15+ Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids (That Parents Will Enjoy Too!)

Discover the best things to do with kids in Melbourne! CityDays’ guide offers a roundup of the top family-friendly activities that are perfect for a fun-filled day out.

Looking for things to do with kids in Melbourne that everyone in the family will enjoy? You’re not alone. 

According to a recent poll, spending more time with friends and family came out as the 4th most popular New Year's Resolution for Aussies in 2024. But how do you go about doing that in a way the whole family enjoys?

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Whether you’re looking for activities to do during a classic Melbourne downpour or trying to fill in some blank weekends, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve put our heads together to come up with a list of 15+ things to do with kids in Melbourne that everyone - mum, dad, kids, tweens, teens and grandparents included!- will enjoy. 

And just so you know, nobody pays us to be featured on this list. No affiliate links here! They’re just our recommendations to you so you can find the best things to do in Melbourne.

Best Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids

Go on a Scavenger Hunt to Uncover Melbourne’s History & Secrets

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Location: Various 

Scavenger hunts like these tick all your boxes: they’re fun, include a healthy dose of exercise and fresh air, and plenty of opportunities to learn together as a family.

Transform an ordinary walk in the CBD into an epic adventure where you and your little ones take on the roles as urban detectives. Put your thinking caps on and use all available eyes and ears to follow clues, answer puzzles and riddles and discover Melbourne’s historic landmarks and secret sights – and there are handy recommended stops built into the route for snacks, sips and rests! 

Accessibility and Facilities: Central starting points easily accessible by public transport. Facilities for picnics and public toilets are available along the route. 

Practical Information: Hunts are generally suitable for children aged 7 and up. Prices vary; check the website for details. Hunts can be started at any time during daylight hours. 

Explore The Hidden Corners of St Kilda in an Outdoor Escape Game

Things to do in Melbourne with kids 05

Location: St Kilda

Escape the confines of the CBD and head over to the vibrant neighbourhood of St Kilda for an outdoor escape game in Melb’s backyard.

Chameleon Lives transforms St Kilda into a giant, live action board game, where you and your team have to uncover mysteries, expose history and solve puzzles that lead you around the lesser-known corners of this iconic suburb. 

While some puzzles will be trickier for younger players (kids under 7), you’ll be glad to have their observant eyes and quick-thinking problem solving abilities when it comes to spotting hard-to-find clues!

Accessibility and Facilities: Accessible by tram, with nearby facilities including public toilets and picnic areas along the beachfront. 

Practical Information: Suitable for children aged 7 and up. Games usually last 1-2 hours. Prices and opening hours are available on the website. 

Visit The Forest Gallery at Melbourne Museum

things to do in Melbourne with kids 06

Location: Melbourne Museum, Carlton

Melbourne Museum is great for lots of things - not least finding fun things to do in Melbourne with kids. But my favourite part has to be the urban Eden also known as The Forest Gallery. 

Like many parents, I’m keen to get the kids outdoors when I can - but organising a family trip to an actual rainforest is a little above my paygrade. Luckily, there’s a closer-to-home option that caters for city rats like me - without the chance of bumping into any danger noodles or creepy crawlies!

The entire room is a simulated Victorian rainforest which gives kids an educational and interactive exhibit for them to learn about our incredible local wildlife and ecosystems. Perfect for kids who like nothing more than watching nature docos or 

Accessibility and Facilities: The museum is accessible via tram, with full accessibility for prams and wheelchairs. Cafés and public toilets on-site. 

Practical Information: Open daily, ticket prices for the museum include entry to the gallery. Free for children under 16 years. 

See Native and Exotic Animals at One of Melbourne’s Three Zoos

things to do in Melbourne with kids 07

Location: Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, Werribee Open Range Zoo

Speaking of nature docos, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to wildlife in and around Melbourne – you’ve just gotta know what you’re getting into before you seek it out. 

One of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids is to let your little ones get their fill of animal interactions - and where better to do that than at one of Melbourne’s three fantastic zoos. 

Choose from three distinct zoological experiences: the traditional Melbourne Zoo, the native-focused Healesville Sanctuary, or the African savannah-style Werribee Open Range Zoo. Each offers unique wildlife encounters and educational programs and to be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of them (although I do have a soft spot for Healesville - those koalas are just too cute). 

Accessibility and Facilities: All zoos are accessible by public transport. Facilities include picnic areas, cafes, and public toilets. 

Practical Information: Open daily, with varying hours and ticket prices. Family passes and annual memberships are available. Check individual websites for details. 

Take a Ride on Australia’s Iconic Train, Puffing Billy

things to do in Melbourne with kids 08

Location: Belgrave, Victoria

Look, I’ll admit it - Thomas The Tank Engine is one of my all-time heroes. If you ask me, there’s only one train who might trump Thomas - and that’s Puffing Billy, Australia’s oldest steam train. 

If you’ve never been on a ride on Billy before, buckle up. Puffing Billy gives you and your little ones the chance to travel in style through the scenic Dandenong Ranges with breathtaking views and quaint station stops - and yes, you’re riding an awesome old steam train with just plenty of puff to keep going all the way to Gembrook! 

Accessibility and Facilities: Accessible by car and public transport. Basic facilities available at stations. 

Practical Information: Operates daily with several departures. Tickets vary in price; early booking is recommended. Suitable for all ages. 

Grab Hot Jam Doughnuts at Queen Vic Market

things to do in Melbourne with kids 09

Location: Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 

Are you even a Melburnian if you haven’t had one of these doughnuts?

Yes, it’s a classic and a staple of Melbourne’s outrageously good cuisine – but that’s what makes visiting American Doughnut Kitchen one of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids.

These guys have been serving up the best doughnuts in Melbourne long enough to have been visited by three generations (even four, in some cases!) of the same family, so it’s about time you got you and the kids over here for a hot jam doughnut (if you haven’t already). 

Accessibility and Facilities: Easily accessible by tram, the market offers extensive facilities including public toilets and seating areas. 

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Practical Information: Market days vary; check the website for opening hours. Doughnuts are affordably priced.

Things to Do in Melbourne CBD with Kids

Have a Picnic in The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne 

If you’re looking around for things to do in Melbourne CBD with kids, start at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Not only is it free to visit (kaching!) but there’s always heaps going on there - and if there isn’t, there’s plenty of space to make your own fun.

Parts of the Gardens have been designed specifically for children in mind, and the most famous is probably The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden.  This whimsical oasis allows your kids to explore and engage with nature in their own time and through play, including plant tunnels, bamboo forests and raintree showers.

Accessibility and Facilities: Easily accessible from the CBD with nearby public transport options. The garden features picnic areas and accessible toilets.

Practical Information: Open seasonally, check the website for current opening hours; entry is free. Suitable for children up to 12 years. 

things to do in Melbourne with kids 10

Watch The Royal Australian Shakespeare Company Perform Wind in The Willows in Melbourne Botanic Gardens

Location: Melbourne Botanic Gardens 

Another Melbourne classic and a mainstay of the Victorian calendar, the summer Wind in The Willows performance at Melbourne Botanical Gardens is everything kids and parents could want it to be. 

I love going to the theatre as much as the next person, but not all theatres have been designed to accommodate children. Luckily, that’s not a problem here! Popular with families state and nationwide, the Royal Australian Shakespeare Company's production of "Wind in the Willows” is a great way for children to experience classic literature under the leafy canopies - and for us oldies to feel nostalgic. 

Accessibility and Facilities: Accessible via multiple forms of public transport. The gardens are equipped with public toilets and numerous spots ideal for a pre-show picnic.

Practical Information: Performances only run during the summer months. Ticket prices and performance times can be found on the website. 

See The Melbourne Mustangs in Action on The Ice

Location: O'Brien Icehouse, Docklands 

If there’s one thing that unites us Aussies, it’s sport. But some are more accessible, or well known, than others, so it’s never a bad idea to bring the kids along to a game they almost certainly won’t have tried themselves–yet. 

In case you’re not already aware, Melbourne’s ice hockey team is called the Melbourne Mustangs and, yeah, they’re pretty good! As two time Goodall Cup winners, they’ve made a real name for themselves in the Australian Ice Hockey League. 

If you’re worried about the atmosphere being a bit too rowdy for your little ones, I’d say it isn’t much different from other team sports - there’s a bit of friendly ribbing going on between rivals but typically, sitting rinkside is more “chill” than courtside (and not just because of the ice). 

Accessibility and Facilities: Easily reachable by public transport and car. The venue is equipped with public toilets and dining options. 

Practical Information: Check their website for game schedules and ticket pricing. Suitable for all ages.

things to do in Melbourne with kids 11

Instil Curiosity and Wonder in Young Minds at Scienceworks

Location: Scienceworks Museum, Spotswood 

It’s never too early to open up young minds and inspire some interest in STEM – especially if you focus on the fun parts.

Although perhaps a little dated now, Scienceworks is a great museum to help introduce big scientific topics and spark some curiosity about how the world works. Pretty much every exhibit is interactive, so it’s perfect for young and older kids to experiment themselves, see how things work and marvel at the inner mechanics of everything from the human digestive system to our solar system. 

Accessibility and Facilities: Accessible by public transport and car although parking can be tricky occasionally. The museum has full wheelchair access, family-friendly toilets, and picnic areas.

Practical Information: Open daily; ticket prices for exhibits and shows vary, with discounts available for children and families. 

Get Creative at the NGV

Location: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 

You might be thinking there’s nowhere less suitable for kids than an art gallery - expensive and irreplaceable masterpieces everywhere, huddles of quiet and contemplative people, and too many opportunities for your little ones to run riot. 

But actually, those worries are the very reason you should bring your kids along to galleries more often! The clue’s in the name: public buildings are for the public, and no matter how new to the world you are, that includes you! And best of all, they’re completely free

For me, the NGV is a world-class example of making art and culture accessible to all. Bubs, tots, kids, tweens and teens can all benefit from the inspiring and relaxing space that is rightfully theirs to appreciate – and it’s a great opportunity for you to get some much needed peace and quiet, too!

Pro Tip: Arts and crafts always go down a treat in my house, but you can step up a trip to the gallery super easily by bringing some notepads and crayons along. Get the kids to sketch or doodle something after you’ve had a look around, you’ll be surprised what they noticed! 

Accessibility and Facilities: Easily accessible by tram and car. Features include family-friendly bathrooms, cafes, and picnic facilities. 

Practical Information: Open daily. General admission is free, though some special exhibits may charge a fee. 

things to do in Melbourne with kids 12

Introduce Your Kids to Aussie Cafe Culture at The Teeny Tiny Café

Location: Teeny Tiny Café, Melbourne

Looking for things to do in Melbourne with kids that give kids and grown ups time to do what they want to do? Head to the Teeny Tiny Cafe.

Ask any Melburnian where you can find the world’s best cup of coffee, and we’ll point at the air surrounding us. We take our coffee seriously – the McCafe wasn’t invented here for nothing, ya know - but our little ones haven’t quite reached the stage of appreciating that yet

Luckily, you can introduce your kids to Melbourne's renowned café culture at the Teeny Tiny Café, where even the littlest visitors feel welcome. If I’m being picky, I’d like to see more healthy food options on the kids’ menu, and although food for grown ups is available, I typically prefer to enjoy a drink while the kids enjoy themselves. 

Accessibility and Facilities: Centrally located and accessible by public transport. The café is equipped with high chairs and has a small play area. 

Practical Information: Open daily from early morning to late afternoon. No reservations needed, and the prices are family-friendly. 

More Fun Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids

Escape The Hustle and Bustle of the CBD with a Trip to Sandringham Beach

things to do in Melbourne with kids 13

Location: Sandringham Beach, Melbourne

I’ll let you in on a little secret - if you’re looking for things to do in Melbourne with kids that feel a bit like a holiday, head to Sandringham Beach. 

Obviously, once you’re there, typical beach activities apply, but I like Sandringham because it’s not usually as busy as other beaches closer to the CBD. Apart from anything else, the beach is absolutely gorgeous with shallow waters, and there are plenty of walking trails around if you want to stretch your legs. 

Accessibility and Facilities: Easily reachable by train or car, this beach is well-equipped with picnic facilities, public toilets, and playgrounds for kids. 

Practical Information: Open all year round, and totally free

Go to The Movies - But Sneak in a History Lesson at The Same Time at Pentridge Cinema

Location: Pentridge Cinema, Coburg 

People love to go on about how having kids will change your relationship with going to the movies, but honestly, apart from feeling more tired in the seats – your experience at the movies only improves with the company of your little ones.

Obviously, any movie theatre will do the trick if there’s a movie the kids are dying to see, but if you want to step it up a notch, tell the kids you’re off to watch a movie in an old, spooky prison! 

The former prison complex was redeveloped a few years ago and it’s now a weird mix of what looks like a creepy Victorian castle with modern conveniences, and it’s a cool place to spend a few hours looking around. 

Accessibility and Facilities: Accessible by public transport and car, with heaps of parking available. 

Practical Information: Check their website for current showtimes and ticket prices.

Hit Up Your Local Tennis Court for a Family-Friendly Match

things to do in Melbourne with kids 14

Location: Any court in the CBD

Finally on our list of things to do in Melbourne with kids: something that nearly all of us have just a few blocks away: a tennis court. 

Whether you’ve been bitten by the Australian Open bug or you just want to get your kids moving, a game of tennis is easily one of the quickest and simplest games to explain and get kids involved in. All you need is a few rackets (check out Salvos if you need to get some cheap, they always seem to be in there) and some balls and you’re ready to go!

Accessibility and Facilities: Check out your nearest courts and see if they have bathrooms and picnic or barbecue facilities - most of them do.

Practical Information: Courts can usually be booked in advance online or through local council services so check that out before you go. Fees vary by location but are generally budget-friendly.

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