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The Best Manchester Walking Tours,
3 Incredible Routes

  • CityDays brings an immersive new way to have a walking tour in Manchester
  • Discover Manchester's historic landmarks, secret sights & hidden gems
  • Solve fun challenges & puzzling clues to unlock your way
  • Optional breaks at top-rated pubs, bars and cafes
  • Interactive private tour, you and your team, at your own pace
  • Full money back guarantee. We know you'll love it
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What to expect on a CityDays Manchester Walking Tour

Messages sent to your phones - we'll send your walking tour to any international phone number.
Clues, challenges, & puzzles - interact with the city to unravel obscured directions and find your way.
The perfect difficulty - just the right amount, inclusive for all, with help available should you need it.
Landmarks & hidden gems - see Manchester in a new light, a tour showing off quirks too!
Full money back guarantee

Don't have a great time?
Simply let us know why and we'll refund you in full.

Find Your Perfect Manchester Walking Tour

Each walking tour explores a different area of Manchester, find the route that suits you best or work your way through! All bookings are fully flexible, alter your booking freely.

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How the Manchester walking tours work

Clues & Puzzles

Clues don't require any prior knowledge and are made up of two parts:

1) Obscured directions that make reference to the city around you. Unravel their meaning and be guided by your surroundings.

2) A puzzle to be solved once you've followed the directions, search nearby to find your answers.

CityDays aim for an enjoyable, just-the-right-amount, level of difficulty that is inclusive for all! Help messages are available should you need a bit of support.

A mix of clues, puzzles and photo challenges

Guided by clues sent to your phone

  • Receive snippets of history, quirky facts and intriguing stories about the areas you visit.
  • Pub/cafe breaks along your hunt, all totally optional and some with discounts on food & drinks.
  • Make memories at locations along the way, get inspiration from previous teams and share a clever snap!
  • Go at your own speed, or go for top spot on the game leaderboard.
Learn snippets of history, optional breaks in pubs/cafes and a leaderboard for each game.

Discover Manchester as it evolved from Roman ruins through the industrial revolution and into a city of northern soul.

The Secret City's tours will take you on an interactive journey around its must-sees and little-known secrets, revealing every side of the historic city. All you need is a phone and you'll be good to go!

Manchester Walking Tour Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays Manchester Walking Tours

Yeseboys Manchester Walking Tour


Great tour and escapetour, it was really fun and was a good diffeculty!

ManyPaws Manchester Walking Tour


We did the Search for Shoreditch hunt and it was interesting and a lot of fun. Even though I know this area I saw lots…

Cattle Manchester Walking Tour


Excellent day , great fun

Burlesque Manchester Walking Tour


Brilliant walk, a little hilly but really enjoyed it.

Solar Flares Manchester Walking Tour

Solar Flares

Great day out with friends with a bit of education thrown in.

The killer catchers Manchester Walking Tour

The killer catchers

My mum and I had a great experience, we came to Sheffield on a weekend getaway to do this murder mystery experience and…

The Greenwich Wanderers Manchester Walking Tour

The Greenwich Wanderers

We both loved it - a fantastic hunt around Greenwich taking in all the sights.

Nicola Benstead Manchester Walking Tour

Nicola Benstead

It was fun but maybe could have been a tad longer maybe another 5 clues

Eurovision Manchester Walking Tour


Fantastic! A great blend of straight forward clues that guided us around plenty of hidden treasures away from the touri…

Verbs Manchester Walking Tour


This was a great way to see the city.

Good Lookers Manchester Walking Tour

Good Lookers

Great day out exploring Greenwich reeking of history with its cobblestone paths and alleys, statues, magnificent views…

M&M Manchester Walking Tour


Great way to explore the City and make lots interesting discoveries along the way. The clues were cryptic enough to kee…

Esta and Lou Manchester Walking Tour

Esta and Lou

We had the best day. We loved the hidden gems and sites. It was brilliant to do the city tour on a Saturday as it’s so …

charootery Manchester Walking Tour


amazing adventure. better than i was expecting

Fox and Badger Manchester Walking Tour

Fox and Badger

A great day out for the family.

Froot Loop Soop (Jorkin the peanits) Manchester Walking Tour

Froot Loop Soop (Jorkin the peanits)

There was no storyline but it was just as fun as if there had been. We learned lots of interesting things about the cit…

Country tweed Manchester Walking Tour

Country tweed

It was a very enjoyable thing to do with teenagers and fantastic seeing parts of London you would otherwise not get to …

Birthday Bec Manchester Walking Tour

Birthday Bec

A really informative and fun treasure hunt, taking in lots of interesting sites. Unfortunately part of the route was bl…

Nicolas Cage Superfans Manchester Walking Tour

Nicolas Cage Superfans

Very Good

MaccyD's Manchester Walking Tour


Great day, the 4 of us had a fabulous time trying to solve the clues and seeing the sights of London along the way!

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Ready? Book your Manchester Walking Tour today

Discover the Manchester of old and new

Play an active role in revealing how Manchester became what it is today, immersing yourself in its Roman roots and unravelling enigmatic directions and riddles as you are taken on a journey around its sites and through its evolution over time.

Take control of your own sight-seeing, stopping and starting at your leisure and progressing at your own pace. The perfect way for groups of all ages to see the city.


Expect More From Your Manchester Sightseeing Tours

We do more than just give you directions to cool hidden gems in Manchester. 

Our Manchester self-guided walking tours are designed so you can independently explore landmarks, areas, pubs, restaurants and more at your own pace. 

By providing you with riddles, puzzles and clues based on your surroundings, we ensure you’re interacting with the city around you as you take it all in. 

Get The Most Out of Walking Tours Manchester

You’ll notice that our walking tours in Manchester include recommended rest stops at pubs, cafes and restaurants at convenient locations along the route.

That’s because we want you to get the most out of your adventure! 

We encourage you to find a new favourite local or dip inside a place you’ve walked past a million times before because it enriches your experience of a city. We’re fussy about finding businesses that we consider to be hidden gems or must-visits, and we endeavour to select independent businesses that help stimulate the local economy.

Of course, if you’re not thirsty or raring to go - you can always skip your stop and carry on exploring!


The Best Self-Guided Walking Tours in Manchester

Fall in love with Manchester’s fables, foibles and facts with CityDays’ Manchester walking tours! 

Think of Manchester’s history like a thousand-layered cake; each slice uniquely formed by its former and current compelling characters, secret sites and hidden secrets. From Celtic tribes warring with Romans to modern inventions and scientific successes, Manchester has seen it all: and with CityDays’ walking tours, so can you! 

Discover what turned this place from the Latin name for “breast-like-hill” into a pivotal pioneer's hometown by going on a walking tour of Manchester that goes beyond the typical sites.

Our self-guided Manchester walking tours deliver fascinating facts while leading you around the city’s most intriguing suburbs. The only way to uncover them is by solving our puzzles and experiencing a trail for yourself. Here’s more info about which trail might suit you best…

Manchester Walking Tour: (1) Northern Quarter Nooks

Fitting for a place where textiles were once exported to every corner of the globe, this Manchester walking tour takes you through the historic Northern Quarter and its tightly woven history. 

By undertaking this self-guided walking tour, you’ll discover poetry in the streets, a perch for exotic birds, and what might be the most remarkable library in the English-speaking world. 

Answer riddles, solve head-scratching puzzles and get your step count above average before sitting down to a well-earned pint as you take on Manchester’s best walking tours for people of all ages!

Find out more here.

Manchester Walking Tour: (2) Heart Of The Hive

One of the best Manchester sightseeing tours, Heart of The Hive takes curious minds and intrepid adventurers through Manchester’s city streets.

Walk your way through history as you uncover central Manchester’s curious characters and some obscure historical nooks by undertaking Heart of The Hive, a Manchester walking tour that goes beyond the obvious. 

Heart of The Hive is a curated trail that uncovers Manchester’s most fascinating landmarks while participants solve clues, decipher riddles and explore the heart of the city. Along the way, you’ll meet Manchester’s pioneers - including a long-forgotten cookery book author - and even discover some unlikely final resting places. 

Heart of The Hive is one of the best Manchester walking tours for tourists and locals alike due to its varied content and central location.

Find out more here.

Manchester Walking Tour: (3) Through The Ages

One of the best Manchester walking tours for exploring the city’s ancient and modern history, Through The Ages is a sightseeing tour that crams a staggering amount of Manchester’s historical timeline into a fun yet challenging day out. 

From Romans to computer scientists, Through The Ages takes you around Spinningfields and the edge of the Gay Village in style. Uncover history while deciphering cryptic clues and taking in everything from monuments to gorgeous gardens. 

Find out more here

Find Manchester Hidden Gems

If you’re on the hunt for the best hidden gems in Manchester, you’ve come to the right place. Our walking tours of Manchester divulge some of the best-kept secrets and hidden nooks in the city - even ones that are hiding in plain sight.

Don’t believe us? Here are just three hidden gems in London (that we’re willing to share)…


Mackie Mayor

Mackie Mayor in Manchester is a vibrant culinary hub housed in a beautifully restored Victorian market building. This food hall offers a diverse range of gastronomic delights, from artisan coffees and craft beers to gourmet burgers and vegan delicacies. 

The airy, communal seating under the stunning glass roof creates a lively atmosphere, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. 

Unique to Mackie Mayor is its commitment to sustainability, with many vendors using locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly practices. 

Victoria Baths


Victoria Baths, often referred to as Manchester's "Water Palace," is a beautifully preserved Edwardian building. Guided tours offer an intimate look at its stunning architecture and historic pools. The venue, no longer used for swimming, now hosts a variety of events, making it a unique and somewhat quirky destination for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Chetham’s Library

Chetham's Library in Manchester, established in 1653, is renowned as the oldest public library in the English-speaking world. This historic gem, with its ancient books and time-worn oak shelves, offers a unique window into the past. It played a pivotal role in the intellectual life of Manchester, attracting figures like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who famously studied there. The library's rich collection and architectural beauty make it a significant cultural and historical landmark.

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