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A forgotten subway station, an Egyptian monument more than 500 years old, a musical soup mine, a tree used for hanging, New York City is a place full of strange secrets and has been ever since Manhattan Island was purchased by the Dutch for approximately $24.

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  • New York review by Veronica Hein
    Veronica Hein - 5 / 5
    The Devil In Chelsea

    So fun! Loved it.

  • New York review by Birthday Bec
    Birthday Bec - 5 / 5
    Slow Boat to Chinatown

    A really informative and fun treasure hunt, taking in lots of interesting sites. Unfortunately part of the route was blocked because it went past a court house where Donald Trump was on trial, but we can't really blame City days for that...

  • New York review by Mama-mee dia 🎶
    Mama-mee dia 🎶 - 5 / 5
    The Southern Tip

    It was a great way to for us to celebrate the holidays together by seeing NYC during the holidays and learning more about this beautiful city. City days was always very helpful in planning our perfect night out.

  • New York review by Topher&Richard
    Topher&Richard - 5 / 5
    The Devil In Chelsea

    Awesome fun

  • New York review by Quantum Rizzics
    Quantum Rizzics - 5 / 5
    The Devil In Chelsea

    This was super fun! We got to explore a new part of the city, duck into some new bars, and get in quite a few miles of walking!

  • New York review by Team JM
    Team JM - 5 / 5
    The Devil In Chelsea

    Great plot, responsive, solvable but not silly easy puzzles. Got us walking a new neighborhood. Would do this again!