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Bath Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

  • Work together to solve fun challenges & puzzling clues
  • Guided by clues sent to your phones
  • Explore Bath's historic landmarks and hidden gems
  • Discover top-rated pubs, bars and cafes
  • Compete for top spot on the Bath leaderboard
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Next Steps

1. Select your game, pick a trail of your choice and receive your welcome email.
2. Rally your team and enter a team name and phone number(s) into the system.
3. Receive your welcome text, then head to the start location on a day and time of your choice.
4. Text START to receive the first in a series of cryptic directions. Solve the puzzles to unravel your mystery.
5. Discover unique places, the secret and hidden of your city - and great independant pubs/cafes!
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CityDays Bath Hunts

Each hunt explores a different area of city in one of two ways. Our classic treasure hunts & scavenger hunts use puzzle-filled directions to guide players to exciting new sights. Our Story trails do all this with the added bonus of an immersive story on top - play the main character and relive a tale from the city's past or experience a story all your own.

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Action-packed Treasure Hunts & Scavenger Hunts in Bath

How the Bath days out work

Discover Bath's secret places

Experience Bath's unique places and share stories in independent pubs & cafes, curated for each Bath Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt.

Fun challenges

Engaging puzzles and captivating stories reveal Bath in a new light.

Play together or competitively

Work as a team or compete head-to-head to set the fastest time on our Bath leaderboard.

Fully flexible bookings

Alter your booking freely; change the date, time, number of people or chosen Bath Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt. Even stop and start once you've begun.

Discover, Play & See More On Your Bath Treasure Hunt 

Welcome to Bath, a picturesque, historic West Country city echoing with stories of the past and mysterious secret nooks!

Apart from its obvious Roman and Georgian heritage, Bath is packed with quirks, picturesque alleyways and cosy corners. 


After all, it was in this very place that a planet was discovered, Jane Austen penned some of her most famous novels and the first “King of All England” was crowned

And that’s only the beginning. For centuries, intrepid explorers have flocked to Bath to see what all the fuss is about: and with CityDays, so can you! 

Our treasure hunt in Bath allows you to explore Bath your way. Here’s how…

Fun activity for all groups

Corporate Treasure Hunts
Work together with friends & family
corporate treasure hunts
Relaxed Bath date treasure hunts
Corporate Treasure Hunts
Bath competitive team building treasure hunts
corporate treasure hunts
Fun-filled Bath hen-do treasure hunts

Bath Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays Treasure Hunts & Scavenger Hunts

Yeseboys Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


Great tour and escapetour, it was really fun and was a good diffeculty!

ManyPaws Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


We did the Search for Shoreditch hunt and it was interesting and a lot of fun. Even though I know this area I saw lots…

Cattle Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


Excellent day , great fun

Burlesque Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


Brilliant walk, a little hilly but really enjoyed it.

Solar Flares Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Solar Flares

Great day out with friends with a bit of education thrown in.

The killer catchers Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

The killer catchers

My mum and I had a great experience, we came to Sheffield on a weekend getaway to do this murder mystery experience and…

The Greenwich Wanderers Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

The Greenwich Wanderers

We both loved it - a fantastic hunt around Greenwich taking in all the sights.

Nicola Benstead Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Nicola Benstead

It was fun but maybe could have been a tad longer maybe another 5 clues

Eurovision Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


Fantastic! A great blend of straight forward clues that guided us around plenty of hidden treasures away from the touri…

Verbs Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


This was a great way to see the city.

Good Lookers Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Good Lookers

Great day out exploring Greenwich reeking of history with its cobblestone paths and alleys, statues, magnificent views…

M&M Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


Great way to explore the City and make lots interesting discoveries along the way. The clues were cryptic enough to kee…

Esta and Lou Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Esta and Lou

We had the best day. We loved the hidden gems and sites. It was brilliant to do the city tour on a Saturday as it’s so …

charootery Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


amazing adventure. better than i was expecting

Fox and Badger Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Fox and Badger

A great day out for the family.

Froot Loop Soop (Jorkin the peanits) Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Froot Loop Soop (Jorkin the peanits)

There was no storyline but it was just as fun as if there had been. We learned lots of interesting things about the cit…

Country tweed Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Country tweed

It was a very enjoyable thing to do with teenagers and fantastic seeing parts of London you would otherwise not get to …

Birthday Bec Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Birthday Bec

A really informative and fun treasure hunt, taking in lots of interesting sites. Unfortunately part of the route was bl…

Nicolas Cage Superfans Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt

Nicolas Cage Superfans

Very Good

MaccyD's Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt


Great day, the 4 of us had a fabulous time trying to solve the clues and seeing the sights of London along the way!

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Get The Most Out of Your Bath Treasure Hunt

Our Bath treasure hunt transforms you and your friends, family, colleagues or whoever into detectives, explorers and tour guides all at the same time. 


You answer the clues, you discover the secret sights and hidden gems, and it’s your team that competes for the top spot on our leaderboard.

We’ve worked hard to make sure there’s something for everyone who plays our Bath treasure hunt. So if it’s history, pubs, cosy cafes, Georgian architecture, weird geographical quirks or just gorgeous scenery you’re after - know that you’ll find it with CityDays!

The Best Treasure Hunts in Bath


Our Bath scavenger hunts are designed to show you the good stuff, cut out the boring stuff, and get you interacting with your surroundings. 

How do we do that? 

Well, we put the activity back in your hands. We’ve curated our trails so they take you around Bath’s gorgeous streets, landmarks, history, and introduce you to its famous figures. The only catch is - it’s up to you to solve our puzzles, riddles and clues to take you from each one to the next! 

Look up, look down, look left, look right! 

We don’t support littering, so we haven’t left any physical objects anywhere for you to find. Instead, we’ve made use of existing buildings, curious city quirks, sculptures, pieces of street art and even street furniture as clues.

We find this is much the best way to ensure that our clues stay put (we don’t want anyone ruining it for the next group of adventurers!) while also allowing you to learn about Bath.

Still a bit confused? Here’s how it works

Treasure Hunt Bath: Uncover Bath’s Hidden History


You don’t have to be a Bathonian to know that this city’s history is part of what makes it one of the most sought-after destinations in the UK. 

From Roman miracle mineral baths dedicated to the Roman Goddess Minerva to the German composer who discovered Uranus in his back garden, Bath has seen its fair share of history - and we want to share it with you!

Think of the treasure in our Bath scavenger hunts as golden nuggets of information. The only physical objects you’ll take away from our Bath treasure hunts are pictures (please do send them in, we love to see them!), so you don’t have to worry about carrying anything around with you other than your phone.

See More Bath Hidden Gems


Our Bath treasure hunt is a best-of-both-worlds scenario. Of course you’ll get to see legendary landmarks such as Bath Abbey, Bath’s Roman Baths, Bath Circus or Pulteney Bridge - but we’ll also introduce you to a few…less obvious gems.

Which Ancient Egyptian creatures lurk near Bath’s iconic half-moon dwellings? Where can you find Napoleon’s love tokens? Find out the answers and more by registering your team now…

Looking For a Bath Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt?


Look no further! Trust us - a lot of effort goes into curating a great treasure hunt. 

Crafting clues, finding the venues, plotting a route, doing your research…that’s what we do all year round! We’re professionals that have been creating treasure hunts around the world for just over half a decade. 

We include pub recommendations as stops along the way and you’re always welcome to pause the game at any time and make additional stops. so your Bath pub crawl treasure hunt can include as many or as few stops as you want! 

Team Building Treasure Hunts in Bath


Sick of spending your team-building days stuck in the office? We don’t blame you, when you’ve got Bath on your doorstep.

We offer pre-made and bespoke team-building treasure hunts in Bath to make your team-building days more interesting, active and environmentally friendly. 

Bath Treasure Hunt For a Hen Do


Gather your girls for a pre-wedding adventure like no other by completing a Bath treasure hunt!

Whether you all grew up in Bath or you have fond memories of trips, university days or a visit’s been on the bride’s bucket list forever, Bath is the ideal place to plan your hen-do. Our simple booking system makes it easy for you to organise yourselves into teams or flock together to get the most out of your girls trip to Bath.

You can also start the hunt whenever you like (although we recommend daylight) so if you have trouble keeping your fellow hens and bridesmaids to a tight schedule, there’s no need to panic about timings with us. 

Available Trails and Bath Treasure and Scavenger Hunts


Interested in finding out more about the kinds of self-guided Bath treasure and scavenger hunts we provide? Here’s where you get a tiny sneak peek into where you can find your next adventure…

Secrets & Sigils

Delve into the enigmatic depths of Bath, a city steeped in mysticism and ties to druidic culture, with a riddle-filled game that traces its history from Roman origins to the modern era. 

This cryptic Bath treasure hunt introduces you to intriguing figures from Bath's past, like a pig farmer who became king and an architect fascinated by the occult. Uncover artefacts taken from Napoleon, streets reflecting celestial bodies, mysterious symbols, and landmarks of cinematic innovation.

Ponder the mysteries of the city as you glimpse the ancient Roman baths and the majestic Bath Abbey, engage in puzzles and challenges while enjoying stops at charming pubs and cafes and take your team on a whirlwind adventure through history!

This escape game-style treasure hunt offers a unique and immersive way to experience Bath's rich history, perfect for anyone eager to uncover the city's hidden stories and historic marvels.

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