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Monthly Challenges

Add another dimension to your day out and bag some amazing cash prizes. Share photos, videos and reels of your day for a chance of winning.

We're pleased to offer a range of monthly prizes that your team can tick off on your adventures.

  • £50/$60 - Best hunt photo
    • What is a hunt photo? You tell us. We want something that interacts with the clues and celebrates urban hunts. The rest is up to you.
  • £50/$60 - Best team photo
    • Show us who you are as a team, or who you want to be. This is your chance to really get into character and have a bit of fun. Wackiness is heavily encouraged.
  • £100/$120 - Best tagged reel of your hunt
    • Tag the IG reel @thesecret.city - We're looking for a reel that captures the excitement your team's experience. Show off the highlights and tell us a story.
  • £150/$180 - Best video promoting us/trailer - 30s or less
    • Unleash your inner Spielberg. Putting your own unique spin on a trailer, create a video of no more than 30 seconds to promote our trails.


  • Prizes are handed out each calendar month. The prize value is per submission, not team member.
  • Category submissions will be judged by the CityDays team and winners will be contacted via email.
  • All submitted content must be your own. By submitting, you're happy for CityDays to use your content as marketing material on our site and third party websites.
  • Prizes awarded by the 7th of the following month.
  • No duplicate content submissions.

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