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An 18th century penal colony that has grown into a sprawling metropolis, Sydney has a fascinating history that is reflected by the strange and wonderful sights scattered throughout its streets.

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  • Sydney review by Ru and Coel
    Ru and Coel - 5 / 5
    Death On The Rocks

    It was amazing getting to tour all the little details of Sydney while having an underlying story and puzzles to solve! Such a great activity to do with a partner or friend

  • Sydney review by Are you okay?
    Are you okay? - 5 / 5
    Death On The Rocks

    We really enjoyed the scavenger hunt! It was a great way to get outside and enjoy the city in a different way. We both have lived here for several years and hadn’t been to so many of the locations this took us to! The clues were not too easy or too difficult where its not fun. Overall, a great day out!

  • Sydney review by Sisters of another mister
    Sisters of another mister - 5 / 5
    Death On The Rocks

    What a super fun adventure!!! Finished Murder on the rocks in 2:34 mins!Looking forward to doing the other ones

  • Sydney review by GC & JC
    GC & JC - 5 / 5
    Death On The Rocks

    So fun! Was a blast solving clues and walking around the city, walking by cute locations and finding new spots to check out in the future!

  • Sydney review by Jabba the Hunt
    Jabba the Hunt - 5 / 5
    Death On The Rocks

    Excellent. Loads of fun. Surprising and enjoyable. Great stuff

  • Sydney review by MAD MAX
    MAD MAX - 5 / 5
    Death On The Rocks

    Beautiful experience, group absolutely loved it. Great history and storyline, only thing is that there could’ve been more food around the areas used. Recommend eating before you start.