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The Best San Francisco Walking Tours,
6 Incredible Routes

  • CityDays brings an immersive new way to have a walking tour in San Francisco
  • Discover San Francisco's historic landmarks, secret sights & hidden gems
  • Solve fun challenges & puzzling clues to unlock your way
  • Optional breaks at top-rated pubs, bars and cafes
  • Interactive private tour, you and your team, at your own pace
  • Full money back guarantee. We know you'll love it
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What to expect on a CityDays San Francisco walking tour

Messages sent to your phones - we'll send your walking tour to any international phone number.
Clues, challenges, & puzzles - interact with the city to unravel obscured directions and find your way.
The perfect difficulty - just the right amount, inclusive for all, with help available should you need it.
Landmarks & hidden gems - see San Francisco in a new light, a tour showing off quirks too!
Full money back guarantee

Don't have a great time?
Simply let us know why and we'll refund you in full.

Find Your Nearest San Francisco walking tour

Each game explores a different area of city in one of two ways. Our classic games use puzzle-filled directions to guide players to exciting new sights. Our Story games do all this with the added bonus of an immersive story on top - play the main character and relive a tale from the city's past or experience a story all your own.

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How the San Francisco walking tours work

Clues & Puzzles

Clues don't require any prior knowledge and are made up of two parts:

1) Obscured directions that make reference to the city around you. Unravel their meaning and be guided by your surroundings.

2) A puzzle to be solved once you've followed the directions, search nearby to find your answers.

CityDays aim for an enjoyable, just-the-right-amount, level of difficulty that is inclusive for all! Help messages are available should you need a bit of support.

A mix of clues, puzzles and photo challenges

Guided by clues sent to your phone

  • Receive snippets of history, quirky facts and intriguing stories about the areas you visit.
  • Pub/cafe breaks along your hunt, all totally optional and some with discounts on food & drinks.
  • Make memories at locations along the way, get inspiration from previous teams and share a clever snap!
  • Go at your own speed, or go for top spot on the game leaderboard.
Learn snippets of history, optional breaks in pubs/cafes and a leaderboard for each game.

San Francisco walking tour Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about CityDays San Francisco walking tours

Carolines over 50's Club San Francisco walking tour

Carolines over 50's Club

Fantastic trail , really enjoyed 10/10

Golden Pineapple San Francisco walking tour

Golden Pineapple

Amazing experience. Great ways to show little nooks and crannies you would otherwise miss. Really fun clues. Would full…

MAD MAX San Francisco walking tour


Beautiful experience, group absolutely loved it. Great history and storyline, only thing is that there could’ve been mo…

Candler Clan San Francisco walking tour

Candler Clan

Had a fantastic day out! We loved the clues and they were the right level of difficulty for the whole family - age 11+.

The Ginger & the Gay San Francisco walking tour

The Ginger & the Gay

David and I had the BEST day exploring York, solving the clues, and had such a wonderful time over the whole day. What…

Mumson San Francisco walking tour


Had a great day out in London doing the outdoor escape room, I have been round London hundreds of times but found areas…

Shell and Phil San Francisco walking tour

Shell and Phil

Brilliant clues and a great way to see the city. We will be looking to see which other cities we can do this in!

The Gunners San Francisco walking tour

The Gunners

We had a great few hours following the clues and exploring a part of London. Definitely tested the brain cells! Loved i…

Brains and Whiston San Francisco walking tour

Brains and Whiston

Was a intresting and fun filled day 😁. FromBrains & whiston

Special six San Francisco walking tour

Special six

A fantastic day out finding new places and spotting things you would normally just walk by! Highly recommend this activ…

Rocky San Francisco walking tour


Great for getting out and seeing parts of the city you wouldn't other wise see. Plenty of places for food and drink on …

Wiggins and Simpsons San Francisco walking tour

Wiggins and Simpsons

Such a great time. We had an amazing afternoon, and enjoyed all the stops along the way!!

Priceless San Francisco walking tour


Great way to explore London. Even if you live here you will discover hidden gems and lots of fun facts

Rescue Aid Society San Francisco walking tour

Rescue Aid Society

Fantastic day out! Wet and windy, but helped us see a city we are familiar with in a whole different light! Great fun!

Kanye Quest San Francisco walking tour

Kanye Quest

Very fun to see some areas where we've never been! Good riddles, not too hard but not too easy.

Team PP San Francisco walking tour

Team PP

It was fantastic! Really interesting clues and made me see my home town in a new way - looking for our next one!

BBSS San Francisco walking tour


It was really excellent experience. We saw lots of places we had never seen and enjoyed the challenge of the clues. We …

A and L San Francisco walking tour

A and L

We loved the tour! Made us think, tired us out and was great fun! Thank you

Callaghans San Francisco walking tour


What an excellent way to explore Bath. We had great fun following the clues and finding all about the city. Brilliant w…

SBM San Francisco walking tour


Was a fantastic day out! Cannot fault it. Got us thinking, was the right level of challenge, and took us to some beauti…

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Ready? Book your San Francisco walking tour today

CityDays’ San Francisco Self Guided Walking Tours


Discover more of San Francisco with CityDays! 

Our San Francisco walking tours are designed to take you above and beyond your typical sightseeing route. Don’t worry, we haven’t left out any key landmarks or anything like that - instead, we craft trails that lead you to these places while also showing you a bunch of cool hidden stuff along the way.

And the best part? You actually need to interact with and learn about the city in order to get from one point to another! 

Look up, look down, look right, look left! Our San Francisco self guided walking tours use puzzles, riddles and clues that are based on your surroundings to guide you. San Francisco’s secrets are hidden in plain sight just waiting for you to find them.

From the moment you start until you finish the tour, you’re guaranteed to learn, have fun, make memories and get some fresh air and exercise. 

The Best Walking Tours in San Francisco


No lines, no waiting around, no hassle.

That’s part of what makes CityDays’ San Francisco walking tours the best in the City by The Bay.

Since we don’t physically attend your tour with you, you don’t even have to listen to our stories or facts (but you can - and should -  read all about them in your own time!). 

Remember though - just because we’re not there, it doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention. We check our leaderboards and reward winners for having a great time on our San Francisco walking tours and we’re only a text away if you need additional help.

We’ve created a model that allows you to take charge of your San Francisco walking tour. This ensures that you can walk at your own pace, take breaks whenever it’s convenient for you, and tour with whoever you want! Here’s how it works

Available Trails and San Francisco Walking Tours

Interested in finding out more about the kinds of self-guided walking tours in San Francisco we provide? Here’s where you get a tiny sneak peek into where you can find your next adventure…

Liquid Lives


What do West Coast Pizza, Jack Kerouac and Chilean miners have in common?

Find out in this cultural dive in San Francisco walking tour! 

Trace the global influences that made San Francisco, from European entrepreneurs to Chilean miners, each step into this walking tour opens up new pockets of history and glimpses into the lives of early San Franciscans.

Explore Embarcadero's buried ships, Broadway and Columbus Avenue, and uncover secrets and landmarks like the Transamerica Pyramid and historic bars once frequented by literary icons. 

The Garden in The Sky


Turn your walking tour in San Francisco into a quest to find a secret garden! 

Embark on a unique San Francisco walking tour that blends a puzzle-filled adventure with urban exploration. Before uncovering a hidden rooftop garden, you’ll delve into San Francisco’s dynamic history, featuring captivating artworks, charming cafes and bars.

You’ll also encounter an array of animal sculptures and discover lesser-known sights alongside famous landmarks. This interactive walking tour fosters teamwork while revealing a side of San Francisco previously unseen. 

Shattered Earth


Journey through downtown San Francisco and Chinatown in a captivating walking tour that shows you the city’s recovery after a major early 20th-century earthquake.

You’ll immerse yourself in picturesque surroundings that pique your interest and stimulate your senses, uncovering stunning sculptures, historic architecture and some of San Francisco’s bars and cafes. Engage in tricky riddles that reveal the rich history of Chinese Americans by exploring one of the largest Chinese communities outside Asia, brimming with unique character and stories.

This interactive walking tour combines teamwork, clue-solving, and photo-snapping to highlight both renowned landmarks and hidden gems in San Francisco.

San Francisco Sightseeing Tours - The CityDays Way

Whether you’re a visitor to the city or a lifelong San Franciscan, there’s always something new to discover. 

We’re big believers in our walking tours working for everyone - residents, tourists, friends, families, couples, and corporate groups looking for fun team-building activities. That’s why we include something for everyone without sacrificing any of the good stuff.

We’re constantly on the lookout for fun, interesting and cool things to do in San Francisco so we can share them with you. If you want to share something with us, tell us about it!

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