15+ Perth Birthday Ideas To Celebrate in Style

Discover the ultimate celebration guide with our top 15+ Perth birthday ideas!

Whether your idea of a birthday party is an adventure through the CBD or indulging in all the foodie delights Perth has to offer, we’ve got you covered.

From thrill-seekers and nature lovers to foodies and culture enthusiasts, our carefully curated list has something for everyone.

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Whether you've got kids, parents, mates or a partner to please or it's your own birthday party you're celebrating, you'll find something here that suits everyone.

Read on to discover which Perth birthday ideas will ensure your celebration is nothing short of spectacular - you deserve it!

And in case you’re wondering - nobody paid us to be listed here. They’re just our recommendations to you so you can find the best places and things to do in Perth

Best Birthday Ideas Perth Edition

A breakdown of our best Perth birthday ideas - things you can do as a family, with your mates, partner, or whoever!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt Through Perth CBD


Go on a Treasure Hunt Through Perth CBD

Looking for Perth birthday ideas that everyone can get involved in? Look no further.

Transform Perth CBD into your playground and your birthday into an epic adventure by embarking on a treasure hunt across the city. 

Decipher clues, navigate the urban jungle, and discover hidden gems around the city - all while racing against the clock. Scavenger hunts like these let you team up with your friends, family or whoever to solve clues that take you across the city's iconic landmarks and unlock urban secrets.

Perfect for those who reckon they've seen all Perth has to offer – this treasure hunt promises surprises at every turn, and maybe even a laugh or two at your own expense.

PSST: Optional breaks at top-rated cafes, bars and pubs are scattered throughout the trail so you don’t have to worry about finding anywhere in advance!

Uncover Perth’s Local Heavens with a Night Sky Tour at Perth Observatory

- Perth Observatory

For a truly “stellar” birthday experience, why not spend your evening gazing upon the stars?

Corny jokes aside, if you’re looking for Perth birthday ideas that add something special to your day, you can't go wrong with The Night Sky Tour at Perth Observatory.

Guided by volunteers who’ll take you through the Southern Hemisphere’s mysterious skies, you’ll peer through telescopes to observe distant galaxies, planets, and nebulas, and see what’s been watching over you from day dot up close.

Play Board Games at the Yummiest Bar in Perth - Bark Subiaco

Bark Subiaco Perth
- BARK Subiaco via Instagram

Bark Subiaco combines two of life's greatest joys: delicious food and board games. 

This cosy spot is an ideal choice for birthday celebrations in Perth, offering a laid-back atmosphere where you can challenge your friends to your favourite board games and indulge in some of the tastiest food and drinks in town. 

Whether you're a Monopoly mogul or a Scrabble specialist, Bark Subiaco promises an arvo or evening filled with fun and tasty treats.

PSST: Even if board games aren't your "thing", BARK serve up some pretty incredible themed nights. Quiz night or Jazz and Shiraz, anyone?

Go for a Picnic at Matilda Bay Reserve (Perfect for Pup Owners!)


Looking for Perth birthday ideas that don’t break the bank? This one’s for you.

Matilda Bay Reserve is a picturesque spot for a birthday picnic, especially if you're looking to include your four-legged friend in the festivities. 

With its serene riverside views, ample green spaces, and barbecue facilities, it's a top pick for outdoor birthday ideas in Perth. Pack a hamper, grab a blanket, and enjoy a relaxed day by the water with your family, mates, partner and pups.

Seek Thrills from Your Childhood at Nostalgia Box

If your birthday has got you feeling all nostalgic for celebrations past, check this out. 

As Australia's first interactive video game console museum, Nostalgia Box gives you the chance to take a walk down video games memory lane. Home to a collection of 100 gaming consoles from the 1970s through to the 2000s, Nostalgia Box can teach you pretty much everything you need to know about gaming history - if you don’t already know it, that is.

Take a good look around, reminisce and maybe even show any “youngins” with you how you used to play “back in the day” - it really is all fun and games at Nostalgia Box!

Fun Birthday Ideas Perth

No matter what age you’re turning, we could all use a bit more fun in our lives. Here are some fun Perth birthday ideas you can use to step the celebrations up a notch!

Play a Game of Lawn Bowls at North Perth Bowling Club

Birthday-ideas-Perth 07

For a laid-back yet competitive birthday bash, give lawn bowls a go.

With its welcoming atmosphere and picturesque greens, The North Perth Bowling Club is a top spot for those looking for relaxed Perth birthday ideas.

No worries if you're a newbie; it's all about having a good time with your friends on your special day - take it from me, who didn’t earn a single point but still managed to have a great time (seriously).

Hot Tip: You can get your hands on some incredible value food here on Friday nights.

Go on an Urban Adventure through Perth


Inject some excitement into your birthday with an urban adventure across Perth. 

This unique experience takes you on a journey through the city's streets, uncovering hidden treasures and learning local stories along the way. It's an active and engaging way to celebrate, ideal for those seeking adventure and keen to explore Perth from a different angle. 

If you’ve lived in Perth your whole life - prepare to learn a thing or two you’ve never noticed before. If you’re new to the city, expect to be better acquainted than your neighbours by the end! No spoilers, but 

Gather your crew and get ready for an unforgettable day of discovery.

Play 3D Glow in The Dark Mini Golf in Fremantle

For Perth birthday ideas you can see in the dark, give a round of 3D glow-in-the-dark mini-golf in Fremantle a go.

Of course, there are plenty of ‘typical’ putt-putt courses available out there - but this one kicks things up a notch and hey, it’s your birthday!

This is mini golf as you haven’t experienced it before - with themed courses that glow in neon lights. Explore the bottom of the ocean, Australia’s varied landscapes and much more in vivid colours - all while trying to make your swings better than any of your mates’. 

If you like a bit of friendly competition and a lot of laughs for everyone involved, this activity is for you.

Escape into Nature and Hike to Reabold Hill Summit Point


If you’re an outdoorsy type of person who loves nothing more than getting a breath of fresh air, consider bringing your friends, family or partner along for a nice stroll to Reabold Hill Summit Point.

With breathtaking panoramic views of Perth, a walk up Reabold Hill is an accessible and enjoyable birthday activity that is cost-efficient, sustainable and enjoyable. Not only that, but as it’s the highest natural point on the Swan Coastal Plain, it's an ideal spot for nature lovers and photographers alike - remember to take some fun pics at the top!

The trail is suitable for all fitness levels, making it a great Perth birthday idea for anyone wanting to enjoy the great outdoors and celebrate with a stunning sunset.

Go for a Splash at Bicton Baths

Water sign or not, on a hot day there's nothing like diving into your birthday celebrations with a splash at Bicton Baths! 

Known for its crystal-clear waters and heritage-listed jetty, Bicton Baths is a favourite spot for swimmers and sunbathers. The sheltered waters make it perfect for a relaxing swim or a picnic by the river, and it’s somewhere people of all ages can make the most of the water - handy if you plan on bringing very young or older people along with you.

If you're not a party person or the idea of a nightclub fills you with dread, there's no shame in having more low-key celebrations. Plus, with an esky full of yummy food and some alcohol-free drinks, who's the real winner here?

PSST: There's a barbie here you can make use of, and if you're into canoeing, this is the place to do it!

Get up Close with Native Australian Wildlife at Heirisson Island Kangaroo Sanctuary


Experience the joy of celebrating your birthday among Australia's iconic wildlife at Heirisson Island Kangaroo Sanctuary. 

Although ‘roos are fairly commonplace outside urban areas, I’ll never pass up the opportunity to see some living their best lives in the wild closer to home. This hidden gem in the heart of Perth allows you to get up close and personal with friendly kangaroos, and you barely have to leave the CBD to get there. 

A fantastic opportunity for animal lovers to see these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, Heirisson Island offers a memorable and distinctly Aussie birthday adventure.

Have a Day at Scarborough Beach

Birthday ideas Perth 07

For Perth birthday ideas that include some sand and surf, consider getting over to Scarborough Beach.

With its vast sandy shores, it's not all about swimming; the beach boasts a huge playground for kids, a skate park, ocean-side pool, rock climbing, and basketball courts.

When you've had your fill of sun and surf, make your way over to the the vibrant esplanade lined with bars and restaurants. Be sure to check out The Scarborough Markets for unique finds if it's on (Thursdays 5pm-9pm).

Head to Sneaky Tony's - a Secret Prohibition Bar in Chinatown

Most of these Perth birthday ideas so far have been family-friendly venues that don’t require alcoholic drinks to make them fun. But on the off chance that you’re keen for a birthday beverage, take it from us - there’s nowhere like Sneaky Tony’s.

Nestled in the heart of Chinatown, Sneaky Tony’s is Perth's best-kept secret for those in the know. This clandestine bar  requires a password for entry, giving it an air of mystery and exclusivity. 

Once inside, you're transported back to the 1920s with its dimly lit ambiance and rustic, wooden decor. Boasting over 300 bottles of rum, Sneaky Tony's offers an extensive cocktail menu guaranteed to impress. 

See a Stand-Up Comedy Show at Comedy Lounge Perth


For rib-cracking birthday ideas in Perth, why not catch a stand-up comedy show at Comedy Lounge Perth? 

This is WA's premier comedy club, showcasing a brilliant mix of local, national, and international talent. Easily found in the heart of the CBD, this venue promises an evening filled with laughter and fun, making it a top pick for a memorable celebration. 

Whether you're after a giggle or a full-blown belly laugh, the Comedy Lounge has you sorted. 

Sing Karaoke or Play Beer Pong to Your Heart's Content at Be Merry


For a birthday bash that's a bit out of the ordinary, head over to Be Merry in Perth. 

This vibrant spot is ideal for letting loose, offering private karaoke rooms to sing your heart out and beer pong tables for a friendly (or fiercely competitive) game. 

Perfect for those looking to mix tunes with a bit of sporty fun, celebrating another year around the sun at Be Merry will ensure laughter, music, and a bit of cheeky competition thrown in. 

More Fun Things to Do in Perth


So there you have it, 15+ Perth birthday ideas to get you thinking about celebrating in style. 

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