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San Francisco Outdoor Escape Room Games

  • Work together to solve fun challenges & puzzling clues
  • Guided by clues sent to your phones
  • Explore 's historic landmarks and hidden gems
  • Discover top-rated pubs, bars and cafes
  • Compete for top spot on the leaderboard
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Next Steps

1. Select your game, pick a trail of your choice and receive your welcome email.
2. Rally your team and enter a team name and phone number(s) into the system.
3. Receive your welcome text, then head to the start location on a day and time of your choice.
4. Text START to receive the first in a series of cryptic directions. Solve the puzzles to unravel your mystery.
5. Discover unique places, the secret and hidden of your city - and great independant pubs/cafes!
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CityDays Hunts

Each hunt explores a different area of city in one of two ways. Our classic treasure hunts & scavenger hunts use puzzle-filled directions to guide players to exciting new sights. Our Story trails do all this with the added bonus of an immersive story on top - play the main character and relive a tale from the city's past or experience a story all your own.

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Action-packed San Francisco escape rooms

How the days out work

Discover secret places

Experience unique places and share stories in independent pubs & cafes, curated for each San Francisco escape room.

Fun challenges

Engaging puzzles and captivating stories reveal your city in a new light.

Play together or competitively

Work as a team or compete head-to-head to set the fastest time on our leaderboard.

Fully flexible bookings

Alter your booking freely; change the date, time, number of people or chosen San Francisco escape room. Even stop and start once you've begun.

Fun activity for all groups

Corporate Treasure Hunts
Work together with friends & family
corporate treasure hunts
Relaxed date treasure hunts
Corporate Treasure Hunts
competitive team building treasure hunts
corporate treasure hunts
Fun-filled hen-do treasure hunts

San Francisco escape room Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays San Francisco escape rooms

Yeseboys San Francisco escape room


Great tour and escapetour, it was really fun and was a good diffeculty!

ManyPaws San Francisco escape room


We did the Search for Shoreditch hunt and it was interesting and a lot of fun. Even though I know this area I saw lots…

Cattle San Francisco escape room


Excellent day , great fun

Burlesque San Francisco escape room


Brilliant walk, a little hilly but really enjoyed it.

Solar Flares San Francisco escape room

Solar Flares

Great day out with friends with a bit of education thrown in.

The killer catchers San Francisco escape room

The killer catchers

My mum and I had a great experience, we came to Sheffield on a weekend getaway to do this murder mystery experience and…

The Greenwich Wanderers San Francisco escape room

The Greenwich Wanderers

We both loved it - a fantastic hunt around Greenwich taking in all the sights.

Nicola Benstead San Francisco escape room

Nicola Benstead

It was fun but maybe could have been a tad longer maybe another 5 clues

Eurovision San Francisco escape room


Fantastic! A great blend of straight forward clues that guided us around plenty of hidden treasures away from the touri…

Verbs San Francisco escape room


This was a great way to see the city.

Good Lookers San Francisco escape room

Good Lookers

Great day out exploring Greenwich reeking of history with its cobblestone paths and alleys, statues, magnificent views…

M&M San Francisco escape room


Great way to explore the City and make lots interesting discoveries along the way. The clues were cryptic enough to kee…

Esta and Lou San Francisco escape room

Esta and Lou

We had the best day. We loved the hidden gems and sites. It was brilliant to do the city tour on a Saturday as it’s so …

charootery San Francisco escape room


amazing adventure. better than i was expecting

Fox and Badger San Francisco escape room

Fox and Badger

A great day out for the family.

Froot Loop Soop (Jorkin the peanits) San Francisco escape room

Froot Loop Soop (Jorkin the peanits)

There was no storyline but it was just as fun as if there had been. We learned lots of interesting things about the cit…

Country tweed San Francisco escape room

Country tweed

It was a very enjoyable thing to do with teenagers and fantastic seeing parts of London you would otherwise not get to …

Birthday Bec San Francisco escape room

Birthday Bec

A really informative and fun treasure hunt, taking in lots of interesting sites. Unfortunately part of the route was bl…

Nicolas Cage Superfans San Francisco escape room

Nicolas Cage Superfans

Very Good

MaccyD's San Francisco escape room


Great day, the 4 of us had a fabulous time trying to solve the clues and seeing the sights of London along the way!

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The “Fresh” Way To Experience A San Francisco Escape Room


Get ready, San Francisco. This challenge has your (team) name on it!

Your next adventure is here and it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Go beyond being confined within four walls and take your San Francisco escape rooms to the next level! 

We create escape rooms in San Francisco that go the extra mile - and we mean that literally.

But our San Francisco escape room games reveal more than just your competitive streak. 

You still get all the puzzles, riddles, cryptic clues and challenges of a traditional escape room, with an added twist. 

We bring the games outdoors, where you and your friends, family, coworkers and more get the chance to expose historic neighborhood secrets, solve mysteries, and much, much more… 

No doors. No ceilings. No specific time slots. No hassle. That’s the CityDays way!

Urban Escape Rooms San Francisco: An Outdoor Extravaganza


Rise and shine, San Fran – there’s a new escape room game for you to take on!

Whether you’re a competitive champion or a sleuthing schemer, we want to give you the chance to unravel your city’s secrets once and for all - one challenge, riddle, and puzzle at a time.

At CityDays, we create treasure and scavenger hunts, walking tours and outdoor escape rooms all over the world that push the limits. And that means that our San Francisco escape room games look a little different from what you might have played before.


Don’t get us wrong - there’s a lot we love about traditional escape rooms. Working together as a team, solving puzzles, deciphering riddles, we love all that stuff! But we fundamentally disagree with one point: that you have to be inside to do it.

So we did something crazy: we created our own games and took them outdoors. And that’s not all we did.

Our games are a blend of urban exploration, competition, puzzle-solving and fun. Stick with us as we explain how they work…

CityDays’ Outdoor San Francisco Escape Rooms: A Live-Action Game in San Francisco


If you’re wondering what  our outdoor San Francisco escape room games look like, allow us to talk you through the basics.

Essentially, you and your team become the main characters in a live-action board game across the city. As a team, you’ll have to move from a start location given to you at the beginning of your game, solving puzzles, completing challenges and unraveling riddles until you reach the end. 

But you’ll also be doing a lot more than that. 

You’ll lift the lid on San Francisco’s city secrets, its history and its culture.

You’ll be working as a team to solve puzzles, riddles and challenges that bring you closer together.

You’ll solve puzzles that require your whole team’s input.

You’ll interact with San Francisco’s streets and immerse yourself in your surroundings. 


Best of all, you’ll have a great time exploring San Francisco’s hidden mysteries and uncovering some hidden gems with the people you like most in the world.

The whole premise of our trails is to encourage more people to get outside, explore more, reevaluate their surroundings and - most importantly - have a lot of fun. 

We transform cities into playgrounds by creating routes and puzzles from zero that are designed to test you and your puzzle-solving, teamwork and observation skills, based on the city in question - in your case, San Francisco. 

Your mission is to crack the puzzles, challenges and cryptic clues we’ve provided for you. 

You’ll have to use your powers of deduction, wit and guile to complete the game. Brains, not brawn, will win you and your team the top spot on our San Francisco leaderboard.

Stick with us to find out how it works… 

How Our Outdoor Escape Rooms San Francisco Work


Obviously, since you’re not being locked up anywhere, our San Francisco escape “rooms” involve a slightly different strategy than typical escape rooms. 

Here’s what you need to know.

First things first, the games are held outside, so that’s where you’ll be spending the majority of your time. Dress for the weather and rest assured, there are optional breaks along the way at hand-picked cafes and bars if you get tired of walking! 

What Happens on The Day


Once you’ve picked your route, we’ll send you the start location to you via WhatsApp, and you’re free to start playing whenever you want

From there, you’ll be sent a set of tasks, puzzles and riddles, each containing clues for you to decipher. 

Clues come in all different shapes and sizes, and every member of the team is needed to spot, decipher and come up with the correct answers. They could reference anything from street art to street furniture, plaques, statues or even sidewalks! 

If you don’t give us the right answer, you won’t move on in the game! 


When you’ve sent us the correct answer, you’ll be given new clues and challenges to lead you to your next destination. Each location is located a short walking distance away, and may require you to keep your eyes peeled for possible clues along the way…

Once you’ve answered all our clues, visited all the destinations and completed the trail, we’ll tally up your score. This is based on how many correct answers you got, any time penalties you accrued, and how many hints you asked for. 

All you need to play our games is a phone with WhatsApp, access to cellular data and a pair of comfy shoes. That’s it!

Any questions? Here’s how it works.

Outdoor Escape Room San Francisco: An Adventure On Your Doorstep


The awesome thing about our San Francisco escape room games is they’re easily accessible.

You can start playing whenever you want, pause the game whenever you like and have as many or as few people join your adventure as you choose.

You don’t need any previous experience of escape rooms, prior knowledge of San Francisco or any fancy equipment. You don’t even have to book a specific time slot to play our games (perfect if you have short notice to entertain a bunch of people!). 

And just so you know, our games are perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, work events and team building activities, birthday parties, or just as a fun thing to do with your partner, friends or family. 

Kids, adults, teenagers, and grandparents have all had a great time playing our outdoor escape room games all over the world. Will you beat the current high score? Only one way to find out!

Team-Building Outdoor Escape Room Games in San Francisco


We’re proud to say that we’ve helped many businesses around the world plan better, more exciting and more sustainable team-building activities for over five years. 

Will your business be next?

Our team-building activities in San Francisco have been designed to boost your team bonds, heat up your colleagues’ competitive sides and teach them a thing or two about the city they live and work in.

We offer premade routes and bespoke trails that cater especially to your businesses’ needs. 

So if you want to start or finish at a particular venue, that’s no problem. 

If you need to stop by somewhere specific - we’ll add it in. 

And whether you have a team of five or 500 to organize, we’ll do it all for you. 

Challenges are at the heart of our San Francisco escape room games, so it’s only fair that you challenge us in return. 

Send us your queries and put us to the test! 

The Best Outdoor Escape Rooms in San Francisco

Here are our available games and outdoor escape rooms in San Francisco!

Liquid Lives


Dive into the heart of San Francisco in a thrilling outdoor escape room adventure! 

Liquid Lives is not just a journey through the city but a race against time to uncover San Francisco’s buried mysteries involving West Coast Pizza, Jack Kerouac, Chilean miners and much, much more. What binds these seemingly unrelated elements together? That's the mystery you and your team are set to unravel! 

Starting at the historic Embarcadero, your mission is to trace the global influences that shaped San Francisco. From European entrepreneurs to Chilean miners, each clue leads you deeper into the city's rich past. 

Navigate buried ships, explore the intersections of Broadway and Columbus Avenue, and decode secrets that lie beneath landmarks like the Transamerica Pyramid. Discover historic bars where literary giants once roamed, using your wits to piece together the puzzle of early San Franciscan lives.

The Garden in The Sky


Transform your exploration of San Francisco into an exhilarating puzzle with The Garden in The Sky. 

This outdoor escape room challenge takes you on a quest to discover a secret garden hidden amongst the urban landscape.

Armed with nothing but each other and your phones, your team will embark on an adventure that merges San Francisco's dynamic history with the thrill of an escape room. 

Navigate through the city's streets, from captivating artworks to charming cafes and bars, while on the lookout for an array of mysterious animal sculptures. Each solved puzzle brings you closer to the elusive rooftop garden, offering a unique perspective on the city's architectural beauty and cultural richness. Engage in teamwork and strategy as you uncover San Francisco's hidden gems alongside its iconic landmarks.

Shattered Earth


Step into the aftermath of a historic earthquake in "Shattered Earth”,  an immersive outdoor escape room set in downtown San Francisco and Chinatown. 

This adventure challenges you to uncover the resilience and rebirth of a city through clues, riddles, and teamwork, all while exploring one of San Francisco’s most culturally rich neighborhoods. 

As you journey through picturesque streets, your mission is to solve puzzles that reveal the profound impact of the early 20th-century disaster and the rich history of Chinese Americans in one of the largest Chinese communities outside Asia. Encounter stunning sculptures, historic architecture, and vibrant local haunts, combining clue-solving prowess with photo-snapping moments to document your quest.

Each clue unraveled and riddle solved not only brings insight into San Francisco's storied past but also highlights the unique character and stories that define Chinatown. Join forces, think creatively, and delve into an unforgettable exploration that bridges history with the thrill of an escape room…

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