Where To Eat in Harrogate: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner & More!

CityDays’ guide to where to eat in Harrogate - breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert!

Whether you’re trying to supplement your adventure in Harrogate with some top grub or planning a fine-dining experience in Yorkshire’s quintessential spa town, CityDays has got you covered. 

The charming town of Harrogate is packed with fine eateries and pubs, offering world cuisine right in the heart of Yorkshire. The trickiest part? Choosing where to eat.

So whether you’re a savoury savvy snacker or a sweet-toothed cormorant, read on to find our top picks for where to eat in Harrogate, Yorkshire!

Brunch & Breakfast in Harrogate

Need a hearty breakfast or will a cup of Harrogate’s best coffee suffice? Either way, in no particular order, here are our top picks for where to eat breakfast or brunch in Harrogate!

Hoxton North

- ©Hoxton North via Instagram

Best for:

  • Eating seasonally
  • Sampling ‘Coffee Ketchup’
  • Food cooked with passion
  • Treating yourself
  • Instagram-worthy plates

After a decade in London, married couple Timothy and Victoria Bosworth opened Hoxton North in 2013, bringing a piece of the UK capital to their home county in Harrogate, Yorkshire. 

The result is a stylish and sensational restaurant that puts a modern spin on classic breakfast and brunch dishes. Hoxton North is your go-to brunch spot or breakfast in Harrogate if you have a hankering for something above the ordinary. 

Hoxton North’s menu changes seasonally, but you can find their summer 2023 menu here.


- ©Slingsby's via Instagram

Best for:

  • Full English Breakfasts
  • Relaxed dining
  • Wide menus
  • Great for Vegetarians
  • Dog owners (They even have a dog meal deal!)

Best known for its laidback dining atmosphere and diverse breakfast and brunch menu, Slingsby’s is a great choice for Harrogate locals and visitors alike to fill up in the early hours.

Vegetarians in particular rave about the veggie full English breakfast served here but be warned, Slingsby’s does get very busy.

Check out Slingsby’s menu here.

Pink Door

Harrogate-Pink Door
- ©Pink Door via Instagram

Best for:

  • Instagram-worthy coffees
  • Dog lovers
  • Smoothies and juices
  • Dog owners (Adorable treat jar at the counter!)

For people who are all about aesthetics that taste great, Pink Door on King’s Street should be your go-to breakfast spot in Harrogate. 

Its name is true to its word and beyond the gloriously pink front door lies some interior design that looks better suited to the sunnier climes of Los Angeles than Harrogate.

Pink Door serves coffee, fresh smoothies, smoothie bowls and juices (even boozy ones, if you can manage that in the AM) and delicious toasties. 

Check out Pink Door’s menu here.


- ©Baltzersens's via Instagram

Best for:

  • Incredible waffles, Norwegian-style
  • Healthy breakfast alternatives 
  • Thick milkshakes (with a Vegan option)
  • Family dining

Whether you’ve been to the Nordics or not, you can get a taste for classic Norwegian breakfast and brunches right in the heart of Harrogate. 

Baltzersen’s was inspired by the owner’s Norwegian grandmother and combines the classy minimalism of Scandi cooking with delicious, locally-sourced dishes. 

Check out Baltzersen’ menu here

LMDC Espresso

- ©LMDCEspresso via Instagram

Where To Eat Lunch in Harrogate

The world is split into two types of people: big lunch people and big dinner people. Our advice? Don’t lump yourself in either category, get both! Here are our favourite places to eat lunch in Harrogate.

Stuzzi Harrogate

- ©stuzziharrogate via Instagram

Best for:

  • Authentic Italian food lovers
  • Sampling North Italy’s answer to Spanish Tapas
  • High-quality foods
  • Great atmosphere

Sampling Harrogate’s culinary scene is the easier (and cheaper) alternative to jetting all over the world. At Stuzzi, diners can experience the very best of North Italian food, with a balance of locally sourced ingredients and imports from Italy to ensure flavourful perfection.

From succulent soft-shell crab to instantly recognisable polpette meatballs, there’s something for everyone at Stuzzi Harrogate.

Read up on Stuzzi’s menu here.

The Tannin Level

Harrogate-Tannin Level
- ©the_tannin_level via Instagram

Best for:

  • Wine lovers
  • British cuisine
  • Fish / Seafood
  • Sunday Roasts
  • Caters for allergies/dietary restrictions

For out-of-this-world British cuisine, there can only be one winner. Tannin Level on Raglan Street first opened its doors in 1985 and has retained a strong presence in the town ever since.

Expect classic dishes served with fine wines in a delightful Victorian setting.

Get a sneak peek at Tannin Level’s menu here.

La Feria

- ©laferiaharrogate via Instagram

Best for:

  • Sensational Spanish dishes
  • Exquisite tapas
  • Delicious wines
  • Modern Mediterranean Interiors

Andalusia in southern Spain is a region bursting with history and culture. From Flamenco dancing to everyone’s favourite summer meal, tapas, there is nowhere quite like it for injecting some warmth and passion into your day. Happily, you don’t even have to board a plane to experience it.

La Feria is an authentic Andalusian restaurant that specialises in dishes that pack a flavour punch and rare imported drinks - all available at La Feria on Cold Bath Road.

Get stuck into La Feria’s menu here.

The Drum and Monkey

- ©drumandmonkeyhgte via Instagram

Best for:

  • Incredible seafood
  • Cosy, traditional atmosphere
  • Warm Yorkshire hospitality
  • Fresh and local ingredients where possible

Harrogate might be 47 miles away from its nearest beach but just one plate from The Drum and Monkey is enough to convince you that you can hear crashing waves and there's sand between your toes.

As the town’s only seafood restaurant, The Drum and Monkey knows they have a reputation to uphold: and they don’t let you down. Their superb attention to detail is second-to-none and the menu boasts a wide selection of fresh, delectable seafood. 

Have a trawl through The Drum and Monkey’s menu here.

The Fat Badger

- ©fatbadgerpub via Instagram

Best for:

  • Classically delicious pub food
  • Fussy eaters
  • Beer and Ale drinkers
  • Cosy atmosphere

Some say you just can’t beat a pub lunch and in this instance, we tend to agree. With something for everyone, The Fat Badger’s menu is dependable yet delectable featuring classic pub dishes that are impossible to choose between.

An excellent choice when your group can’t decide on where to eat, The Fat Badger strikes the perfect balance between much-loved homestyle cooking and gourmet treats. Arrive with an appetite as portion sizes are fairly big! 

Dig into the Fat Badger’s “sett” menu here.

Orchid Restaurant

- ©studleyandorchid via Instagram

Best for:

  • Sampling a wide variety of pan-Asian cuisine 
  • Great value lunch menu
  • Dreamy cocktails
  • Excellent Thai curries

Another fantastic example of high-quality global cuisine in Harrogate, Orchid Restaurant provides visitors and locals alike with a broad array of pan-Asian cuisine. 

From hot Thai curries to aromatic ginger-infused stir fries, Orchid Restaurant serves up an edible map of Asia that will get your taste buds tingling. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely lunch with alcoholic drinks (the cocktail menu is incredible!) or a quick, delicious treat, this is one restaurant not to be missed. 

Get stuck into Orchid Restaurant’s menu here.

Konak Meze

- ©konakmezeharrogate via Instagram

Best for:

  • Tastebud tantalising Turkish food
  • Hot and cold dishes
  • Outstanding value lunch deals
  • Couples

Proving that Harrogate’s links to Turkiyë go far beyond the iconic Turkish Baths, Konak Meze is a first-class Turkish restaurant that serves up an absolute treat to its patrons. 

‘Meze’ is the Turkish and Greek equivalent of Spanish tapas, packed with zesty flavours and freshness. Konak Meze’s lunchtime deal is an absolute steal at just under £15 and the venue itself is as fresh as the gorgeous flowers that adorn its outdoor space. 

Explore Konak Meze’s menu here

Where To Eat Dinner in Harrogate

Whether you want to set the right romantic mood for your dinner or you just want to silence a growling belly, here are our favourite restaurant options for eating dinner in Harrogate. 


- ©lilypadharrogate via Instagram

Best for:

  • Sensational tacos
  • South American and Asian Fusion Cuisine
  • Sharing food
  • Warm hospitality
  • Unpretentious, delicious food

There’s a time and a place for getting dressed up to eat some fancy foods, but does anything really beat messy, scrumptious, tacos?

Obviously not, but if your answer is “no”, then don’t worry - Lilypad offers a range of foods beyond tacos that are sure to make your heart sing with excitement. Serving a blend of South American and Asian fusion foods, Lilypad have won Harrogate hearts by serving simple, delicious dishes that suit any date night or family get-together. 

Read up on Lilypad’s menu here.


- ©papasrestaurant via Instagram

Best for:

  • Sampling mouthwatering Greek food
  • Eating seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients
  • Sharing food with a big group of friends/family
  • Enjoying a romantic meal
  • Vegetarians

You know what they say: when the weather outside is bleak, head inside to eat Greek (food). Ok, so we just made that up - but that doesn’t make it any less true. 

Papas boasts an unbelievably wide menu of ‘meze’ dishes that everyone can enjoy - including hot, cold, vegetarian-friendly, meat, and cheese-based. Everything is cooked and served fresh and the premises itself looks lifted from the sandy shores of Mykonos. 

Perhaps best of all, the cosy atmosphere transforms any group or two-person meal into an intimate, friendly experience that only enhances the already sublime food.

Decide what you’re going to order next time you visit Papa’s here.

Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant

Harrogate-Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant
- ©royalbathschineserestaurant via Instagram

Best for:

  • Chinese and East Asian Cuisine
  • Historic and tastefully renovated venue
  • Amazing Asian-inspired cocktails
  • Dim Sum
  • Pick from either set menus or craft your own

Proving that Chinese cuisine is so much more than what’s available at your local takeaway, the Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant combines sumptuous dishes with an expertly-crafted dining experience. 

Set in the beautiful and historic Royal Baths, this is the place to go to eat food that inspires your soul as much as your tastebuds. Don’t be overwhelmed by the length of the menu - there truly is something for everyone and for the indecisive eaters, they’ve even curated set menus to showcase the very best of Asian cuisine. 

Get inspired by Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant’s menu here.

Pranzo Italian

- ©pranzoitalianharrogate via Instagram

Best for:

  • Authentic Italian cuisine
  • Homemade pasta dishes
  • Nonna-approved Aperitivo
  • Families with kids
  • Vegans 
  • Has a glorious outdoor terrace

Pranzo Italian brings the sunshine and warm hospitality of the south Italian province Calabria to Harrogate. A great indicator of a good restaurant is a place that sticks to what it knows best, and in Pranzo’s case, that has got to be homemade pasta. 

Pranzo’s menu caters for everyone: young and old, from fussy eaters to try-anything-oncers. Vegans have a great selection of dishes available to them (from all three courses, no less!) and Pranzo’s beginnings as a family restaurant permeates the premises to this day - it’s a great hit with kids.

Check out Pranzo’s menu here.


- ©domojapanesecuisine via Harrogate

Best for:

  • Delicious Japanese cuisine
  • Sushi lovers
  • Authentic ramen
  • Couples
  • Families

Japanese food is all about acquiring a delicate balance between ‘umami’ (essence of deliciousness) and exquisite presentation - luckily, Domo excel at both.

If you’re a sushi lover, you will not be disappointed by the range of sushi and sashimi on offer. Lovingly prepared and freshly made, Domo’s sushi outclasses any of its competitors nearby and even further afield. 

If raw fish isn’t your thing, don’t despair. There’s plenty on the menu that will appeal to more cautious eaters, including top-notch ramen and donburi bowls. 

Find out more about Domo on Facebook here

Yorkshire Tapas @ Blues Bar

- ©yorkshire_tapas via Instagram

Best for:

  • Yorkshire classics with a twist
  • Supporting local suppliers
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Incredible entertainment

The humble Yorkshire pudding never looked so good as it does when served on a plate with succulent accompaniments at Harrogate’s Blues Bar.

This restaurant oozes Yorkshire pride in everything it serves, from its iconic Yorkshire pud plates to crispy nacho crumb tiger prawns, sampling the Yorkshire Tapas at Blues Bar should be at the top of anyone’s bucket list of things to do in Harrogate. 

Take a look at the many delights available at Blues Bar here.

Yuzu Street Food

- ©yuzu_streetfood

Best for:

  • High Quality Asian cuisine
  • Spicy food lovers
  • Casual dining
  • Great value food

If you’re on the lookout for a more casual dining experience without sacrificing quality and flavour, Yuzu is for you.

Offering a blend of Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine, Yuzu strikes the perfect balance between deliciousness and keeping their prices reasonable. Ingredients are locally sourced and the dishes are prepared fresh. Yuzu operates a mostly walk-in policy which is ideal if you’re on the hunt for quick, scrumptious food in a hurry.

Find out what’s being served on Yuzu Harrogate’s menu here.

Where To Eat Dessert in Harrogate

Got a sweet tooth? So do we! Here are our top recommendations for afternoon tea in Harrogate and other sweet delicious treats you can find in the Yorkshire spa town! 

Vanilli’s Gelato

Best for:

  • Delicious range of gelato flavours
  • Soft, creamy, cooling desserts
  • Eating dessert on the go

A firm hit with the locals, Vanilli’s Gelato is the ideal place to get your hands on some incredible Italian gelato. 

Available flavours range from classic vanilla and strawberry to more exotic flavours such as passionfruit cheesecake and pistachio. One thing they all have in common? They’re likely to sell out FAST. Demand is high but your determination to sample some should be higher!

Bettys Tea Room

- ©Bettys via Instagram

Best for:

  • Classic Afternoon Tea
  • As a couple or with family
  • Getting a sweet fine dining experience 

Undeniably one of the most recognisable shopfronts in town, Bettys Tea Room has carved a place for itself in more than just Harrogate’s high street: it’s won the hearts of Yorkshire residents and become a must-visit place for tourists.

Afternoon Tea at Bettys is like stepping back in time - in the best way. Enjoy a succulent range of dainty sandwiches, sip on specially selected tea and bite into indulgent scones and cakes, all the while enjoying the gentle sound of live piano music. 

Indulge in Bettys Tea Room’s menu here

Jenny’s Tea Shop

Best for:

  • A more casual but classy catch-up
  • Afternoon Tea for a bargain price
  • Cosy surroundings
  • Homemade treats

Tucked just around the corner on Montpellier Street lies Harrogate’s hidden gem and best-kept secret, Jenny’s Tea Shop. 

Everything served in Jenny’s Tea Shop has been made with love and should therefore be consumed with love. Luckily, the owners have made that part easy: the shop is a cosy and comfortable place that is as warm and inviting as a summer's day (and it smells amazing inside too!). 

Find out what’s cooking at Jenny’s Tea Shop here.

Harrogate Streets-2

Discover More about Harrogate

So there you have it - a guide to where to eat in Harrogate for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and even for dessert!

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