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Bristol Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

  • Work together to solve fun challenges & puzzling clues Perfectly balanced & location-based.
  • Guided by clues sent to your phones Messages sent to you and your team's phones.
  • Explore Bristol's historic landmarks and hidden gems Our speciality, discovering and showing-off amazing places!
  • Discover top-rated pubs, bars and cafes Optional breaks to catch a rest along the way.
  • Compete Set the fastest time and see you ranking on your end certificate. for top spot on the Bristol leaderboard
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Next Steps

1. Select your game, pick a trail of your choice and receive your welcome email.
2. Rally your team and enter a team name and phone number(s) into the system.
3. Receive your welcome text, then head to the start location on a day and time of your choice.
4. Text START to receive the first in a series of cryptic directions. Solve the puzzles to unravel your mystery.
5. Discover unique places, the secret and hidden of your city - and great independant pubs/cafes!
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CityDays Bristol Hunts

Each hunt explores a different area of city in one of two ways. Our classic treasure hunts & scavenger hunts use puzzle-filled directions to guide players to exciting new sights. Our Story trails do all this with the added bonus of an immersive story on top - play the main character and relive a tale from the city's past or experience a story all your own.

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Action-packed Bristol Treasure & Scavenger Hunts in Bristol

How the Bristol days out work

Discover Bristol's secret places

Experience Bristol's unique places and share stories in independent pubs & cafes, curated for each Bristol Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt.

Fun challenges

Engaging puzzles and captivating stories reveal Bristol in a new light.

Play together or competitively

Work as a team or compete head-to-head to set the fastest time on our Bristol leaderboard.

Fully flexible bookings

Alter your booking freely; change the date, time, number of people or chosen Bristol Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt. Even stop and start once you've begun.

Our aim is for you to fall in love with Bristol!

A vibrant city that combines history and contemporary culture, Bristol is a fantastic place to explore whether you're a visitor or local.

A collision of modern art and medieval culture awaits; maritime industry and history rests alongside Georgian parklands while modern developments hide haunted pubs.

What better way to discover all this and more than with a CityDays treasure hunt walking tour?

Fun activity for all groups

Corporate Treasure Hunts
Work together with friends & family
corporate treasure hunts
Relaxed Bristol date treasure hunts
Corporate Treasure Hunts
Bristol competitive team building treasure hunts
corporate treasure hunts
Fun-filled Bristol hen-do treasure hunts

Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays Bristol Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

RuddRobins Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt


Wonderful way to explore, Nottingham next!

Mayo for Sam Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Mayo for Sam

Great afternoon of puzzles and fun.Everyone enjoyed and even those of us who know London still discovered new things & …

You got snacks? Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

You got snacks?

This is the second one of these we have done, we love them. Great day out and takes you places you've not been before. …

Bubbles Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt


We had a great time. Got stuck on one clue when it said look right not left, but worked it out in the end. We took a fe…

Definitely Maybe Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Definitely Maybe

Excellent experience. Really quick messaging and challenging but fun clues

Dally101 Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt


Myself and my partner really enjoyed this activity. I'm from Scotland and he is from outer London and both found it a g…

Team London birthdays Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Team London birthdays

We had a really great time! Really made my birthday!

TJT Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt


Such a unique and fun experience! It really allows you to see parts of the city that you wouldn’t necessarily visit! In…

Ru and Coel Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Ru and Coel

It was amazing getting to tour all the little details of Sydney while having an underlying story and puzzles to solve! …

Princess Squeak & the Silly Goose Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Princess Squeak & the Silly Goose

Such good fun, clever clues, and the trail took us to see parts of York we have never seen before! Loved it!

The Band on Tour Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

The Band on Tour

A really fun day out. Got to see lots of the city and learn some interesting facts too!

Blakemores on Tour Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Blakemores on Tour

Excellent way to see the city

Joe’s adventure squad Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Joe’s adventure squad

A great way to explore Greenwich, we all really enjoyed it! Fun and challenging clues to keep us guessing, highly recom…

PRAA Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt


great way to explore the city we have just moved to!

Team Hammond Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Team Hammond

We had a great experience! Cambridge is our local City, but we were amazed at how much we'd never seen within such a sm…

The RamSchals Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

The RamSchals

Great day out with kids (age 10-12). We loved it!

Woolpack Meadows explores Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Woolpack Meadows explores

What a fantastic opportunity to have fun and explore York. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you

Toiyub + Amber Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Toiyub + Amber

Amazing experience, it’s something different to do and you get to explore the history of Manchester. I would highly rec…

GOLD Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt


Excellent way to discover parts of London we did t know existed even as a Londoner and fun with friends

Stweam Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt


We had an absolutely fabulous afternoon working out the clues and searching high and low for the answers!! We'll defini…

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Rediscover the city you thought you knew

CityDays treasure & scavenger hunts let you explore alone or with your own group for a head-scratching adventure!

We believe that a good tour isn't just about the destination: It's about the journey too.

Discover hidden gems, stumble on new paths, and see the city's best-known locations as you riddle your way through its best-kept secrets.

Rediscover the city you thought you knew and find new treasure around every corner: A great day out for both visitors and locals!

Get your breath back at breaks in pubs and cafes to catch up on the experience so far.

Rummage for Bristol’s Bounty on a Bristol Treasure Hunt


Welcome to Bristol, the fizzing, bubbling, bursting with atmosphere West Country city that is riddled with mysteries, hidden spots and secret nooks! 

Bristol has always been a hive of activity. From pirates and merchants to suspension bridges and boycotts, this place has seen and done it all.

Luckily, with CityDays’ Bristol treasure and scavenger hunts, so can you (except in a safer, less smelly and more comfortable way)!

Whether you’re a Bristolian looking to scrub up on your West Country knowledge or a visitor hoping to spot some hidden gems, our Bristol treasure hunts are here to help you explore like you never have before.

Get The Most Out of Your Bristol Treasure Hunt


Our self-guided Bristol treasure hunts transform you into detectives, explorers and tour guides, giving you the freedom to discover the city your own way, in your own time, with people you know and love. 

From the moment you start until you finish the tour, you’re guaranteed to learn, have fun, make memories and get some fresh air and exercise. 

And yes, we throw in plenty of pub and cafe recommendations along the way so you can explore the incredible local businesses scattered all around Bristol (and take much-needed breaks!). So if you’re looking for a pub treasure hunt in Bristol, you’ve come to the right place! 

The Best Treasure Hunts in Bristol


Our Bristol scavenger hunts are designed to show you the good stuff, cut out the boring stuff, and get you interacting with your surroundings. 

How do we do that? 

Well, we put the activity back in your hands. We’ve curated our trails so they take you around Bristol’s streets, landmarks, history, and famous figures. The only catch is - it’s up to you to solve our puzzles, riddles and clues to take you from each one to the next! 

Look up, look down, look left, look right! We don’t support littering, so we haven’t left any physical objects anywhere for you to find. Instead, we’ve made use of existing buildings, curious city quirks, sculptures, pieces of street art and even street furniture as clues.

We find this is much the best way to ensure that our clues stay put (we don’t want anyone ruining it for the next group of adventurers!) while also allowing you to learn about Bristol.

Still a bit confused? Here’s how it works

Bristol Treasure Hunts: Uncover Bristol’s Hidden History


From being the meeting point between the two Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex to the Bristol Bus Boycott and beyond, Bristol has seen its fair share of history - and we want to share it with you!

They say knowledge is power, but we say knowledge is plunder. Well, this is a Bristol treasure hunt, after all.

Think of the treasure in our scavenger hunts as golden nuggets of information: interesting facts, weird, unnoticed quirks or bizarre discrepancies. The only physical objects you’ll take away from our treasure hunts are pictures (please do send them in, we love to see them!), so you don’t have to worry about carrying anything around with you other than your phone.

And you never know when your knowledge will come in handy for say, a pub quiz, a trivia game…or just seeming like the cleverest person in the room. 

aid to be in the audience and the papers described him as “a little bewildered”. 

Available Trails and Bristol Treasure and Scavenger Hunts


Interested in finding out more about the kinds of self-guided Bristol treasure and scavenger hunts we provide? Here’s where you get a tiny sneak peek into where you can find your next adventure…

The Painted City

Discover Bristol's rich tapestry of history and creativity on an immersive, puzzle-filled treasure hunt. Navigate medieval arches, mural-adorned streets, and Victorian gardens, unlocking tales from its diverse past through engaging challenges…

Highlights include 17th-century bronze 'nail' tables for merchant bartering, time-worn medieval marvels, engineering feats, and iconic street art including an original Banksy. Along the way, enjoy puzzles, surprises, and stops at unique venues like a candle-lit bar in a 16th-century townhouse and a traditional pub with flock wallpaper and a cosy fire. 

This outdoor escape room game-style treasure hunt in Bristol is ideal for friends, families or couples who love to explore and play, offering a multifaceted glimpse into Bristol's vibrant culture.

Bristol Treasure/Scavenger Hunt Questions

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