: Have you got your own end venue in mind already, or want us to pick one just for your business? Contact us - we love a challenge!

Unusual Facts About San Francisco

They say there’s no place like home - and “they” are right. Our team building activities in San Francisco are all about helping your coworkers mingle, up their problem-solving skills and discover new things to love about The City.

We’ve helped numerous San Francisco businesses craft their perfect team-building days, and to give you a flavor of how much detail we go into on our trails, check out these unusual San Francisco facts that we’ve managed to dig up…

1 The Man Who Gave San Francisco its Name Is The Patron Saint of Ecologists

Apart from giving his name to our favorite Californian city, Saint Francis (aka Saint Francis or San Francisco in Spanish) was a huge advocate of preserving animal life and their habitats.

Happily, his legacy lives on in San Francisco today: Californians use on average 100 gallons of water daily, while San Franciscans only use 49.

2 Fortune Cookies were (Probably) Invented in San Francisco

Getting Chinese takeout wouldn’t be the same without reading a cryptic message hidden in a delicious cookie and it’s (probably) thanks to a Japanese immigrant to San Francisco, Makato Hagiwara.

He was a landscape gardener who designed the Golden Gate tearoom. Hagiwara served Japanese buns with thank you notes inside them at the beginning of the 20th century, a habit which was quickly adopted by food vendors in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

3 San Francisco’s Hottest Month is September

This is because cities near a lot of water always have their hottest day a long while after its longest day (which usually occurs in the last week of June) due to “Seasonal Lag”.

4 Many of San Francisco’s Street Names are Stamped Into Sidewalks at Intersections

At CityDays, we often advise our adventurers to look up and look around - you never know what might be there. But on this occasion, we’re telling you to look down (if it’s safe to do so!).

If you’re looking for total accuracy from the sidewalk, you might be disappointed. There are some instances of misspelled names stamped into San Francisco’s sidewalks - as many as 150 of them, in fact. Our favorite so far is “Buchnana” (Buchanan Street).