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Pollock House contains one of the finest assemblies of Spanish art from the Golden Age.

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Discovering Pollock House: Glasgow’s Stately Gem

Tucked away inside Pollok Country Park in Glasgow, Pollok House is a classically designed, regal building, both inside and out. Constructed in the mid-18th century, this striking Georgian mansion was the ancestral home of Sir John Stirling Maxwell, 10th Baronet of Pollok, before it was handed over to the city in the 1960s.

Today, despite being only a 15-minute drive from central Glasgow, Pollok House and the 1,000-acre Pollok Country Park estate, filled with over 1,000 species of rhododendrons, is a wonderful place to retreat to for exploration on a sunny day.

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The History of Pollock House

The origins of Pollok House are synonymous with the Maxwell family, who settled in the area in the mid-1200s. Over generations, the family slowly established their presence, eventually commissioning the construction of Pollok House in 1747. Completed in 1752 by an unknown architect, the house became the focal point of the estate, replacing earlier castles that once stood on the grounds.

The original structure, consisting of a main block with symmetrical details and decorative stonework, was later expanded by Sir John Stirling Maxwell between 1890 and 1904. Architect Robert Rowand Anderson contributed to the house's extension, adding pavilions for the library and billiard room.

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Ironically, because they now manage the property, the establishment of the National Trust for Scotland took place in its Cedar Room in the 1930s, by John’s ancestors. In 1966, Sir John's daughter, Dame Anne Maxwell Macdonald, gifted Pollok House to the people of Glasgow.

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The Art Collection at Pollock House

Managed by the National Trust for Scotland, the house is perfectly preserved to present its past up on a silver platter of upstairs living quarters and basement servants’ quarters, which now houses the site’s Kitchen Restaurant. But one of the main highlights of a visit to the house is its collection of paintings, acquired by Sir William Stirling Maxwell in the mid-19th century.

Amongst the collection, which is accompanied by informative plaques and displays, are works by renowned artists such as El Greco, Francisco Goya, Rembrandt, and William Blake. One particularly impressive piece is El Greco's captivating painting, "The Lady in Fur Wrap”. The house also has an opulent array of glassware, silverware, porcelain, and antique furniture.

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Preserving Pollock House

In recent years, National Trust Scotland announced a £4 million investment programme, spearheaded by Glasgow City Council, to focus on roof repairs and general building improvements.

On 20th November 2023, the mansion closed its doors to the public, in anticipation of the restoration, which was predicted to last for two years. The café and shop, in the old servants’ wing, will remain open until spring 2024.

Since Pollok Country Park is Glasgow's largest and only country park, there are also plans for a £15 million refurbishment of the grounds. This restoration will include the stables and sawmill and will be funded by the UK Government's Levelling Up program.

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