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Nottingham, birthplace of HP Sauce and the home of the world's smallest cinema. Beneath its streets lies a maze of over 500 man-made caves, with history dating back to medieval times. A city where you can also find a pub built into a cliff! Intriguingly historic yet whimsically modern.

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  • Nottingham review by DJ's

    Fab way to get to know the city better. Clues were easy to follow whilst making you take in things you've never noticed before

  • Nottingham review by The MagBris
    The MagBris - 5 / 5
    Tunnel to the Unknown

    Really enjoyed this and even though we visit Nottingham all the time learned loads of new stuff. Loved the history element

  • Nottingham review by Oliver’s army
    Oliver’s army - 5 / 5
    Tunnel to the Unknown

    It was a really good trial, that covered sites all over the city. Will definitely look into doing another one in the future.

  • Nottingham review by Simply Thrilled
    Simply Thrilled - 5 / 5
    Tunnel to the Unknown

    Loved this! Immersive and oh so much fun - cheers for having us 😊Team Simply Thrilled

  • Nottingham review by Robinsonsonson
    Robinsonsonson - 4 / 5
    Tunnel to the Unknown

    Lovely but would have liked a bit longer, maybe going through the tunnel? 😅

  • Nottingham review by David and Gemma
    David and Gemma - 4 / 5
    Tunnel to the Unknown

    A great day. Lots of fun discovering places we hadn't realised were there.