Date Ideas Brisbane Edition: 16+ Ideas

16+ cute, fun and romantic date ideas in Brisbane that you (probably) haven’t already thought of.

Looking for the perfect date ideas in Brisbane? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s your first date or your 500th, it never hurts to get some inspiration and stash some Brisbane date ideas in your locker.

Nestled between the shimmering waters of Moreton Bay and the lush greenery of the Great Dividing Range, this vibrant city is not just Queensland's capital but also a hub of culture, cuisine, and adventure. 

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From serene river cruises to bustling market visits, Brisbane caters to all tastes and budgets. So, if you're ready to find out how you should spend your next date with your partner, read on as we unveil the top date ideas in Brisbane that promise to make your date night special!

And just so you know - we’re not paid by anybody to include these on our list. They’re just places we’ve been to or experiences we’ve loved so you can find the best things to do in Brisbane.

Best Date Ideas in Brisbane

Go On a Scavenger Hunt Through Brisbane CBD

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Turn Brisbane’s CBD into a giant, romantic, live-action game by roaming the streets together and taking in the city’s vibrant scenery with a scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunts like these are perfect for showing around your partner who’s from rural Queensland, interstate or overseas - and even born and raised Brisbanites will have an adventure sniffing out stuff they never knew existed.

The formula’s easy enough: puzzles, riddles and clues get sent to your phones, you put your teamwork to the test and crack the codes, visit awesome landmarks and hidden gems, take a few breaks at hand-picked cafés, bars and pubs - and your date gets to see how clever, funny and charming you are. In other words, a huge win! 

Tip: Take it from me - it’s never too late to figure out who has what strength in a relationship. Me? Great at word puzzles. My partner? Can’t believe I managed to get “left” and “right” mixed up. It’s a great story now, though. 

Go for a Sip and a Splash at Hibiscus Bar & Terrace

Let’s be real for a sec - Brisbane gets hot. Like, ridiculously hot. And that humidity plus the nerves of going for a date is less than ideal for anyone, let alone prospective daters.

But that’s ok – true Brisbanians know where to feel cool and comfortable even on a scorching day with your hot-to-trot date: Hibiscus Bar & Terrace.

Nestled in the trendy precinct of Brisbane, this venue offers a unique blend of cocktails and poolside ambiance. Enjoy a sip of their signature drinks while soaking up the sun or under the stars and yes, you’re welcome to have a splash in the pool!

Visit The World’s First (& Biggest!) Koala Sanctuary

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Looking for cute date ideas in Brisbane? Trust me, it doesn’t get cuter than this.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is exactly what the name suggests: it’s a Queensland icon where everyone’s favourite cute and cuddly koalas live.

Opened way back in 1927, the sanctuary began with only two koalas, Jack and Jill (aww), thus making it Australia’s first ever koala sanctuary. Since then, it’s also added “world’s biggest” to its name and become the destination for visiting Australia’s iconic drop bears. 

Spend the day cuddling koalas, feeding kangaroos, and walking amongst other native wildlife, it’s a great chance not only to learn about these incredible animals but also a serene escape from the urban bustle - and you get to show your softer side, too!

Grab Brisbane’s Yummiest Gelato Together at Gelateria Cremona

Whatever you do for your date in Brisbane, there’s only one sure fire way to ensure it was the best ever, and that’s with ice cream.

Not just any ice cream, though. There’s a reason Italians have a rep for being the most romantic nation, and I have a hunch that it’s down to that sweet, sweet dolce. 

This is my favourite gelateria in Brisbane for many reasons - the choice of flavours is insanely good, it’s handmade and uses a heap of fresh, local ingredients. Basically, you can’t go wrong. 

Fun Date Ideas in Brisbane

Catch a Rare Art House (& Free!) Movie at ​​The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA

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Where? Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

Like Netflix and chill but much, much cooler, The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA is the place to go if you or your partner is a movie buff.

Screenings only take place on Wednesday and Friday nights or at lunchtime on Saturdays and Sundays, and don’t expect any current movies to be on the roster. Instead, expect cult favourite filmmakers, foreign cinema, rare movies, restorations, silent movies…you get the picture. 

Best of all, most of the movies here are free - ticketed events are still pretty cheap and absolutely worth the money!

Accessibility and facilities: Easily accessible via public transport with ample parking nearby. The seats are comfy and there’s a café where you can grab a bite to eat or a drink before the show.

Rent Some Bikes and Cycle From Teneriffe to Fortitude Valley

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Where? The Brisbane River route, from Teneriffe to Fortitude Valley 

Looking for fun Brisbane date ideas that get your heart racing in more ways than one? This is for you.

Lovebirds who feel most at home in the gym, running around the city or training for their preferred sport should make the most of Brisbane’s accessible cycling routes on their date. 

A personal favourite of mine is along the Brisbane River Route from Teneriffe down to Fortitude Valley - the views are phenomenal and there’s heaps of cute coffee shops, cafés and places to stop along the way. 

Accessibility and facilities: If you don’t have your own bike, you’ll find rental stations all over the CBD. 

See an Exhibition at The State Library of Queensland

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Where? State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

The library is probably the last place you’d think of when thinking of Brisbane date ideas, but trust me on this – there’s more in here than just a heap of books (which I also love). 

As one of Queensland’s most important public buildings, The State Library is a treasure trove of knowledge and activity. Books might not be your thing, but there’s plenty of other events to keep you and your date busy. 

From writers festivals to photography exhibitions, dance tours and paper folding workshops, there’s loads of opportunities to cultivate your mind (and relationship) and learn something new together (often free of charge!). 

Accessibility and facilities: Excellent access via public transport. The library is equipped with lifts, toilets, and has a café. Entry to exhibitions is usually free, making it budget-friendly. Check what's on here.

Explore Brisbane Botanical Gardens Together

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Where? Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, CBD

Ask me where my favourite place in Brisbane is and the answer will always be the same: the Botanic Gardens. 

Even as a die-hard city person, I just can’t resist the gorgeous blooms and natural beauty of this place - and it’s somewhere my partner and I will always seek out to get some alone time together.

Apart from being a visually gorgeous place to be, Brisbane Botanic Gardens is also home to some pretty cool facilities that seem to go overlooked, including the Planetarium which is currently hosting a 50 year anniversary show dedicated to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon album which I highly recommend seeing. 

Accessibility and facilities: Multiple entry points, and nearby public transport. Picnic areas and public toilets are available.

Don’t Take Them Out For Dinner - Take ‘em For Brekkie

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Where? Brisbane’s café hotspots 

Here’s an idea: ditch dinner date plans and replace them with a good, hearty brekkie in Brisbane CBD.

For me, dinner is formal, it can be stressful, there’s too many things to spill and it can all feel a bit forced. Coffee is short and sweet, which is fine if you’re meeting for the first time - but it can also feel rushed and it can be a little quiet if you’re feeling awkward. And that’s when getting some brekkie rushes in to save your day (and your date). 

Brissie’s brunch and breakfast scene is popping off: waffles, pancakes, acai bowls, Asian-inspired dishes, smashed avo toast - it’s all here and incredible. 

There’s a real buzz on a beautiful Brissie morning, which is great atmosphere-wise. And you get the date done before you know it, leaving the rest of the day free for more romantic plans and time together - win-win!

You can’t really go wrong wherever you pick, but if you need some personal recs, check out: Coffee Iconic, Lady Marmalade, Morning After and Pawpaw Cafe

Do a Historic House Tour at Miegunyah House Museum

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Where? Miegunyah House Museum, Brisbane 

I’d better get my biases out of the way before explaining more, but I’m a sucker for history, so it kind of figures that it’s one of my best Brisbane date ideas. 

But even for people who yawn before they’ve said “history” out loud, Miegunyah House Museum is one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets - and between you and me, it has one of the best Devonshire Teas in all of Queensland (and that’s saying something!).

Step back in time with a tour of the Miegunyah House Museum, discover Brisbane’s rich history through its preserved Victorian-era architecture, and finish up with a cosy, quaint afternoon tea at the café. Perfection!

Accessibility and facilities: The museum is a short walk from bus stops. Small entrance fee applies. 

Shoot Some Hoops Together at Your Local Court

date ideas Brisbane 05

Where? Various

Really lost for date ideas in Brisbane? Dial back the clock to high school and dust off the basketball that’s been lying around in your garage: it’s time to play ball.

If the idea of you and your date standing around your local hoops throwing a ball to each other makes you cringe, then this one might not be for you - but take it from me, I’d have said the same before I actually did this.

Disclaimer: I suck at basketball (and most sports, to be honest), but my partner and I had the best time just throwing balls around with each other and playing a few distance-shooting games. It’s a great way to get your energy up and be a bit silly for a change - who cares if you miss 9 out of 10, it’s all quality time with your favourite person. 

Accessibility and facilities: Most courts are free to use and are situated in public parks with nearby parking - look up your local council area to find out court times and if you need to book.

Pick Up a Reading Delight Together at Archives Fine Books Second-Hand Bookstore

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Where? Archives Fine Books, Brisbane 

If you’re into your books (or your partner is), this is the place to go.

Books are expensive and, in this economy, it’s not easy to pick up a stack for a small amount of money. But books are hard-wearing, gorgeous things 

Lose yourselves among the shelves of Archives Fine Books, one of Brisbane's largest second-hand bookstores. From rare finds to recent bestsellers, this bookstore is a haven for book lovers. 

Accessibility and facilities: Located in the city centre, easily accessible by public transport. The store has step-free access.

Romantic Date Ideas in Brisbane

Catch a Movie and Get The Best Views of the River at Dendy Cinema Portside

brisbane date ideas 16

Where? Dendy Cinema, Portside Wharf, Brisbane 

Movie dates are a classic for a reason but if you’re looking to up your game a bit, head to Dendy Cinema in Portside.

As this is my favourite place to go to the movies in Brisbane, I’m probably a little biassed - but if you can find me another cinema in Brissy that’s this clean, comfortable and close to cute shops, restaurants, and the water, let me know! 

Admittedly, one of the major plusses in its favour is that you can enjoy a glass of wine while the movie’s playing (always a bonus), but it’s also got great leg room, fair prices and, like I said, perfectly located for a great Brisbane date night. 

Accessibility and facilities: Easily accessible by car and public transport, with ample parking available (park underground when it’s busy, just remember to get your ticket validated). 

Go for a Romantic Gondola Cruise

Where? Brisbane River 

If you’re looking for Brisbane date ideas that pull out all the stops, this is for you.

Here’s something you don’t read every day: I reckon Brissie can give Venice a run for its money, specifically when it comes to upping the romance factor! These Brisbane Gondola river cruises allow you both to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company in the ultimate romantic setting. 

If you’re a seafood lover, I’d recommend the private evening dinner cruise, but there are heaps of options out there - check availability and take a look at the different package options at Gondola Cruises.

Accessibility and facilities: Each cruise can be customised with dining options, including gourmet meals and fine wines. 

Go for a Hike Around Tamborine Mountain

brisbane date ideas 10

Where? Mount Tamborine, Scenic Rim, Queensland 

If you ask me, one of the best things about Brisbane is its size and proximity to unbelievable nature and hiking trails, so if that’s your kind of vibe, this is for you. 

If you or your partner is into fitness or nature, I’d highly recommend making the drive to Mount Tamborine for the day. 

Tucked away in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Mount Tamborine and the National Park are full of gorgeous waterfalls, scenic bush walking trails, rock pools and private places to share a picnic, relax and stretch your legs. 

Accessibility and facilities: Various entry points with parking available. Some trails are more challenging than others, so check your route before you go. More information can be found here.

Take a Picnic to Simpson Falls

Where? Simpson Falls, Mount Coot-tha, Brisbane 

Last but not least on our list of date ideas in Brisbane, an easy, relatively cheap and super romantic idea that brings everything back to basics: a picnic for two.

For a serene retreat, head to Simpson Falls at Mount Coot-tha. For me, this ticks all the boxes: it’s quiet, beautiful, easy to organise and it gives you a rare opportunity to get some alone time with your partner.

Even if bush walking or scenic waterfalls aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of space to lay out a blanket, talk about everything and nothing and just squeeze in some quality time together. 

Accessibility and facilities: Accessible by car with parking available near the picnic areas. Public toilets are available, and the walking tracks are well-maintained, though some areas may be challenging for less mobile visitors. 

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