18 Date Ideas in Toronto

Explore the best date ideas in Toronto with our guide to unique, fun, cute and romantic experiences.

Looking for fresh and exciting date ideas in Toronto? Whether it's your first date or your fiftieth, Toronto offers a myriad of options to dazzle your special someone. 

From chic rooftop bars to thrilling urban adventures, we've explored and vetted these top date spots across the city, ensuring you can bypass the guesswork and jump straight to impressing your date. 

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So whether budget constraints, transportation woes, or a simple creative block has been holding you back, this guide unleashes 18 vibrant date ideas in Toronto, perfect for any occasion. 

Read on to discover the ultimate dating hotspots in Ontario's bustling capital!

And just so you know - nobody pays us to include these date ideas on our list. They’re just places we’ve been to or experiences we’ve loved that we want to recommend, so you can find the best things to do in Toronto.

The Best Date Ideas in Toronto

Seek Out Toronto’s Secrets on a Scavenger Hunt

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Where? Old Toronto

Whether you’re looking for date ideas in Toronto that work for a first date or an impromptu date with your long term other half, this is for you.

It’s super easy to understand. Basically, you and your partner become a detective duo, working together to solve clues and puzzles that take you around Toronto’s scenic spots, cool bars and cute cafes, and hidden historical gems. 

Perfect if you’re a Torontonian with a SO from interstate or overseas, scavenger hunts like these are an awesome way to find out your partner has no sense of direction (it happens), a good sense of humour (great for playful couples) and a good head on their shoulders (you’ve gotta think a little bit to work out the answers).

Practical information: Play when you want, it's self-guided! All you need is a phone with WhatsApp. Tickets cost $25 per person. 

Enjoy a Romantic Park Picnic at Riverdale Park

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If you’re looking for the best date ideas in Toronto but your budget is feeling a little tight, don’t despair. Romance doesn’t have to cost big bucks, and honestly, this has been one of my favourite spots for years.

Hold up though, Torontonians. I know you know Riverdale Park. But even if you feel like you’ve been there, got the t-shirt and been spooked by Toronto Necropolis, hear me out. 

This really is the best place in the city to get stunning skyline views, soak in the lush greenery and enjoy a relaxing escape with your loved one. Privacy, cute and comfortable vibes - and it’s totally free. 

Practical information: Open daily from dawn till dusk. Free entry; loads of space to walk around or watch the sunset. Bring a pack of cards if you’re worried about getting bored. Washrooms are located in the east and west of the park.

Go to a Pop-Up Concert at a Secret Location with Sofar Sounds

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If music is your love language (or, more importantly, your partner’s), this is for you.

Sofar Sounds is an awesome community initiative that unites music fans with their cities by hosting concerts in “secret” locations. The acts are typically local musicians from a range of different genres, which is cool if like me you have a super varied music taste. 

I’ll be honest and say that tickets aren’t cheap - but in my experience, they’re worth the price tag. I love that the venues are often in weird places (above a thrift shop, in a furniture store, you get the picture), and it’s a great place to bond with your date over good music somewhere with good vibes. 

Practical information: Locations vary. Tickets typically around $30 each. Check their website for the next secret gig.

Go on an Urban Adventure around Toronto Together

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It’s been a hot minute since the term “power couple” appeared on the internet, but let’s bring it back.

One of the best date ideas in Toronto (and pretty much anywhere in the world) is any idea that is memorable for all the right reasons. 

Urban adventures like these make that easy by allowing you to transform the city into your playground, no town planning or tools necessary. It works like this: grab your tickets, head to the start location, and answer puzzles, riddles and clues to unlock Toronto’s hidden gems and secret sights. 

Together, you’ll uncover Toronto’s secrets and mysteries, grab some cute selfies, stop for a drink or two at some awesome bars or cafes (if you want), and there’s an option to race against the clock if you’re a competitive pair. Voila! 

Practical information: Play when you want, it's self-guided! All you need is a phone with WhatsApp. Tickets cost $25 per person. 

Have a Drink at One of Toronto’s Best Rooftop Bars

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Trying to keep your list of Toronto date ideas casual but still want to impress that special someone? Hit up one of the city’s best rooftop bars.

Luckily for you (and unluckily for my bank account), I’ve spent quite a bit of time dipping in and out of Toronto’s many bars. Dive bars, sports bars, English and Irish pub style bars… the list goes on. But as we’re trying to be romantic here, I’ll give you some of my romantic spots and what to expect. You’re welcome:

Fun Date Ideas in Toronto

See a Movie at Toronto’s Oldest Movie Theatre, Revue Cinema

Toronto date ideas

Movie dates might seem like a throwback but honestly, who doesn’t love popcorn and the silver screen?

Since we’re coming up with classy Toronto date ideas, I’d recommend you choose Revue Cinema over Netflix at your place - it adds a bit of interest and, as you can’t talk during the movie, it’s nice to make up for the lack of communication by heading to a bar before or after. 

The Revue is a treasured local Toronto icon that brings cinematic delights ranging from timeless classics to cutting-edge indie flicks, all in a cozy, vintage setting - and if you like foreign cinema or quirky movies, this is the place for you. 

Practical information: Visit Revue Cinema for showtimes and ticket prices; typically ranges from $10-$15 per person.

Hit up Toronto’s Awesome Markets

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Toronto gets a bad rap for being expensive, and, to be honest, that’s fair. This isn’t a cheap city to live in, so finding date ideas in Toronto that don’t break the bank isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

On the other hand, limitations are just an opportunity to show your creative flair (important, when it comes to dating!). 

Show how worldly and down-to-earth you are with a trip to one - or a few - of Toronto’s best markets. Explore local crafts, fresh produce, and unique culinary delights or whatever you want - and save some cash in the process. 

My personal recommendations are to check out St Lawrence Market and Kensington Market, with an honorable mention for the Distillery District Market.

Practical information: Kensington Market is open daily; St. Lawrence Market’s main days are Tuesday to Saturday. Distillery District Market is best visited during event days.

Sweeten The Deal with a Treat

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Ok, this might seem like a tiny tip but trust me on this: this is the kind of first date idea that becomes a tradition.

Toronto is full of incredible eateries, and if you have a sweet tooth (or your date does), this is how you get a follow-up text asking when you’ll see each other again.

During summer, I recommend hitting up Mizzica Gelato (the raspberry flavour gelato is what my dreams are made of). If you’re more of a donut kind of couple, put a sugary ring on it over at Harry and Heels

Go Thrift Shopping Together

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Looking for more budget date ideas in Toronto? I’ve gotcha.

Add a twist to your shopping routine by hitting up some of Toronto’s eclectic thrift stores. 

Search for hidden gems and vintage finds that could add character to your wardrobe or home together. If you’ve only just met the person, set each other a tiny budget and see what you can find - a super cute way to come home with a memento from your date and hey, even if you don’t find anything, there’s loads to look at and opportunities to laugh together.

Personal recommendations: I like Value Village (near to Lansdowne station), Kensington Market (I know, second time I’ve mentioned it but I love it), and Just Thrift

Practical information: Most stores are open from 10 AM to 6 PM, but it’s best to check individual store hours as they can vary.

Hit The Water in a Kayak or Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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We’re Canadian, of course this is on the list!

Feeble jokes aside, outdoor activities make for some of the best date ideas. Not only do you get to expend some energy – perfect if you’re an active couple – but it’s also one of the best ways to take in the many scenic views you can get of Toronto from the water. 

If you don’t have your own kayak or paddle board, get a rental here

Practical information: Rentals are available from May through September, with prices starting around $55 per hour. Booking in advance is recommended.

Gaze At The Stars with Your Star-Crossed Lover with AstroTours

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Obsessed with the universe? Can’t believe your lucky stars you ended up with the love of your life? Thank them by looking up and getting lost in the cosmos with AstroTours at the University of Toronto. 

These educational yet romantic evenings include stargazing through telescopes, planetarium visits, and engaging lectures that make the universe feel closer than ever. 

Practical information: AstroTours events are typically scheduled monthly. Visit AstroTours for more information on upcoming dates and ticketing.

Pick up Some Good Music Vibes at School Night

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Remember being told “no” to slumber parties because "it’s a school night"? This is your redemption card.

School Night is an awesome event where you and your date get to experience Toronto’s vibrant music scene. Featuring up-and-coming artists and bands as the line up, this is the place to go if you love telling people about how you heard of "X" band first. 

Double points if you and your partner discover a musician or a band you both love together! 

Practical information: Check out their latest events and updates on School Night's Instagram.

Sip Some “Magical” Martinis - Literally

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Looking for date ideas in Toronto that take you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary? Hit up Toronto’s coolest magic bar for martinis and mesmerizing tricks! 

Whether you believe in magic or not, this place is great. A night of enchantment awaits at Magic and Martini, where you get to sit back, enjoy expertly crafted martinis while being awed by world-class magicians. 

Practical information: For reservations and event dates, visit Magic and Martini.

Find Out What’s On at The AGO

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Torontonians reading this will already be familiar with the AGO, but have you ever considered going there for a date?

Probably not. I get it. It’s an art gallery, and that’s where you go on vacation or on a school field trip, right? Wrong! 

The AGO or, to give it its proper name, The Art Gallery of Ontario, is one of Toronto's premier destinations for art lovers. With a vast collection ranging from contemporary wonders to historical artifacts, the AGO offers a diverse cultural experience.

If walking around looking at art isn’t your kind of fun, have a look at what’s on ahead of time. The AGO has tons of cool lectures, workshops and programs that'll teach you and your date something new - and give you lovebirds something to talk about. 

Practical information: Discover current exhibitions and events at AGO.

And Don’t Sleep On The ROM

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While you’re at it, don’t forget about the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

Perfect for lovers of history, nature, culture, or curious minds, ROM is my go-to spot when I feel in need of inspiration. My partner and I had the best time just walking around together. 

There’s something for everyone: dinosaur fossils, objects from Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and beyond, Medieval objects, tons of information about biodiversity, and many of the exhibits are hands-on and interactive. 

Practical information: Plan your visit and check out special exhibits at ROM. I recommend booking in advance and visiting on quieter days (not weekends, unless you like crowds). 

Create Your Own Fairytale at Casa Loma

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I’m a sucker for historical dramas - I’ll take a Bridgerton binge-watching session over pretty much anything else, and if you or your partner feels the same way, step back in time with a romantic date at Casa Loma.

If your Spanish isn’t up to scratch, Casa Loma means “House on The Hill” - but in reality, it’s much more than that. 

Casa Loma, aka Toronto's majestic castle, has stunning architecture and beautiful gardens, permanent exhibits covering everything from classic cars, photo exhibitions, and temporary exhibitions that illustrate early Toronto and Canadian history. 

Take a tour, go for a romantic stroll through the gardens or attend a themed event together - whatever you do, it’ll be beautiful. 

Practical information: Opening hours are 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. for touring (Last guest admission: 4:30 p.m.). The gardens close earlier at 4.30pm so get in quick, you don’t want to miss them!

See Shakespeare Under The Stars at High Park

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A mainstay in the Toronto calendar (for 40 years now!), High Park has been home to an annual outdoor production of Shakespeare’s works in a natural amphitheatre setting. 

And this year, it’s one of the most romantic (and funniest) productions of all: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Canadian Stage bringing the Bard’s ethereal characters to life as they muddle their way through love triangles, pesky spells and confusing donkey transformations. It’s a great night out, and it runs from July to early September - so there’s plenty of time to get tickets.

Oh, and just a head’s up - last time I visited a guy started muttering that he didn’t “get” the play. So, just a reminder: it’s classic Shakespeare, in old English. If you’re not a fan, this probably isn’t for you. 

Practical information:For show times and ticket information, visit Canadian Stage.

Impressing a Book Fan? Go To These Bookstores

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Spending too much time on BookTok or with your nose in a book? Invite your partner into your literary world and go book shopping together.

Admittedly, if you aren’t interested in books then you can probably just skip past this one. But on the off-chance that you like books as much as me, I have to fly Toronto’s flag for our amazing bookstores (and how cute they are!).

Whatever your preferred genre, I can almost guarantee you’ll find your next read in one of these places. You’re welcome, fellow book fans!

Personal Recommendations:

  • Flying Books - College St and Queen St West, super friendly staff who’ll happily give local recommendations.
  • TYPE - Locations at Queen West, Forest Hill, and the Junction. Independent bookstore with a great selection of books, comic books, and they hold some literary events too. 
  • Ben McNally - Queen Street East, a treasure trove managed by the knowledgeable Ben himself and even dubbed “Toronto’s most beautiful bookstore”.
  • Another Story - Roncesvalles, great for local author works.
  • Book City - Huge selection, kind and approachable staff
  • BMV - Offer new and used books with large selections, cozy vibes

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