The ancestral home of the Jagera people and a historic part of modern day Brisbane, Bulimba has developed into a charming neighbourhood with a great array of independent businesses.

- © David McKelvey

The Best Things to do in Bulimba

There are several historic things to see in Bulimba including Bulimba House which dates back to 1850, Bulimba Uniting Church which was built in 1866 and was the first building of its kind in the area, the ANZAC cottages which were built for soldiers who served in World War One, and the Apollo Road Ferry Terminal.

On top of this many fantastic independent businesses can be found along the lively thoroughfare Oxford St. Among these are Ambrosia & Co, a great place to grab brunch; Darvella Patisserie, perfect for those with a sweet tooth; Riverbend Books, ideal for picking up something to read in the Brisbane sun; A Little Morocco, where you'll find handmade rugs, baskets and more; and Revel Brewing Co, for those craft beer enthusiasts.

Best of all Bulimba is a fantastic spot for wildlife enthusiasts, bird-spotters and nature lovers. A stroll along Bulimba creek can often provide a host of wonderful sights.

- © Paul Balfe

The History of Bulimba

For 20,000 years Bulimba has been the ancestral home of the Jagera people. Translated from their language 'Bulimba' means 'place of the magpie lark'.

After Europeans arrived in Brisbane in the 1820s, Bulimba started being used as farmland. Its rich and fertile soil made it ideal for these purposes.

Over time the area's population grew and in 1866 a local church and a school were established. The church, along with the 1850s Bulimba House, can still be seen today.

Bulimba became increasingly residential towards the end of the 19th century and in 1904 some land there was put aside for a park.

- © Bert Knottenbeld

Bulimba at War

After WWI this park became Bulimba Memorial Park in honour of those who had died in the war. On top of this five ANZAC cottages were built to help struggling servicemen and widows.

Bulimba became an important military base during WWII. Brisbane was the base of the Allied Pacific Campaign. As a result many servicemen were stationed at Bulimba barracks.

- © Bulimba State School

Bulimba into the Modern Day

In the latter half of the century Bulimba continued to develop as a residential, industrial and commercial neighbourhood, and Oxford St began to take shape as a major thoroughfare. During the 1960s and 70s the area became increasingly popular with families, as it remains so today.

- © John

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