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A Fatal Feud, York

£ 15 per person


  • - Murder mystery style exploration game, solve clues together and unlock secret sights
  • - Top-rated pub/cafe/bar recommendations along the way, with discounts
  • - Clues sent to your phones, with help available, the perfect difficulty for all
  • - Activity is a mix of; outdoor escape room, treasure/scavenger hunt, walking tour
  • Story


A playful experience to discover the secrets of York, a mystery walk similar to an escape room but outdoors! You'll play a detective solving a Murder Mystery true to York's history. Based on the tale of a true murder mystery in York.

You're on the trail of a murder, it's 1491 and rumours are circling. Gather your team and get investigating; starting near Clifford's Tower you'll explore York looking for clues that'll lead you to the suspects.

Your team will receive clues on their phones that, once deciphered, will guide them around a route that showcases it's secret sights and great pubs/bars/cafes. The routes are all walking distance and clues get you working together and interacting with the city surroundings to find the answers, no prior knowledge required.

With recommended refreshment stops at top-rated pubs/cafes/bars that you can choose to indulge and refresh along the way. There are two stops on this route;
- One third; Relaxed hideaway pub stop
- Two thirds; Traditional pub, favoured drinking place of 17th-century Whig party members, and reputedly haunted - 20% off food & drink - code sent on arrival.
- Finish location; 7 minute walk back to York city centre / to amenities

Monthly challenges are available for teams to submit pictures/videos of their experience to win cash prizes each month. Links sent in the welcome message and information available on our website.

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Start between 8am to 3.00pm any day.

2.5 - 3.5 hours across 5.0 km / 3.1 miles

Start Location

Clifford's Tower, York

End Location

Around Foss Islands

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The Simpsons

Really enjoyed this. Went on a long walk around York, solving puzzles/riddles that were a…


Lovely tour around York, leading you down parts where you wouldn't normally go. Clever cl…

Team MD

Excellent day out with our family from down south, the last part was a little hard going …

Leakey Newts

Great fun. Great way to see the different parts of the city. We have been to York many ti…

Inspector Gordon Morse

My partner and I had a brilliant time completing Secret City Urban Adventure today. A per…

Team MB

Our first Secret City tour but it won’t be our last. We absolutely loved the experience a…

Team JE

Fun and interactive way to discover York. We had one of our teenage sons with us and he r…

Team AK

Had a great day in York with my daughter the clues are well planned and entertaining and …

Team CD

It was really really fun and showed off a more hidden, secret side of York. We ended ip i…


Great way to see the city. Very interesting surprise at the end ;)

Nelson the Crook

Fantastic 2.5hrs of fun. All clues have bits each of our team from 8yrs to 42yrs could ta…

Super spy’s

14000 steps later and we finally solved it. Luckily one of us was from york as the one of…


Loved this trail, highly reccomendes. takes you to some lovely sights to see.


Superb way of having a bit of extra fun whilst wandering around a city. The clues were di…


Absolutely loved our day solving a murder in York in the beautiful spring sunshine! The t…


What a fantastic way to explore York! We had so much fun following the clues and discover…


Totally loved the experience, going to do the one in harrowgate now

Team LE

Absolutely brilliant. We actually got to explore York (even places we’d never visited bef…

Cooper's troopers

Great fun, good story and clues. Saw lots of york I'd not seen before. Good being able to…

Team Richardson

How different! We've thoroughly enjoyed doing the fatal fued in York.Extremely cleaver th…


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