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A Rift In Time, London

£ 15 per person


  • - City exploration game, solve clues together and unlock secret sights
  • - Top-rated pub/cafe/pub recommendations along the way, with discounts
  • - Clues sent to your phones, with help available, the perfect difficulty for all
  • - Discover Victorian London as you play as a Dickensian-themed detective
  • - Activity is a mix of; outdoor escape room, treasure/scavenger hunt, walking tour
  • Story


A playful experience to discover the secrets of Victorian London, a mystery walk similar to an escape room but outdoors! You'll play a detective who's in pursuit or a mysterious stranger - is he victim or villain, you'll follow the clues and make your choices that'll alter the story.

Your team will receive clues on their phones that, once deciphered, will guide them around a route that showcases it's secret sights and great pubs/bars/cafes. The routes are all walking distance and clues get you working together and interacting with the city surroundings to find the answers, no prior knowledge required.

With recommended refreshment stops at top-rated pubs/cafes/bars that you can choose to indulge and refresh along the way. There are three stops on this route;
- Half way; historic pub stop in Mayfair, 20% off food & drink - code sent on arrival.
- Two thirds; wood-panelled, old-style tavern themed around explorer Phileus Fogg.
- Finish location; historic bustling market with pub, cafe and eatery choices.

A Dickensian adventure in London with a winding route through some of London's greatest lit up streets. At the heart of Victorian London you're in pursuit of a mysterious stranger. Is he a victim or a villain? It's up to you to find out. Take on the role of a Dickensian detective, as you try to uncover the truth!

Play as either the good-natured Pip or the dastardly Sikes as you chase the stranger through the city. Along the way, discover enigmatic passages, historic arcades, stunning shops and a host of charming pubs. Captivating clues to solve and a host of exciting details, you're in for a cracking time. But beware! Not everything is as it seems!

Monthly challenges are available for teams to submit pictures/videos of their experience to win cash prizes each month. Links sent in the welcome message and information available on our website.

** There is a short route overlap with our "Secrets of the Squares" route, different clues and only a very short period.

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Start any time between 9am-9pm (Mon-Sun)

2.5 - 3 hours across 5.2 km / 3.2 miles

Start Location

Oxford Circus Tube Station, Oxford Street, London

End Location

Around Covent Garden.

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