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The birthplace of notorious 17th century pirate Blackbeard, Bristol has a labyrinthine network of caves beneath it that legend has it was once his hideout. Here is our guide to more strange and wonderful places in the city.

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  • Bristol review by Blakemores on Tour
    Blakemores on Tour - 5 / 5
    The Painted City

    Excellent way to see the city

  • Bristol review by Horst Baby Stag
    Horst Baby Stag - 5 / 5
    The Painted City

    Really good fun and an interesting way to explore an unfamiliar city. Would absolutely recommend and hope to do more in the future.

  • Bristol review by Waltons seniors
    Waltons seniors - 5 / 5
    The Painted City

    Bristol just done, last one this year. Have done 6 different Citydays now, great way to find out about our great city’s Definitely recommend & a great Christmas gift

  • Bristol review by Jerreries
    Jerreries - 5 / 5
    The Painted City

    Absolutely fantastic trail. Second one we have done. Will be doing more. A great way to get out and enjoy a walk.

  • Bristol review by Silver dress or sequins
    Silver dress or sequins - 5 / 5
    The Painted City

    Excellent way to see the city, good recommendations to for food and great to see a bit of the local artist

  • Bristol review by Cla(i)res
    Cla(i)res - 5 / 5
    The Painted City

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. We only got lost once. Will definitely be doing more!