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8 Top London Walking Tours To Crack The UK Capital’s Secrets

One of the most walkable cities in the world, London is jam-packed with historical oddities and cultural curios. There's something new to marvel at with every step you take.

Our London walking tours take you around city highlights like St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London, as well as hidden gems such as one of Charles Dickens’ favourite pubs. Plus, we pack in plenty of great pub, bar and café stops along the way. 

Walking tours are one of the best ways to explore the city and find remarkable places off the beaten track. Get ready for an unforgettable London walking tour adventure!

8 Top London Walking Tours

Central London Walking Tour

1. Central London Walking Tour - Secrets of the Squares

A blend of iconic landmarks and tucked away treasures, Secrets of the Squares is one of our most sought-after London walking tours. Navigate Central London’s most well-trodden streets while discovering its best-kept secrets. 

Even if you think you’ve seen Piccadilly Circus, The Mall, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Soho and Chinatown before – prepare to be amazed at the many curiosities concealed within Central London.

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Mayfair Walking Tour

2. Mayfair Walking Tour - A Forbidden Fayre

Put your posh pants on and explore one of the world’s most expensive districts, Mayfair.
A Forbidden Fayre is a London walking tour that takes you through the high-class haunts of Mayfair, packed with puzzles and tantalising tales about some of the district's biggest characters. 

Add your footprints to the plush pavements that have graced no less than Hendrix and Handel, an American president and even a Victorian dandy who used to wash his boots with champagne. Mayfair - more than just a Monopoly square!

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IMG_20211230_145552 (1)

3. Dickens Themed Walking Tour - A Rift in Time

One of the best secret London walks for armchair detectives and Victorian history enthusiasts, A Rift in Time is a London walking tour that allows you to experience time travel as well as a Dickensian adventure of your very own through Covent Garden

Tiptoe through a narrative walking tour packed with puzzles and clues, all the while pursuing a mysterious stranger. Who is he – a victim or a villain? You decide, all the while soaking up enigmatic passages, historic arcades and, of course, plenty of charming pubs along the way.

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St Pauls, The City of London Walking Tour

4. City of London Walking Tour - The City

Ah, Londinium! This City of London Walking Tour absorbs 2000 years’ worth of London history into just a few hours (2.5 - 3.5 hrs). The City of London is the original core of the UK’s capital and received its nickname, The Square Mile, from the Romans. 

Fun fact: The Roman word for “mile” derives from “mille passus” or “one thousand paces”. 

One of the best outdoor activities in London, this interactive walking tour takes you on a puzzle-filled adventure from St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Tower of London, past historic inns and even includes an Ancient Roman amphitheatre.

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Southwark Walking Tour

5. Southwark Walking Tour - All Gone South

For those looking to uncover London’s secrets south of the Thames, All Gone South is a walking tour that takes you through London’s Most Historic Borough (it was founded in 880 by the Anglo-Saxon King Alfred). Discover South London hidden gems tucked beside iconic landmarks such as the Tate Modern art gallery as you decipher clues to take you around Medieval London’s hedonist haven. 

All Gone South is a great way to experience alternative London attractions, taking in historical and arty points of interest. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, especially foodies who will appreciate the many eateries, food vendors and pubs dotted along the way.

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Greenwich Walking Tour

6. Greenwich Walking Tour - Greenwich Guile

Although it’s tucked away in south-east London, Greenwich should be at the top of your London walking tours list. Not only does it have Royal connections (both Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I were born at Greenwich Palace, now the Old Royal Naval College), but it’s also home to time itself! 

Greenwich Guile is one of the best secret London walks for exploring an alternative area of London. It allows you to take a wander through London’s lesser-known attractions, picking up tidbits of maritime, Victorian and local history as you decipher cryptic clues in one of the capital’s greenest areas. There’s art, architecture and, of course, a visit to an excellent Victorian pub along the way.

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Kensington Mews Walking Tour

7. Kensington Walking Tour - Mysterious Mews

Popular with the rich and famous, Kensington is a ritzy suburb full of quirks and curios. Despite its fame for being home to some of London’s most iconic museums including the V&A, Sambourne House and the Natural History Museum, Kensington is crammed with hidden gardens, remarkable oddities like headless lampposts and stories of Cold War espionage.

Mysterious Mews is a must for anyone who enjoys going beyond the obvious and delving deeper into local intrigues while never being too far from London’s notorious hotspots. Ideal for small or large groups, this London walking tour will test your ability to crack puzzles and pay attention to the finer details of Kensington.

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Shoreditch Walking Tour

8. Shoreditch Walking Tour - Shoreditch Shuffle

If your heart beats for art, there’s no better London walking tour than the Shoreditch Shuffle

Formerly known as one of London’s most debauched neighbourhoods, Shoreditch has undergone an incredible transformation. It’s hard to believe that just a hundred years ago, Shoreditch was one of the poorest neighbourhoods in London where many were living without basic amenities. 

This trail is an excellent balance of high and low brow: you’ll see incredible pieces of modern art, colourful murals and walk through the burial grounds of resting literary giants, as well as the chance to dip your toes into Shoreditch’s wartime secrets and experience some of the best eateries in London’s East end.

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St Pauls Cathedral-2

Summary: The Best Way to Join the Top Secret London walks

There you have it - 8 Top London walking tours to suit everyone. Whichever route you end up taking, you can be sure that you’ll be experiencing some of the best outdoor activities in London. Whether it’s a London history tour you’re after or you’re on a mission to discover secret places in London, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

It takes less than two minutes to book your walking tour with us. Simply click the book tickets button at the top of our page, or any of the links in the article above.

And don’t forget, you’re in charge! You pick the day, time, who you play with and how you receive your messages. If you get stuck, you can always ask for a handy hint.

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Answers to any questions you have can be found on our FAQ page or contact us to talk about a walking tour for corporate team building in London.

Finally, don’t forget you’ll find us in cities all over the world. Wherever you are, we’ve got places to take you.

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8 Top London Walking Tours To Crack The UK Capital’s Secrets

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