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London Mystery Picnics - Taste The City

  • Work together to solve fun challenges & puzzling clues
  • Collect delicious treats from top-rated vendors, all included in the price
  • Guided by clues sent to your phones
  • Competitive? Can you reach top spot on the London leaderboard?
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CityDays Mystery Picnics

An adventure to conquer the city, follow a trail of puzzles around the city's best food spots, collecting delicious treats to eat along the way or enjoy as a picnic at the end. Expect to find indulgent treats from the best top-rated partners, it's time to taste the city!

Next Steps

1. Select your experience, make your choice and receive the welcome email.
2. Rally your team, login & enter your team details into the system.
3. Receive your welcome text, head to the start location on your booking day.
4. Reply START to receive the first in a series of cryptic directions. Solve the puzzles to unravel your mystery.
5. Claim your items, visit the partner vendors to collect your spoils.
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Simply let us know why and we'll refund you in full.

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Mouth watering Mystery Picnics in London

How the London days out work

Interact with the city, unlock it's secrets

Search London for answers to solve the clues - with food & drinks along the way.

Clues that are cryptic, yet balanced

Engaging puzzles and captivating challenges - get those brain cells firing!

Never get lost, with hints/help available

*HINT* for help answering the challenge or *LOST* for help with directions.

Fully flexible bookings

Alter your booking freely; change the date, time, number of people or chosen London Mystery Picnic.

London Mystery Picnic Sights

London Mystery Picnic Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays Mystery Picnics

Penny Dreadfuls Mystery Picnic

Penny Dreadfuls

Mum and I LOVED our time out in York, exploring bits we don't think we'd have noticed without CityDays guiding us there…

Jenny Mystery Picnic


We did like the quest very much! The interface was easy to use and was helpful.My wife really loved the dog fountain an…

DJ's Mystery Picnic


Fab way to get to know the city better. Clues were easy to follow whilst making you take in things you've never noticed…

Big Three O Mystery Picnic

Big Three O

We had a great afternoon. The clues were enough of a challenge to make it fun- but not too hard! We loved the walk and …

Tabitha Peat Mystery Picnic

Tabitha Peat

Great experience. Had way more fun than I was expecting and got quite competitive!

JerseySpuds Mystery Picnic


Really good clues and learnt new things so it parts of London. Great fun!!

cheeky buggas Mystery Picnic

cheeky buggas

It’s soooo fun

Sanlo Mystery Picnic


We had a great day in Brighton! We have been there before but did not know such incredible streets and little squares e…

Margaretta Pirates Mystery Picnic

Margaretta Pirates

Honestly, I did not know what to expect from this experience. I booked it as a mystery day to surprise my mom and siste…

Team McReady Mystery Picnic

Team McReady

A great day out with clues that were not too easy and not too difficult. Would recommend!

Muppets Mystery Picnic


Just the right amount of information when clues are solved. Stops are important. How about some images with the trivi…

Odyssey Mystery Picnic


We had a brilliant day together, great fun as a group, and even the seasoned Londoners saw sights they'd never seen bef…

The Shaws Mystery Picnic

The Shaws

Great day out for a family of 4 (22 and 17yr old) we all thoroughly enjoyed it, Greenwich is stunning thank you

Bros from other hoes Mystery Picnic

Bros from other hoes

We booked Clause & Effect for our family when they were visiting from the South West and had the best time (and scran!)…

S'us Mystery Picnic


Wonderful fun! Trail was well thought out and just difficult enough to give our brains a work out as well as our legs.

Willow Mystery Picnic


Amazing day out. We’ve done both the Leeds walks now and both were brilliant. Planning on York next!

Cirque du Sore Legs Mystery Picnic

Cirque du Sore Legs

Loved this!!!!! Super fun! We will be doing this again

Ailbhe & Anne Mystery Picnic

Ailbhe & Anne

So much fun, challenging in the best way and opens your eyes to such an interesting side of the city!

Veronica Hein Mystery Picnic

Veronica Hein

So fun! Loved it.

Bowen Weather-Banton Mystery Picnic

Bowen Weather-Banton

Loved the walk, especially the view from the Observatory:) will definitely be coming back to Greenwich now

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