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Team Building Activities NYC

CityDays, trusted events for fun-filled team bonding.

  • Trusted team building sessions in New York
  • Fun, inclusive & immersive events
  • Fast tailored proposals
  • Suitable for all budgets (from $20 pp) & team sizes
  • Flexible event dates & times - change last minute free of charge

Activities that get your teams working together.

  • Trails of clues that lead teams through the secrets of New York
  • Solve challenges & snap photos to top the leaderboard
  • Make it yours with a bespoke hunt - from your office, add pub-stops, a restaurant, other activities...
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Suitable for all
Our hunts are suitable for all ages & abilities.
Event management
We'll get your event created, setup, venue found & teams prepped to go.
Teams that'll beg for more
We guarantee you'll all have an amazing team day with us.

Interactive hunt experiences

  • Help your team re-discover New York, the city they thought they knew.
  • Optional breaks in bars/pubs/cafes along the way, great for teams to overlap and share experiences.
  • Low maintenance for event planners, high fun-levels for teams.
A mix of clues, puzzles and photo challenges

Extra highlights

  • Receive snippets of history, quirky facts and intriguing stories about the areas you visit.
  • Pub/cafe breaks along your hunt, all totally optional and some with discounts on food & drinks.
  • Make memories at locations along the way, get inspiration from previous teams and share a clever snap!
  • Go at your own pace or go for top spot on the game leaderboard.
Learn snippets of history, optional breaks in pubs/cafes and a leaderboard for each game.

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How does it work?

Gather at the start zone
All teams need to start in one of the start zones on the map.
Grab a team snap
Pose for a great team selfie and show off that team spirit!
Game time!
When the clock hits the start time, they're off! Teams check-in at the start zone before they set off.
Points mean prizes
Markers across the map are valued at different scores, teams choose a route and unlock the points as they go.
Pub/Cafe Breaks
Fancy a scheduled meet up in a pub or cafe break along the way, no problem!
Home straight
Teams check-in at the finish zone before the time reaches zero. Team with the most points are crowned the winners.

New York Team Building Activity NYC Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays Team Building Activities NYC

RuddRobins Team Building Activity NYC


Wonderful way to explore, Nottingham next!

Mayo for Sam Team Building Activity NYC

Mayo for Sam

Great afternoon of puzzles and fun.Everyone enjoyed and even those of us who know London still discovered new things & …

You got snacks? Team Building Activity NYC

You got snacks?

This is the second one of these we have done, we love them. Great day out and takes you places you've not been before. …

Bubbles Team Building Activity NYC


We had a great time. Got stuck on one clue when it said look right not left, but worked it out in the end. We took a fe…

Definitely Maybe Team Building Activity NYC

Definitely Maybe

Excellent experience. Really quick messaging and challenging but fun clues

Dally101 Team Building Activity NYC


Myself and my partner really enjoyed this activity. I'm from Scotland and he is from outer London and both found it a g…

Team London birthdays Team Building Activity NYC

Team London birthdays

We had a really great time! Really made my birthday!

TJT Team Building Activity NYC


Such a unique and fun experience! It really allows you to see parts of the city that you wouldn’t necessarily visit! In…

Ru and Coel Team Building Activity NYC

Ru and Coel

It was amazing getting to tour all the little details of Sydney while having an underlying story and puzzles to solve! …

Princess Squeak & the Silly Goose Team Building Activity NYC

Princess Squeak & the Silly Goose

Such good fun, clever clues, and the trail took us to see parts of York we have never seen before! Loved it!

The Band on Tour Team Building Activity NYC

The Band on Tour

A really fun day out. Got to see lots of the city and learn some interesting facts too!

Blakemores on Tour Team Building Activity NYC

Blakemores on Tour

Excellent way to see the city

Joe’s adventure squad Team Building Activity NYC

Joe’s adventure squad

A great way to explore Greenwich, we all really enjoyed it! Fun and challenging clues to keep us guessing, highly recom…

PRAA Team Building Activity NYC


great way to explore the city we have just moved to!

Team Hammond Team Building Activity NYC

Team Hammond

We had a great experience! Cambridge is our local City, but we were amazed at how much we'd never seen within such a sm…

The RamSchals Team Building Activity NYC

The RamSchals

Great day out with kids (age 10-12). We loved it!

Woolpack Meadows explores Team Building Activity NYC

Woolpack Meadows explores

What a fantastic opportunity to have fun and explore York. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you

Toiyub + Amber Team Building Activity NYC

Toiyub + Amber

Amazing experience, it’s something different to do and you get to explore the history of Manchester. I would highly rec…

GOLD Team Building Activity NYC


Excellent way to discover parts of London we did t know existed even as a Londoner and fun with friends

Stweam Team Building Activity NYC


We had an absolutely fabulous afternoon working out the clues and searching high and low for the answers!! We'll defini…

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Like all good New Yorkers, we appreciate and celebrate NYC’s diverse boroughs for what they are: individual places with their own histories, stories, landmarks and curious facts.

Whether you’re a Brooklyn based business owner, a Manhattan mogul, a Queens commerce connoisseur, a Staten Island savvy salesperson, or a boutique bureau in the Bronx, we have team building activities in NYC that will elevate your company’s bonding, knowledge and appreciation for their borough.

At CityDays, we create, organize, and prepare fun team building activities in NYC that challenge and boost the morale of your team members by providing unique scavenger and treasure hunts, walking tours, outdoor escape rooms, urban adventures and food hunts.

Want to find out more? Read on to discover more about our unrivaled NYC team building activities.

Ideas For Team Building Activities in NYC with CityDays

CityDays’ guide to booking the best team building activities in NYC, outdoor unusual team building activities in NYC, corporate team building activities and much, much more!

1 Go On a Scavenger Hunt Through NYC

Take your team building day in NYC to a whole new level by exercising your team’s observation skills with an NYC scavenger hunt!

Your colleagues will have to sniff out clues, unravel puzzles and solve riddles to find their way around an NYC borough of your choice. Choose from a pre-set route or put us to the test and let us craft one just for you.

Find out more here.

2 Go On an NYC Treasure Hunt in Search of The Big Apple’s Secrets

Transform your team into a brigade of buccaneers as they explore NYC’s remarkable network of hidden gems, unexpected secrets and intriguing mysteries.

Armed with nothing but each other, their competitive spirits and cellphones, your colleagues will have to work cooperatively to find their way around our masterfully-crafted trails around popular NYC boroughs - or your office’s very own district.

Find out more here.

3 Go On a Walking Tour To Uncover NYC’s Secrets

Treat your team to a gift they’ll cherish forever: a burst of fresh air and some much-needed exercise away from their desks.

According to the US Census, two thirds of New Yorkers either walk or take transit to work. Up the stakes by bringing the whole office out into the outdoors to experience a walking tour where they’re the guides!

By answering clues, solving puzzles and unraveling riddles, your teams will discover things they never knew about New York City. By working together and pausing to reflect on their surroundings, they’ll build on their teamwork and observation skills, as well as having a lot of fun discovering NYC’s beauty spots and best kept secrets.

Find out more here.

4 Unleash Your Coworkers on NYC With an Outdoor Escape Room

Let's be real for a second. Many of us are already metaphorically locked in our offices most of the day - we don’t need to be locked into one physically.

But what if we told you you can have the benefits of an escape room but with a bigger, brighter, and healthier venue for your team building activities in NYC?

If you choose an outdoor escape room in NYC for your team building day, your coworkers won’t need to worry about locked doors - but they will have to use their problem solving skills, as well as their abilities to think quickly and cooperatively.

By playing one of our outdoor escape rooms, your teams will have to combine forces and use their various strengths to their advantage. Race to reach top of the leaderboard or take the tortoise approach by moving with care - the choice is entirely theirs…

Find out more here.

5 Solve a Murder Mystery in The City That Never Sleeps

If you’re looking for NYC building activities that are unique, fun and educational: look no further.

Turn your graphic designers, office clerks, administrators or whoever into daytime detectives by undertaking a classic murder mystery - with a twist.

Our murder mystery trails have been masterfully designed to give your teams the ability to crack mysteries, chase ‘suspicious persons of interest’ and find out who the perpetrator is.

By using their cunning wit and guile, they’ll have to find clues and react in real-time to mysterious events unfolding in front of them. Will they catch the killer? We’ll find out when we look at the leaderboard…

Find out more here.

Unusual Facts About NYC

Your company prides itself on delivering quality products and services in your unique area of expertise. Whether that’s selling to the world or being the best at what you do in the district, you want your team building days in NYC to be memorable, fun, and to see some results at the end of it.

We’ve helped numerous New York City businesses craft their perfect team-building days, and to give you a flavor of how much detail we go into on our trails, check out these unusual NYC facts that we’ve managed to dig up…

1 In 1920s New York, Green Road Signs Meant Both “Stop” and “Go” Depending On The Road’s Direction

If you were driving east to west, a green sign meant “stop”. If you were driving north to south, a green sign meant “go”.

Luckily, a traffic officer from Detroit called William Potts developed the “red-amber-green” system we still use today in 1920 and NY adopted the system a few years later!

2 The NYC Neighborhood Chelsea Was Named After a Hospital in London, England

But “Greenwich” didn’t come from its English counterpart - when New York was still called New Amsterdam, “Greenwich” was called “Groenwijck” (“Pine District”) and was later anglicized to what it is today!

3 In 1976, Queen Elizabeth II Collected 276 Years’ Worth of Rent From Trinity Church at Broadway and Wall Street

The Church originally received its charter from the British King William III in 1697, where the Church promised to pay one peppercorn annually.

When Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited New York in 1976, The Queen received a glass Steuben jar containing 279 peppercorns to make up the rent owed to her distant relative!

4 Street Lamps in Central Park Can Be Used To Navigate

Next time you’re in Central Park, take a look at the numbers on the street lamps’ bases.

The first two digits of the number tell you the nearest street (ranging from 59th Street to 110th Street) and the last two digits will tell you if you’re located in the east or west (even numbers for east and odd numbers for west).