Mackie Mayor

Manchester, England

Housed in a grade 2 listed building from 1858, Mackie Mayor is an eclectic foodhall that boasts a diverse and delicious array of vendors and a long history as a market.

- © Chris Guy

Mackie Mayor Today

From pizza to ramen, beef cuts to tacos, fried chicken to Thai with a twist, Mackie Mayor prides itself on serving a broad variety of dishes suitable for all moods and occasions. Its practically the Mercato Mayfair of Manchester!

Whether you're looking for something healthy, indulgent, international or just some simple comfort food, they've got you covered. And fine wine to accompany your meal, craft beer, coffee, they've got that too.

Mackie is popular with office workers mid-week and bustling with life on the weekends. What's more, you never have to book. It's walk-ins only, so great for an impromptu meal under a stunning iron-trussed roof.

- © Neil Stanley

What Was The Building Used For Before Mackie Mayor?

The building Mackie Mayor is housed in was built between 1857-8 to serve as the market hall for the old Smithfield Market. The market itself had moved to the area in 1820. To begin with it was mainly a potato market but over the years it grew to include meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and even ice cream, manufactured locally by the city's Italian population.

It was so popular that by its 1897 peak it had grown to cover 4 and a half acres of central Manchester. Much of what is today known as the Northern Quarter was back then referred to simply as Smithfield Market.

By the mid-20th century however its heyday was long over. It closed in 1972 and relocated to West Gorton. The market hall was partially demolished. What was left was listed in 1973, preserved to later become the Mackie Mayor of today.

- © Neil Stanley

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What you need to know

Mackie Mayor
1, Eagle Street, Manchester, Lancashire, UK
Tips before you visit

Mackie Mayor Opening Hours:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 9am-10pm

Wednesday: 9am-10pm

Thursday: 9am-10pm

Friday: 9am-10pm

Saturday: 9am-10pm

Sunday: 9am-6pm