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Team Building Activities London

CityDays, trusted events for fun-filled team bonding.

  • Trusted team building sessions in London
  • Fun, inclusive & immersive events
  • Fast tailored proposals
  • Suitable for all budgets (from £15 pp) & team sizes
  • Flexible event dates & times - change last minute free of charge

Activities that get your teams working together.

  • Trails of clues that lead teams through the secrets of London
  • Solve challenges & snap photos to top the leaderboard
  • Make it yours with a bespoke hunt - from your office, add pub-stops, a restaurant, other activities...
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Suitable for all
Our hunts are suitable for all ages & abilities.
Event management
We'll get your event created, setup, venue found & teams prepped to go.
Teams that'll beg for more
We guarantee you'll all have an amazing team day with us.

Interactive hunt experiences

  • Help your team re-discover London, the city they thought they knew.
  • Optional breaks in bars/pubs/cafes along the way, great for teams to overlap and share experiences.
  • Low maintenance for event planners, high fun-levels for teams.
A mix of clues, puzzles and photo challenges

Extra highlights

  • Receive snippets of history, quirky facts and intriguing stories about the areas you visit.
  • Pub/cafe breaks along your hunt, all totally optional and some with discounts on food & drinks.
  • Make memories at locations along the way, get inspiration from previous teams and share a clever snap!
  • Go at your own pace or go for top spot on the game leaderboard.
Learn snippets of history, optional breaks in pubs/cafes and a leaderboard for each game.

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How does it work?

Gather at the start zone
All teams need to start in one of the start zones on the map.
Grab a team snap
Pose for a great team selfie and show off that team spirit!
Game time!
When the clock hits the start time, they're off! Teams check-in at the start zone before they set off.
Points mean prizes
Markers across the map are valued at different scores, teams choose a route and unlock the points as they go.
Pub/Cafe Breaks
Fancy a scheduled meet up in a pub or cafe break along the way, no problem!
Home straight
Teams check-in at the finish zone before the time reaches zero. Team with the most points are crowned the winners.

Team Building Activity London Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays Team Building Activities London

Penny Dreadfuls Team Building Activity London

Penny Dreadfuls

Mum and I LOVED our time out in York, exploring bits we don't think we'd have noticed without CityDays guiding us there…

Jenny Team Building Activity London


We did like the quest very much! The interface was easy to use and was helpful.My wife really loved the dog fountain an…

DJ's Team Building Activity London


Fab way to get to know the city better. Clues were easy to follow whilst making you take in things you've never noticed…

Big Three O Team Building Activity London

Big Three O

We had a great afternoon. The clues were enough of a challenge to make it fun- but not too hard! We loved the walk and …

Tabitha Peat Team Building Activity London

Tabitha Peat

Great experience. Had way more fun than I was expecting and got quite competitive!

JerseySpuds Team Building Activity London


Really good clues and learnt new things so it parts of London. Great fun!!

cheeky buggas Team Building Activity London

cheeky buggas

It’s soooo fun

Sanlo Team Building Activity London


We had a great day in Brighton! We have been there before but did not know such incredible streets and little squares e…

Margaretta Pirates Team Building Activity London

Margaretta Pirates

Honestly, I did not know what to expect from this experience. I booked it as a mystery day to surprise my mom and siste…

Team McReady Team Building Activity London

Team McReady

A great day out with clues that were not too easy and not too difficult. Would recommend!

Muppets Team Building Activity London


Just the right amount of information when clues are solved. Stops are important. How about some images with the trivi…

Odyssey Team Building Activity London


We had a brilliant day together, great fun as a group, and even the seasoned Londoners saw sights they'd never seen bef…

The Shaws Team Building Activity London

The Shaws

Great day out for a family of 4 (22 and 17yr old) we all thoroughly enjoyed it, Greenwich is stunning thank you

Bros from other hoes Team Building Activity London

Bros from other hoes

We booked Clause & Effect for our family when they were visiting from the South West and had the best time (and scran!)…

S'us Team Building Activity London


Wonderful fun! Trail was well thought out and just difficult enough to give our brains a work out as well as our legs.

Willow Team Building Activity London


Amazing day out. We’ve done both the Leeds walks now and both were brilliant. Planning on York next!

Cirque du Sore Legs Team Building Activity London

Cirque du Sore Legs

Loved this!!!!! Super fun! We will be doing this again

Ailbhe & Anne Team Building Activity London

Ailbhe & Anne

So much fun, challenging in the best way and opens your eyes to such an interesting side of the city!

Veronica Hein Team Building Activity London

Veronica Hein

So fun! Loved it.

Bowen Weather-Banton Team Building Activity London

Bowen Weather-Banton

Loved the walk, especially the view from the Observatory:) will definitely be coming back to Greenwich now

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Ideas For Team Building Activities in London

CityDays’ guide to booking the best team building activities in London, including unusual team building activities in London, corporate team building activities and much, much more!

1 Go On a London Scavenger Hunt

One of the best team building activities in London for exercising those observation skills: put your teams to the test as they scour a London borough of your choice looking for clues, solving riddles and following directions.

Mix your teams up or let separate departments battle it out as your colleagues discover new places, race to the finish line, or methodically unravel our deceptive puzzles.

Find out more here.

2 Go On a London Treasure Hunt in Search of Urban Bounty

Transform your team into a brigade of buccaneers as they explore London’s remarkable network of hidden gems, unexpected secrets and intriguing mysteries.

Armed with nothing but each other, their competitive spirits and mobile phones, your colleagues will have to work cooperatively to find their way around our masterfully-crafted trails around popular London boroughs - or your office’s very own district.

Find out more here.

3 Go On a Walking Tour To Uncover London’s Secrets

Did you know that 4 in 10 people living in London were born outside of the UK? Chances are, your office is home to people from all over the country, continent and world - and what better way is there to make everyone feel at home outside of the office than showing off your business’ own backyard?

Drag your colleagues away from their slouching positions at their desks and unleash them into the city of London by undertaking a self-guided London walking tour together. Players will answer riddles and clues to navigate them around a chosen route that unravels London’s many mysteries, beauty spots and best-kept secrets.

Expect plenty of fresh air, some exercise and, of course, plenty of teamwork to make the dream work.

Find out more here.

4 Treat Them to a Gourmet Food Hunt

At CityDays, we understand that a hungry team is an unhappy team, so we created team building activities in London that soothes rumbling bellies: we call them Gourmet Food Hunts.

Combining a winning formula of exercise, problem-solving, and trying some delicious locally-made* foods, our Gourmet Food Hunts will make your team work hard for their rewards (and have a lot of fun along the way!)

The teams will have to work together to solve puzzles and answer clues before reaching destinations that provide sweet and savoury treats, hot or cold drinks and a sense of accomplishment.

Find out more here.

*We work with independent vendors to help small businesses and ensure that you get the best fresh homemade treats!

5 Unleash Your Team On London With an Outdoor Escape Room

You and your colleagues spend enough time locked up inside the office as it is - don’t force yourself (or them!) into more of it while planning your team building activities in London.

Instead, unleash your workmates into the city of London where locked doors aren’t their biggest adversaries: but their ability to problem solve, observe, think quickly and methodically are.

By playing one of our outdoor escape rooms, your teams will have to combine forces and use their various strengths to their advantage. Race to reach top of the leaderboard or take the tortoise approach by moving with care - the choice is entirely theirs…

Find out more here.

6 Turn The Familiar Into The Unfamiliar By Going On an Urban Adventure

Whatever your mode of transport to work is, we can almost guarantee that there’s something amazing you - and your workmates - have missed in plain sight.

It could be a plaque, sculpture, railings or even the secret history of a streetlamp, but the only way you’ll find out just how incredible your London borough is will be booking an Urban Adventure with us.

Let your colleagues in on the secret as you split up into teams around your chosen part of London on the hunt for secrets, taking in hidden gems, incredible landmarks and opening your eyes to the complexity of London’s history.

Find out more here.

7 Go On A Hunt For Mayfair’s Marvellous Pubs

What if we told you that it’s easier (and much more fun) to book a pub hunt around Mayfair than it is to organise an event at just one pub for an entire evening?

And what if we told you that your team would still get the benefits of traditional team building activities but in a much more interesting and memorable way?

Well, it’s true. Our Mayfair route will take your colleagues on a hunt around the high-class haunts of London as they seek out the best ‘locals’. The snag? They have to work together solving puzzles, answering clues and following cryptic directions to get there.

Ideal for big and small teams alike, a pub hunt around Mayfair will be more than just a team building exercise: it’ll be a memory for life.

Find out more here.

8 Race Against Time on A Zombie Apocalypse Adventure

When you’re brainstorming ideas for your team building activities in London, you want something that will test your team’s ability to act calmly under pressure, show a collaborative approach to problem solving, and display informed decision making.

We’ve got just the way to do it.

Our latest trail, Humanity’s Last, is an outdoor experience that takes place in real-life in real time on London’s city streets. The teams will become the main characters in a story that will terrify them and bring them closer together in equal measure.

The story goes that London has been infected with a mysterious illness that has transformed its citizens into mindless zombies… your colleagues will work against the spread by solving riddles and clues to take them to the lab where (hopefully) a cure can be made…can they do it? There’s only one way to find out!

Find out more here.

9 Solve a Murder Mystery in The Capital

If you’re looking for building activities in London that will bring out your colleagues’ inner Sherlock, look no further.

Turn your graphic designers, office clerks, administrators or whoever into daytime detectives by undertaking a classic murder mystery in London - with a twist.

Our murder mystery trails have been masterfully designed to give your teams the ability to crack centuries’ old mysteries, chase ‘suspicious persons of interest’ and find out ‘whodunnit’. By using their cunning wit and guile, they’ll have to use clues and react in real-time to mysterious events unfolding in front of them. Will they catch the killer? We’ll find out when we look at the leaderboard…

Find out more here.

Unusual Facts About London

1 The Great Fire of London is Just One of 15 Fires Mentioned by Samuel Pepys in His Diary

He also mentions that during the Great Fire (which started in Pudding Lane) London’s pigeons refused to leave burning homes, but waited until the fire burnt their wings and they fell to the ground.

2 In the 1880s, the “Fashionable Hour” for Going For a Walk in London During The Summer Was Between Noon and 2pm

That’s according to Etiquette: What to Do and How to Do It, published in the 1880s. During winter, Victorian London trendsetters opted for a walk between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

3 Victoria Park Was the First In The World to Be Built For The Local Community

It was built in 1841 after an Act of Parliament was decreed. Victoria Park is also home to two domed arches that once adorned Old London Bridge, which was demolished in 1831.

4 During The 18th Century, An Area in Whitechapel Was Known as “Little Germany”

Before Jack The Ripper came along, many German migrants settled in an enclave of Whitechapel seeking better job opportunities or to escape religious persecution as Protestants.