Sculpture Falls

Austin, Texas

A secluded waterfall and swimming spot a short stroll from the city, Sculpture Falls offers a heavenly escape from urban life.

What is Sculpture Falls?

Austin has many great places that are easy to miss but few as stunning as Sculpture Falls. A swimming hole with clear and temperate waters (around 70 degrees), beautiful surroundings and a small waterfall, it is a rare treat to find somewhere so idyllic this so close to a city center. Visit once and you'll be sure to be coming back all summer.

Sculpture Falls
- © Kelly Bollinger

How to Get to Sculpture Falls

To get there, park on Camp Craft Road, on the end of the Scottish Woods Trail, and then follow the signposted Barton Creek Greenbelt. Its about a 1.5km walk through charming countryside, starting with the Hill of Life and descending through the woods. Along the way you'll pass several smaller pools and waterfalls, well worth a stop if you're on the lookout for your own private oasis.

Keep going and you'll soon reach a creek with plenty of room for bathing, rocks to jump off of into the water and of course a waterfall: Sculpture Falls. Here you can relax, swim, enjoy a beer and a picnic. You can even bring your dog. A great way to spend a summer's day!

Sculpture Falls
- © Kent Wang

Facilities at Sculpture Falls

There are no toilets facilities available either at the Falls or along the Greenbelt and parking spaces can fill up quickly on hot days so be sure to get down early. The nearest public transport stop is Oltorf West Station which is over an hour's walk from the Camp Craft Road parking, and not the most exciting stroll, but an option nonetheless.

Sculpture Falls
- © Todd Dwyer


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Sculpture Falls
Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail, Austin, Texas, US
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