16+ Things to Do in Toronto For Young Adults

CityDays' guide to finding fun, interesting and unique things to do in Toronto for young adults!

You’re looking for things to do in Toronto for young adults, and you’re stuck for ideas. Well, not for much longer!


Whether it’s just you or you’ve got a bunch of friends who’re relying on you to plan an itinerary, there’s tons of stuff out there that’ll keep your boredom at bay. You’ve just gotta know where to find it!

And that’s where we come in. We’ve asked around, been to a bunch of places and tried some new activities so that we can tell you where to go, what to do, and why it’s worth going. 

Ready to find the best things to do in Toronto for young adults? Read on! 

And just so you know - nobody pays us to include these date ideas on our list. They’re just places we’ve been to or experiences we’ve loved that we want to recommend, so you can find the best things to do in Toronto.

Best Things to Do in Toronto for Young Adults

Do a Scavenger Hunt in Old Town Toronto

things to do in Toronto for young adults 02

Location: Old Town Toronto

Starting off our list of things to do in Toronto for young adults – something I’m pretty sure you won’t have done before.

Scavenger hunts like these are awesome activities for all kinds of people; as long as there’s at least two of you, you’re gonna have a good time. 

All you need is a phone with WhatsApp installed, comfortable walking shoes, and at least one buddy to enjoy the experience with. After that, it’s up to you guys to crack the codes, decipher the riddles, and follow the clues to find Toronto’s hidden gems and secret spots. 

Practical information: Book online but play and pause the game whenever you want! Tickets cost $25 per person. 

Get a Dose of Thespian Culture at High Park

things to do in Toronto for young adults 03

Location: High Park, Toronto

Looking for things to do in Toronto for young adults during the summertime? Gotcha. 

If you’re a Torontonian, you’re probably already aware of the traditional Midsummer Night’s Dream performance in High Park. But if you aren’t, allow me to introduce you. 

Every summer for about 40 years, High Park has hosted outdoor performances of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s a Toronto tradition that thespians and theatre-lovers are extremely proud of - and quite rightly, because it’s awesome. 

Because the performances are held outside, I’d recommend bringing along cushions and blankets (although, you can rent a lawn chair for $5-$10, if you want) and get there early (there are no assigned seats so it’s up to you to bag a good spot). 

Practical information: Performances will be held from July 21 until September 3 (2024). Visit Canadian Stage for specific dates and showtimes.

Create Your Very Own Rug at a Tufting Class with Chillax

things to do in Toronto for young adults 04

Location: Chillax Studio, Toronto

Tap into your creative spirit at Chillax Studio, where you get to design and tuft your own bespoke rug. 

Yes, you read that correctly. You get to make your own rug! Like, you get to decide the design, colour scheme, and then make it, all by yourself (well, with plenty of instruction from the team).

All you’ve gotta do is book in advance, submit a design (memes, anime characters, your pet’s face, a favourite food…the opportunities are endless), and then turn your vision into a tangible creation! 

Practical information: Prices vary by rug size. Check out class availability and prices at Chillax Studio.

Hit Up Toronto’s Best Arcade Bars

things to do in Toronto for young adults 05

Location: Various

You don’t need me to tell you that arcade bars are fun, right? On the other hand, if you’re new here or haven’t visited a games bar before then you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Well, I can help you there. 

Depending on what kind of a vibe you’re going for or what your preferred games are, these are my top recommendations for different arcade bars around Toronto:

Free Play: Aka, Pinball Paradise. Awesome and huge range of games (arcade games and board games, if that’s more your vibe). They also host themed nights here (karaoke nights on Wednesdays are *chef’s kiss*). 

Zed*80: A place for nostalgia players to hang out. Think ‘80s and ‘90s arcade games, Pinball, PacMan etc. Cover is $10 on entry on weekdays.

Rec Room: Probably the busiest place on this list but that’s because hey, it’s in a popular area and a great location (a stone’s throw away from Ripley's Aquarium). Great games, serves food and can accommodate a big group of people (and there are vegan/gluten-free options available!). 

Get Well: The games are free AND there’s a pizza slice bar. What’s not to love?

Cabin Fever: Smaller than some of the others but soooo cozy, this place has the best vibes and a great selection of beers (tap and cans). 

Practical information: Most venues are open late and operate on a walk-in basis. Check individual bar websites for specific details regarding entry fees and age restrictions.

Smash Your Way Outta Boredom at Go Smash

things to do in Toronto for young adults 13

Location: Go Smash, Toronto

Real talk: do you ever get the urge to just smash stuff up? Not all the time, but, occasionally…when you’re having a really bad day or you just want to know what it sounds like to yeet something?

You’re not alone. If you're looking to release some tension in an unconventional way, head to Go Smash. This is the place to safely break things to your heart's content. 

Smash TVs, glass bottles, and more—all in the name of stress relief and good, clean fun.

Practical information: Sessions can be booked online. Visit Go Smash for pricing and available time slots.

Fun Things to Do in Toronto for Young Adults

Check Out Toronto’s Best Museums

things to do in Toronto for young adults 16

Location: Various

Yes, they appear on every list of things to do in Toronto, no matter what age you are – but there’s a good reason why. 

Museums are by far the most convenient, easiest, and most cost effective way to spend your time in any city, and that’s especially true of Toronto (although, I am a bit biased). 

Here are my favourites and top-recommendations (don’t scroll past the ones you already recognize!): 

Casa Loma: Popular, awesome and the closest thing to a castle in Toronto. Perfect for you if you love exploring historic houses and gardens.

The ROM: Another classic, but absolutely the best place to get your fill of art and culture in Toronto under one roof. It’s one of Canada’s biggest museums, so you won’t get bored here easily.

Bata Shoe Museum: You’d be forgiven for not finding the topic of “shoes” enthralling, but that’s because you’ve never seen the evolution of shoes over 4,500 years. Seriously, don’t miss it!

Spadina House: An incredible restored mansion from the early 20th century and one of the most Instagrammable places in the city. 

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre: A real hidden gem! Discover Japanese culture through art exhibitions, festivals and workshops. 

Little Canada: Like Canada, but much, much smaller. More of an attraction than a museum, this place has detailed small-scale recreations of Canada’s most iconic land and cityscapes. 

Aga Khan Museum: Art and math lovers, don’t miss this place! Discover the artistic, intellectual and scientific contributions of Muslim civilizations across the centuries. 

Practical information: Hours and ticket prices vary by museum. Visit each museum's website for the most current information.

Hit Up Toronto’s Comedy Clubs for a Laugh

things to do in Toronto for young adults 05

Location: Comedy Bar, Absolute Comedy, Toronto

Looking for things to do in Toronto for young adults that are (nearly) always a hit? Give Toronto’s comedy scene a try.

Again, I’ll admit I’m biased here but Canadians are hilarious, and while our stand-up scene might not be as world-famous as others, we sure know how to have a laugh. 

Perfect during the long winter months (everyone knows it’s laughter that keeps this country warm) or as an evening activity any other time of year, Toronto’s got some great comedy clubs where you can grab a drink, settle in,  and let the stress of the week melt away with some top-notch humour.

As for where to go, my top two picks are Comedy Bar and Absolute Comedy.

Practical information: Check individual websites for show schedules and ticket bookings. Early reservations are recommended as shows can sell out quickly.

H3: Seek Out Toronto’s Coolest Bars

things to do in toronto for young adults 06

Location: Various

If you’re looking for things to do in Toronto for young adults that involve a beverage (or several), you’re in luck.

Before I give you some recommendations, it’s worth saying that, as with most things in Toronto, alcoholic drinks don’t come super cheap (especially if you’re from overseas). However, there’s more to a good drink than just cost effectiveness - decor, service, the menu, etc. 

So even if you just buy one drink while you’re out on the town, it’s worth making it a good one. Here’s where I recommend going:

Famous Last Words: An awesome, book-themed bar that will speak to every literary lover on a molecular level. 

Grey Tiger: One of my all-time favourite bars in Toronto. You can get great low/non-alcoholic drinks here too, but for me, it’s all about the unique cocktails and slushies. Plus, I’m a total cat-lover so the name and merch just suits me (but, don’t worry if you’re allergic to cats, there are - sadly - none inside!). 

The Shameful Tiki Room: Visiting Toronto during winter? Banish all thoughts of the cold with a taste of the exotic at Shameful Tiki Room. Good vibes and sunshine attitudes, even when it’s sub-zero temps outside. 

BarChef: In a word? Unique. It’s fancy, creative, and the artful concoctions they serve always manage to hit the spot just right. 

Practical information: Hours and offerings vary by bar. Visit each establishment’s website for specifics on themed nights and special events. Find out when happy hour is, and then go forth and be happy, my friends! 

Learn Archery The Fun Way with Shawn’s Archery Instruction

things to do in Toronto for young adults 07

Location: Shawn’s Archery, Toronto

Looking for things to do in Toronto that hit the bullseye (literally)? Take an archery class.

Listen, even if you suck at sports or think that there’s no way you’d ever be any good at this, I implore you just to check it out. Archery is actually super fun and it’s a great activity to do with friends or as a group. 

It’s not so much about being good or bad, it’s more about doing something a little out of your comfort zone and maybe finding a lifelong hobby to pursue. The best part? Even if you have never picked up a bow before, this place accepts beginners and they’ll help you hone your skills in a fun and supportive environment. 

Practical information: For class schedules, pricing, and booking, visit Shawn’s Archery.

Go on an Urban Adventure in Old Town Toronto

things to do in Toronto for young adults 09

Location: Toronto Old Town

Perfect for adventurers and culture seekers, urban adventure games offer you the opportunity to explore landmarks, local haunts, and hidden gems all on your own terms. But, hang on a sec - what is an urban adventure? 

Well, it’s a cool-sounding name for a self-guided game through the city streets. 

A cross between a walking tour and an outdoor escape room game, urban adventures like these give you the flexibility to explore Toronto without a guide, using nothing but your combined brain power and a phone.

Receive texts containing clues, directions and puzzles, answer with the correct answers, and race your way through Toronto collecting nuggets of knowledge as you go! 

Practical information: Book online but play and pause the game whenever you want! Tickets cost $25 per person. 

Go to Kensington Market and Soak Up The Vibes

things to do in Toronto for young adults 09

Location: Kensington Market, Toronto

If there’s one neighbourhood in Toronto that appeals to young folks, it’s Kensington Market.

Well, actually, it pretty much appeals to everybody, but especially anybody with an Instagram account or the desire to escape generic city vibes.

Kensington Market is a Bohemian, eclectic and vibrant neighbourhood that’s famous for its diverse food scene, unique boutiques and bustling street life. There’s always something going on here, and it’s a great place just to wander around and dip in and out of cozy places and cute looking stores.

Hot tip: You don’t have to be a vegan to fall head over heels for the Chinese food at Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant. It’s truly incredible. 

Practical information: Kensington Market is always open, with shops and restaurants having varying operating hours; it’s particularly lively during the last Sunday of each month when the area becomes pedestrian-only.

Go Head-to-Head over Board Games at Snakes and Lattes

things to do in Toronto for young adults

Location: Snakes and Lattes, Toronto

Looking for inclusive things to do in Toronto for young adults that you can do indoors? I feel ya. During Toronto’s long winters, the locals all disappear inside to their favourite haunts in the city…and this is one of mine.

I’m a huge board game lover. I find it super relaxing - even if I do get a bit competitive at times - and it’s a great way to spend time with a big bunch of friends with varying interests.

Snakes and Lattes has an awesome selection of games and it feels cozy and comfortable inside (and you’ve just gotta try a Nutella latte. YUM!). 

Practical information: Visit Snakes and Lattes for location details, hours, and reservation policies.

Take in The Best Views of Toronto from Ward’s Island

things to do in Toronto for young adults 01

Location: Ward’s Island, Toronto

I’m a big lover of Urban Jungles, but even I’ve gotta escape into nature every now and then or, in other words, touch grass. If you’re looking to do the same, I recommend Ward’s Island. 

So this is actually the quieter of Toronto’s nearby islands, so if you’re looking for more “happening” places where you can have barbecues or picnics or something then I’d opt for Centre Island or Hanlan’s Point (there’s more variety there, if that’s what you’re planning).

But personally, Ward’s Island has a tiny piece of my heart. I just adore the beautiful gardens like Deenie and Freda's Garden and Lacey’s Garden and walking around. Take a stroll around, snap a shot of the Toronto skyline and enjoy some peace and quiet with the locals. 

Practical information: Ferry schedules and ticket information can be found on the Toronto Island website.

Do Glow-in-The-Dark Water Sports 

Location: Sunnyside Park

If you’re Canadian, there’s a huge chance you’ve spent a lifetime already on kayaks or canoes, or maybe you’ve even given SUP a chance. But I’ll bet you’ve never done it in an illuminated vessel before.

Grab your glow-in-the-dark rental from Sunnyside Park and then paddle your way around the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, along the Humber River or get an unprecedented view of the iconic Toronto skyline from your very own, lit-up vessel. Beginners get a free tutorial to get them started and all paddlers are equipped with a safety kit. 

Don’t forget your waterproof zip-lock pouch – you’ll need a dry phone to take a snap of the skyline! 

Practical information: For details on scheduling, booking, and prices, visit Toronto Kayaks.

Check Out What’s On at The Bentway

things to do in Toronto for young adults 10

Location: The Bentway, Toronto

If you’re really stuck for ideas of things to do in Toronto for young adults, check out the Bentway.

You’ll find this public space tucked under Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway, and as the name suggests, it’s a designated area for the general public. This means that, at any time of year, you’re bound to find something happening here - and the variety is pretty astounding.

During summer, you’ll find art exhibits, roller skating parties, yoga sessions, drawing socials and even kintsugi workshops taking place here, and in winter, it becomes a wonderland for ice skaters. If you have your own skates, bring ‘em along (rentals cost a whopping $25 each). 

Practical information: Visit The Bentway to check out the latest events and workshop schedules.

Find More Things to Do in Toronto with CityDays

Toronto scavenger Hunts

So there you have it! 16+ things to do in Toronto for young adults to try next time you’re bored or stuck for ideas. 

Remember that no matter what you decide to do on your morning, afternoon  or evening out with your friends, family or coworkers, there’s nothing like teamwork to make the dream work.

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