15+ Birthday Ideas in Melbourne (That You'll Actually Want to Do)

CityDays' guide to 15+ birthday ideas in Melbourne that are a little out of the ordinary to help you celebrate a special day!

Hunting for top-notch birthday ideas in Melbourne? You’ll find them right here!

Whether it's your big day or you're planning a surprise for a mate, family member or your other half, a little creativity goes a long way. 

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Celebrating another year doesn't just mean cake and candles; it's the perfect excuse to gather the gang for a bit of fun, rope in the fam for an adventure, or just chill with your closest pals. 

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And just so you know - nobody paid us to be featured on this list. They’re just our recommendations to you so you can find the best places and things to do in Melbourne.

Best Birthday Ideas in Melbourne

Try a Scavenger Hunt Through The CBD

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In need of some last minute Melbourne birthday ideas that add a bit of adventure to your celebrations? Look no further. 

Melbourne is one of my favourite cities to get “lost” in - and by that I mean stumbling across new laneways, cafes, street murals and odd snippets of history. If that sounds like your kind of thing too, this is for you! 

Scavenger hunts like these will have you dashing about the CBD, solving riddles and spotting clues that make you see the city's nooks and crannies in a whole new light. Led by clues sent by text message to your phone, you and your team have to combine your collective wit, powers of deduction and sense of fun to tick off iconic Melbourne landmarks - and discover a few hidden gems along the way. 

A perfect pick for those who reckon they know every Melbourne laneway – these treasure hunts will test your claim!

PSST: Since you don’t need to book way in advance and you can stop and start the treasure hunt whenever you like, this is an easy way to have a fun day out with next to no planning required (there’s even optional pub and café recommendation stops included along the way).

Play Board Games, Give Karaoke a Crack & Sample Delicious Taiwanese Street Food at Marché


Why do we stop playing games at birthday parties as we get older? Bring them back, I say - and so does Marché. 

This board games café/bar is a hidden gem that has everything you need to have a killer birthday: heaps of fantastic board games, an extensive song list so you can belt out some karaoke, and a menu with authentic (and delicious) Taiwanese street food. 

Prices vary depending on the day of the week so I recommend looking that up in advance, but it’s worth saying that the fee to play games or sing karaoke comes with a drink included. 

This eclectic venue provides a casual and fun environment, perfect for celebrating with friends or family. 

Do an Outdoor Escape Room in Stunning St Kilda

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Looking for birthday ideas in Melbourne that get you and your group active? This idea is for you.

Combine the thrill of puzzle-solving with the beauty of one of Melbourne's most famous beachside suburbs  by experiencing an outdoor escape room in St Kilda!

Just like ordinary escape rooms, this game is packed with puzzles and riddles to get your brains whirring. Unlike ordinary escape rooms, you get to feel the sun on your face and get some steps in while you do it! 

Navigate your way through clues set in the picturesque surroundings, learn about St Kilda’s fascinating past and indulge in some friendly competition. It’s a fabulous way to enjoy the outdoors - and don’t worry, nobody gets physically locked up anywhere. It’s all about brain power - not brawn! 

Play Life Size Monopoly at Monopoly Dreams

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For birthday ideas in Melbourne that turn you into a property mogul without the eye-watering mortgage, give this a try. 

At Monopoly Dreams, you can experience Monopoly like never before: where the classic board game comes to life in a full-sized version. Dive into a world where you can physically walk through the iconic locations, collect properties, and navigate the ups and downs of the game in an immersive environment. 

Be warned, though: if you “Go to Jail”, you might just realise that it’s even less fun than on the board - especially when you can't blame your sibling for cheating as they peer back at you from the other side of the bars!

Jokes aside, full-sized Monopoly is a unique, family-friendly activity that brings the thrill of strategy and luck to a grand scale and hey, if it gets you birthday bragging rights, so be it…

Sip Sumptuous Cocktails at Dr Watson's Bar Above One of Melbourne's Most Iconic Pubs - The Sherlock Holmes

We couldn’t make a list of Melbourne birthday ideas without including one of our favourite pubs - The Sherlock Holmes.

The pub itself is an absolute must if you enjoy the feel of English-style pubs, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more grandeur - and hey, it’s only your birthday once a year - head upstairs to Dr Watson’s Bar. 

Expect cosy, on-brand interiors (there’s even a Baker Street Underground sign on the walls), classic pub grub and plenty of space to have a laugh with your friends and family. The drinks menu has themed, bespoke cocktails, plenty of UK favourite beers - thankfully at an Aussie-accepted temperature - and a few literary puns to boot.

Plus, the cocktails are so good, it's elementary, my dear Watson (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Fun Melbourne Birthday Ideas

Check Out What’s on At The Melbourne Museum

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We know you’ve heard of it (who hasn’t) but there’s more than one reason you should consider celebrating your birthday at The Melbourne Museum.

Firstly, it’s free to visit - always a bonus when you’re strapped for cash - but it’s also home to some awesome temporary exhibitions.

These could include one of the many IMAX theatre showings (everything from documentaries about underwater exploration, animals of the Serengeti, or 3D Antarctic dinosaurs) or enjoying a classic High Tea inspired by the first class passengers of the Titanic.  

The perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones (and artefacts that are definitely older than you), a visit to the Melbourne Museum is always a good idea, birthdays included!

Do a Guided Tour of The Skies with Melbourne Observatory

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Ever wanted to spend your birthday among the stars, but space travel seemed a bit out of your budget? The Melbourne Observatory has got you covered.

Throughout autumn, Melbourne Observatory is offering guided tours that show you the mysteries of the universe up close.

Led by the passionate guides from the Astronomical Society of Victoria, you'll journey through the wonders of the Southern Hemisphere's night sky. Gaze at distant galaxies, planets, and nebulae, get a closer look at the cosmic wonders that have been silently observing us from afar and say with total certainty that getting older has made you wiser!

Do a Historical House Tour at Rippon Lea Estate (Or Just Picnic in The Gorgeous Gardens)

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- ©michaeldgbailey

If you prefer low-key celebrations and Melbourne birthday ideas, a visit to Rippon Lea Estate could be just what you need.

One of my favourite hidden gems in Melbourne, Rippon Lea is a former colonial mansion that allows you to have a sneak peek into the past. If social history is your thing, you can hop on a house tour that shows you the lavish interiors and extravagant taste of Melburnians past. 

As much as I love the house though, the grounds are what makes this place a must-visit. Truly a photographer’s dream, the 14 acres provide ample opportunity for getting some great pics - and you’re allowed to have a picnic on the grass, too. 

PSST: An incredible Makers Market pops on the grounds here occasionally (typically one Sunday a month during autumn/winter) that’s well worth a visit! 

Discover The History Behind Melbourne’s Favourite Method of Transport at The Tram Museum

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Looking for birthday ideas in Melbourne for kids but want to do something a bit different for your little one? Check out the Tram Museum!

This lovely little gem of a place pays homage to Melbourne’s trusty transport system - the humble Tram. Run by volunteers, this place gives you the chance to hop into the driver’s seat, step on the bell and peer into carriages of trams past. 

Perfect for kids who love anything that “toots”, vehicle enthusiasts, or someone who remembers Melbourne’s tram system in its glory days, the Tram Museum is a welcoming and friendly place to celebrate a birthday. 

Have an Indulgent Spa Sesh at Sense of Self (SOS)

For those looking to add a touch of relaxation and rejuvenation to their birthday, Sense of Self (SOS) offers the ultimate spa experience. 

This oasis of calm in the heart of Melbourne is a sanctuary where you can unwind and treat yourself to a day of indulgence. SOS boasts an array of facilities designed to soothe and revitalise, including a mineral bath, a Finnish sauna to sweat out the stresses of life, and a cold plunge pool that invigorates the senses.

Add to this the steamy embrace of a steam room and the personalised pampering available at the day spa, and you have all the ingredients for a blissful birthday retreat. 

Whether you're looking to detoxify, relax, or simply escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, SOS provides a serene setting where you can pause and recharge. It’s the perfect way to celebrate another year by giving yourself the gift of well-being.

Watch a Foreign Movie at Kino Cinema

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Looking for birthday ideas in Melbourne that will appeal to a movie buff? There can only be Kino Cinema.

This cosy little gem of a cinema makes me feel all kinds of nostalgia pangs: from the comfy seats to that “old-school movies” feeling when the trailers start. Kino does have notoriously small screens (the largest can hold about 200 people) but, in my opinion, this makes the experience even more intimate and special. 

Probably the biggest reason I love it so much is that Kino Cinema is notorious for showcasing an array of Film Festival movies, making it a go-to spot for those seeking to experience award-winning and critically acclaimed films from around the globe. 

Whether you're a cinephile or just looking to explore the rich tapestry of global cinema, Kino Cinema promises an engaging and memorable birthday outing.

Immerse Yourself in Art at The NGV

Before you sigh and say you’ve been there, done that, got the NGV t-shirt - hold up. The NGV is one of the best galleries in Victoria (maybe even Australia!) and deserves a special mention.

For birthday ideas in Melbourne that spark some creativity, check to see what’s on at the NGV. 

From breathtaking exhibitions featuring works by renowned international artists to pieces by homegrown talents, the NGV offers a visual feast for the senses.

Aside from being home to spectacular art pieces, though - the NGV knows how to throw a party. Towards the end of March this year (2024), they’ll be hosting the Bowery Ball - a late night queer party that promises drag, music and plenty of dancing. 

If you’re reading this after that date, don’t despair. Events and special occasions regularly appear on the NGV website - just hop over there to have a look! 

Grab Tickets to Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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Lighten up your birthday with a dose of laughter by snagging tickets to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

This annual event turns the city into a comedy hub, featuring acts from around the globe and Australia's own backyard. Whether you prefer stand-up, sketch, satire, or something a little offbeat, there's something to tickle everyone's funny bone. It's the perfect way to make your birthday memorable, filled with laughter, good vibes, and perhaps a new comedic favourite.

Do a Kayaking Tour on The Yarra with Kayak Melbourne

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For more adventurous Melbourne birthday ideas, why not paddle your way through your celebrations on a kayaking tour of the Yarra River? 

Kayak Melbourne offers a unique perspective of the city, gliding past iconic landmarks and hidden gems alike. Whether you're a kayaking novice or a seasoned paddler, this experience combines physical activity with the excitement of exploration - and a helpful guide to keep you afloat. 

An ideal choice for those looking to add a splash of adventure to their birthday festivities, offering both a thrilling and serene way to celebrate another year around the sun. 

Go For A Picnic at One of Melbourne’s Many Parks

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Last but not least - a family favourite that never gets old.

A birthday picnic in one of Melbourne's picturesque parks is a timeless way to celebrate that has the extra benefit of being budget friendly. The city's abundant green spaces offer the perfect setting for a relaxed afternoon under the sun, surrounded by nature and loved ones. 

Pack a hamper with your favourite treats, a blanket, and perhaps a game or two (I always have Uno in my bag, it’s the easiest to teach and play for all ages), and find a cosy spot in the gardens of the Royal Botanic Gardens, the sprawling lawns of Albert Park, or under the leafy canopies of Carlton Gardens.

If there’s another park closer to you, by all means head there; just remember to double check if where you’re headed has barbecue facilities (and if they’re permitted). 

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