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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)

Pittsburgh is proud to be the birthplace of a unique restaurant incubator concept that showcases a diverse selection of dining experiences under one roof; the Federal Galley.

Introducing the Federal Galley

Pittsburgh’s culinary landscape has evolved remarkably over the years.

Among its many vibrant food hubs, the Federal Galley stands as a unique and exciting culinary destination. Situated on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, the Federal Galley is a modern food hall turned restaurant incubator that allows four chefs at a time to showcase their skills. Each chef prepares their delicacies out of four separate food stalls giving a mini restaurant-type feel within the confines of the hall.

The Galley’s incubator approach nurtures these chefs, offering them business support and guidance to ensure their concepts thrive. This unique support system not only benefits the individual chefs but also fosters a sense of community among them. The spirit of collaboration and camaraderie is evident, making it a hub for culinary creativity and innovation.

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- Ezekiel James Zephaniah King

A Historical Overview of the Federal Galley

The Federal Galley is located in the Nova Place, once the site of the historic Allegheny Center Mall. This sprawling building, constructed in the 1960s, played a significant role in Pittsburgh's retail and commercial history. However, as the years passed, the mall lost its charm and relevance, leading to its eventual closure.

In 2017, the Galley Group, a restaurant incubator company, recognized the potential of this architectural gem and embarked on a journey to transform it into a vibrant culinary hotspot. The vision was to create a space where aspiring chefs could showcase their talents while bringing the community together — similar to its sister restaurant Smallman Galley, which has since closed. The result was the Federal Galley, a sweet-smelling food hall that rejuvenated the spirit of the Allegheny Center and embraced the city's future with open arms.

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- Stacy

The Federal Galley: An Eclectic Culinary Experience

One of the Federal Galley's most alluring features is the culinary diversity it offers. The food hall hosts multiple distinct restaurant concepts, each helmed by talented and innovative chefs. Visitors can embark on a gastronomic journey through a variety of cuisines — sampling everything is even encouraged; to get the true Galley experience — ranging from classic American comfort food to global flavours with a contemporary twist.

Whether you're in the mood for mouthwatering burgers, savoury tacos, artisanal pizzas, or even delectable vegan delights, the Federal Galley has it all. It's a culinary melting pot, reflecting Pittsburgh's cosmopolitan nature and catering to the diverse tastes of its residents and visitors alike. With 250 seats (150 inside, 100 outside) the Galley operates on a communal basis and guests may dine on a first come first serve basis. Be sure to get there early on sunny days especially given that Live Music is back all summer long!


Salut is a celebration of comfort food. Whether that’s a tasty twist on a classic brunch (que the ‘Cob’s Your Uncle’ salad) or a plateful of their signature Sando’s. With each lovingly created dish they aim to please us all — and please, they do!

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- Ezekiel James Zephaniah King


Shaka is the brainchild of Chef Summer Le, who was born and spent her childhood in South Vietnam. After immigrating to the United States, Chef Summer fell in love with cooking. Whilst she did pursue countless career options in between, she finally gave into this passion by opening Shaka in August 2019.

Shaka is a Hawaiian handshake used to great friends but this Federal Galley incubator is infused with more than just a Hawaiian gesture. Everything about Shaka shouts Hawai. From poke bowls and Hawaiian egg rolls, to Huli Huli chicken and kalua pig, it’s a wonderful opportunity to sample some quality Hawaiian cuisine.

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- Lori

Driven PGH

This concept is a relatively new restaurant at Federal Galley, which opened in late 2021. The restaurant specialises in Detroit Style Pizza made — you guessed it — using dough made in house, from scratch! With a focus on creating everything themselves, Driven delivers the classic deep base pizza but with their own personal spin.

Given to Fly

“COVID reminded me that people don’t always want fancy, especially in this city.”

Katie Peric.

If you thought you knew chicken sandwiches, think again. Given to Fly, opened in April 2022, is a fast-casual concept focussed on blending tastes of long-time favourites with flavours most at home in fine dining restaurants. From Nashville hot, and lime habanero, to Korean barbecue, and truffalo (truffle-infused Buffalo sauce with blue cheese) this is one concept you really don’t want to miss. Whatever Owner Troy Beck envisions, executive Chef Katie Peric harnesses and brings to life all in the name of mixing up that classic sandwich!

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- Helmet Hair Podcast

“It’s about having a variety of flavours but not trying to overthink things too much. What would someone order at their favourite watering hole down the street? That’s the whole concept… What makes them feel at home and how can we elevate those flavours just a little bit?”

Troy Beck.

The pairing is none other than a culinary masterpiece and one look at the menu will have you wishing you could try them all.

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- Eric Kidd

The Bar

To really keep everyone happy Federal Galley also has a full bar, serving mostly craft ale given the 30 different types they have on tap. But there’s also the odd signature cocktail to hold focus — or help you lose it!

The space was originally used as a bank vault. But it has since been opened up to allow customers to order from both sides. It’s a beautiful design that is pretty unique to the Federal Galley, you certainly won’t see it in many other food halls that’s for sure!

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- Little Redhead Foodie

Supporting Local Talent at Federal Galley

The Federal Galley prides itself on providing a platform for budding culinary entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and establish themselves in the competitive restaurant industry. Each restaurant in the food hall is a product of passionate and talented chefs who have undergone a rigorous selection process before earning their spot.

But what makes Federal Galley even more unique is that its restaurant concepts are employed for a contracted amount of time, allowing the Galley to rotate new chefs in and out. Furthermore, the restaurants are operated rent-free and fee-free for the duration of their stay. Instead, 30% of the top line revenue is collected and in turn all marketing, advertising, equipment maintenance, space upkeep, and utility costs are covered by the venue, allowing the chefs the ability to grow their brands. In this manner the idea is that the Galley creates a safe space to nurture new talent, until it’s ready to bloom independently.

The Federal Galley as a Vibrant Social Hub

Beyond its identity as a place of food comas and gastronomic happiness, the Federal Galley serves as a vibrant social gathering place. Its chic and modern decor, combined with an abundance of natural light streaming through large windows, creates an inviting ambiance. The communal seating arrangements encourage mingling and foster a sense of togetherness among patrons, emphasising the hall's role as a community hub.

Throughout the year, the Federal Galley hosts various events, including food festivals, and tastings, live music performances, and culinary workshops. These events add to the already lively atmosphere, drawing in locals and tourists alike. It has become a go-to destination for families, friends, and colleagues to enjoy some good food, great company, and create memorable experiences.

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- Stacy

Our Thoughts…

The Federal Galley in Pittsburgh has successfully blended the city's historical charm with a contemporary culinary experience. By repurposing an iconic building, it has breathed new life into the Allegheny Center and provided a platform for aspiring chefs to exercise their talents and grow their brand. This culinary gem epitomises Pittsburgh's spirit of innovation, community support, and appreciation of good food and is something the city takes immense pride in.

Whether you're a local looking for a new dining spot or a visitor seeking an authentic taste of Pittsburgh's culinary scene, the Federal Galley should undoubtedly be on your list of must-visit destinations. Embrace the flavours, feel the history, and savour the vibrant ambiance that makes the Federal Galley a true gastronomic and social treasure.

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