12+ Date Ideas in Birmingham (That Aren’t Just Dinner)

CityDays' guide to finding date ideas in Birmingham that aren't just dinner or visiting your local pub.

In need of some date ideas in Birmingham that aren’t just having some dinner or heading to your local? 

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Truth be told, there’s nothing wrong with a casual pint or an easy dinner - but there’s a time and a place for those low-effort date activities. And since you’re here, we’re guessing you already know that and you want some alternatives.

Good news! Whether this is your first date as a couple or you’re celebrating a significant anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of 12 Birmingham date ideas that you can use to impress your partner with your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Ready to find out what you’ll be doing for your next date? Read on to find out the best date ideas in Birmingham! 

And just so you know - nobody paid us to be listed here. They’re just our recommendations to you so you can find the best places and things to do in Birmingham

Go on a Romantic Treasure Hunt Through The City Centre

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Looking for date ideas in Birmingham that feel more like an adventure than an outing? This is for you.

Perfect for couples who fancy themselves as modern-day Indiana Joneses - but with fewer snakes and more pubs - treasure hunts like these transform Brum into a living, urban playground where you and your date are the main characters and the city centre is your arena. 

The concept is simple: solve clues, unravel riddles, discover hidden gems and stop off at top-recommended pubs, cafes and bars for an all-round adventure in the great outdoors!

Ideal for first dates or long-term lovers who want to do something active (I hit 10,000 steps playing this no problem), learn more about each other’s problem-solving abilities (it’s never too early to find out your partner has a rubbish sense of direction) and for having a good laugh together.

See a Movie at Birmingham’s Coolest Cinema, Mockingbird Cinema

It seems kind of “old school” now to go for a date at the cinema, but honestly, BRING. THEM. BACK!

Personally, I think cinema dates are best reserved for couples who have been together a little while (you don’t get to talk during the movie, so, that’s a bit awkward) but if you know your partner is a film buff, this place is a notch above your typical cinema experience. 

Ditch the standard blockbuster evening and head to Mockingbird Cinema, where indie films and old classics get their moment in the spotlight. Nestled in the heart of the Custard Factory, this cinema offers a quirky alternative to your usual movie night out. Snuggle up and enjoy a unique cinematic experience - and get bonus points if you pick a movie you know your partner will enjoy!

Get Competitive at Mr Mulligan with Mini Golf

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Tee yourself up for a great date by taking your partner for a competitive game of crazy golf at Mr Mulligan! 

As we all know, mini golf courses are not made equally (unfortunately), but the good news here is that this one is particularly quirky and creative without being impossible to complete. 

Unleash your competitive spirit with a playful round of mini-golf at Mr Mulligan's in Birmingham for the perfect blend of challenge and fun, set against a backdrop of creatively designed courses. Whether you're battling it out for a hole-in-one or just enjoying the whimsical obstacles, it's a guaranteed good time. 

PSST: This place has surprisingly good (and cheap!) pizzas and bar food on offer, handy if you feel peckish after your game! 

Attend an Event or Take a Stroll Around Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Looking for date ideas in Birmingham that you’ve almost certainly never stumbled upon before? Check out what’s on at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

I love urban environments as much as the next person, but honestly, there’s something so relaxing and romantic about being around lots of plant life and nature. If, like me, you or your partner has a country bumpkin part of their personality about them, you could just spend a few hours walking around here chatting about the incredible plants you encounter inside the greenhouses or in the grounds.

But if you’re an urbanite with a need for more active pursuits, fear not. Birmingham Botanical Gardens host a whole heap of events throughout the year, from flower shows to jazz concerts, photography workshops, candlelit concerts, yoga classes and even a few outdoor cinema events during the summer. Just be sure to look ahead at what’s on before you go! 

Visit Some or All of The Places in Brum that Inspired J R R Tolkien

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Hobbiton might seem a million miles away from Birmingham but as all Brummies know, the Lord of The Rings author got many of his ideas right here in Brum. 

If you or your partner is a LOTR fan, there are plenty of places you can go to geek out together about your favourite author. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should visit these places anyway because they’re a.) gorgeous and b.), nice places to go even if the idea of orcs, Hobbits, elves or Gollum doesn’t strike a romantic chord with you. 

So which fabled places do I recommend? Well, according to local legend, Tolkien was inspired by the University of Birmingham (where he recovered from an illness during WWI) and The Two Towers of Gondor were derived from Perrott’s Folly and Edgbaston Waterworks tower. 

That said, if you’re looking for somewhere more romantic to visit, I’d head to Sarehole Mill (in the village where Tolkien grew up) or Moseley Bog (a gorgeous forest where Tolkien played as a child). Bring a picnic, go for a walk around - the opportunities are endless for magical date ideas for literary lovers! 

Walk Among Dinosaurs at The Lapworth Museum of Geology

Because who doesn’t get excited about dinosaurs, am I right?

If you want date ideas in Birmingham that will appeal to your clever clogs partner or dino-obsessed significant other, check out the Lapworth Museum of Geology.

Don’t be fooled by its academic sounding name. Yes, it is essentially a giant room dedicated to rocks - but it’s waaaay more exciting than that description suggests. This peaceful and pocket-sized museum is small enough not to be overwhelming, but packed with enough fascinating stuff to keep you and your date interested for your visit.

Inside, you’ll find dino bones, a pterodactyl, a sabre tooth tiger skull, some woolly mammoth bones, plus tons of information about plant and animal evolution. Plus, it’s free to visit!

Visit Winterbourne House and Garden

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Does your significant other love a period drama? If the answer is yes, you’ve got to visit Winterbourne House and Garden.

Obviously, time travel is the ideal date for anyone who loves history or a historical romance story - but since that’s not available, this is the next best thing.

Winterbourne House and Garden allows you to step back in time to the Edwardian era and see first-hand how the well-off lived at the turn of the 20th century. Take a look around the swanky house, explore the beautiful bonsai trees and botanic garden and then head to the coffee shop for a slice of cake and a romantic cuppa. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. 

PSST: There’s a great secondhand bookshop onsite too! You need to show a ticket to get in, but it’s well-worth it. 

Stroll Around Edgbaston Artisan Market

Just a mile away from Birmingham city centre lies the gorgeous village of Edgbaston, probably most famous for its affiliation with hosting legendary cricket matches. 

But beyond cricket and some multi million pound properties, Edgbaston Village is actually home to one of the loveliest artisanal markets in the area, aptly named the Edgbaston Artisan Market. Although they are held relatively infrequently, if you can plan your date to coincide with one, you’ll be onto a winner.

This market has everything you could possibly want: local crafts including handmade jewellery, ceramics and wood, paintings and illustrations; gourmet food stands selling cannoli, curries, ice cream and spicy sauces; as well as fresh flowers, gins, rag dolls and stained glass.

Explore the Edgbaston Artisan Market where local crafts, gourmet foods, and live music create a vibrant atmosphere. It’s a delightful place to wander, shop, and taste the best of local artisanal products. A laid-back date idea that supports local artists and producers. Visit edgbastonvillage.co.uk/artisanmarket for market dates.

Play Board Games at Chance and Counters

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How does the old saying go? All’s fair in love and war? Well, I’d like to add an ending: All’s fair in love and war until someone builds a house on Mayfair. And everything is unfair when hotels get involved.

Whether you’re a classic board game fan or you’ve given modern board games a go, playing together helps break a few awkward initial barriers for first dates and keeps a competitive spirit alive when you’ve been together for a long time. 

My favourite place to play some games is Chance and Counters, which doubles as a cosy cafe / venue to prove your prowess at dice-rolling. Expect plenty of fun, opportunities for laughter and maybe even a bit of friendly competition.

PSST: This is a great place to do a double-date. If you want game recommendations, I’d suggest Bohnanza or Codenames if there are more than 4 of you, or give a card game like Exploding Kittens a go if there’s only two of you! 

Explore Your Morbid Interests at The Coffin Museum

Ok, so this Birmingham date idea won’t appeal to most, but if it caught your attention, you might want to keep reading.

For those with a taste for the unusual, The Coffin Museum offers an intriguing date option. Explore the history of coffin making and Birmingham’s funerary customs in a quirky setting that is sure to spark interesting conversations. 

Perfect for couples who enjoy a bit of gothic charm or just to give yourselves something out of the ordinary to do, Coffin Works is full of fascinating objects that tell the stories of former Brummies and their attitudes towards something we now consider taboo…

Go for a Bike Ride Along Birmingham’s Canals

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Looking for Birmingham date ideas that get your heart racing? You can’t go wrong with a romantic bike ride.

Did you know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice? There’s miles and miles of gorgeous waterways to explore that are best done with the aid of two wheels - and even more enjoyable if you stop for a bite to eat somewhere along the way.

Perfect for outdoorsy couples, this active date idea gives you the chance to pedal away on a leisurely bike ride along Birmingham's scenic canals. Hire a bike if you don’t already own one and explore the waterways that wind through the city - bikes are available for hire in the city centre and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Seek Out the Secret Garden at Birmingham Central Library

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You’d think more people would know about this one, seeing as Birmingham’s library is one of its most iconic buildings - but somehow, it remains a kind of hidden “secret”. 

Last but not least on our list, a visit to Birmingham’s “secret” garden. The library is actually home to two outdoor garden terraces and a panoramic viewing gallery where you and your date are free to enjoy the gorgeous views at one of the highest vantage points in the city.

An ideal spot for a quiet, reflective date, surrounded by books and botanicals, a visit to Birmingham’s best kept secret is a cute, romantic place to steal some much-needed time together right in the city centre. 

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So there you have it, 15 + date ideas in Birmingham for you to try!

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