Trap Music Museum

Atlanta, Georgia

The Trap Music Museum has become a pilgrimage site for those eager to discover the history of trap music in Atlanta.

Trap Music Museum
- Anthony G. Reyes

Exploring the Trap Music Museum

In Atlanta's Westside on Travis Street, the Trap Music Museum has existed for nearly four years. Since its grand opening in September 2018, it has attracted crowds of music enthusiasts eager to explore the unique world of Trap music; its art and its history.

"We want to educate as much as entertain."

T.I., speaking about the museum's inception.

With this dual mission in mind, founder Atlanta rapper and actor T.I. and his team, created exhibits that provide a provocative and daringly honest glimpse into the origins and culture of trap music. Also depicting its evolution and impact on the music industry.

Trap Music Museum 1
- Anthony G. Reyes

“Trap music has become this international phenomenon.”

Rolling Stone.

In an interview with Nylon Magazine in 2017 T.I. expressed the need for people to “know where trap music came from.” Beyond a geographical location T.I. explains that it's more about the artists themselves and how their difficult upbringings and circumstances is truly what fuelled trap music.

“The thing that’s so special and important about artists like us is that we come from nothing… Those experiences, those accounts, those details of our childhood, we applied and used it for our music. Whether it was introspective or whether it’s celebratory, it seeds and fuels the music that we put out.”


Trap Music Museum 7
- Anthony G. Reyes

A Journey Through Trap Music History

"There's a story that we're telling that people want to hear."

Adlia Halim, art curator for the Trap Music Museum.

Understanding Trap Music

The term "trap" is a reference to a house in which illicit activities take place, such as drug distribution and illegal business dealings. Trap music serves as a reflection of these realities, shedding light on the cultural and economic disparities within the Black community.

While trap music may superficially explore themes of sex, drugs, and materialism, it also spotlights and provides commentary on the socio-economic challenges faced by marginalised communities. In this way it gives a voice to those struggling with life in the streets.

Trap Music Museum 8
- Anthony G. Reyes

Creating Trap Music

Shawty Redd, one of Atlanta's most influential producers renowned for his work with Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, is credited with pioneering the signature sound of trap music. His innovative approach to production, characterised by what he termed "booty-shakin' hi-hats," heavy sub-bass, rhythmic snares, and deep 808 kick drums, often accompanied by synthesisers, laid the foundation for the genre's evolution.

Trap Music Museum 6
- Anthony G. Reyes

Atlanta's Influence on Trap Music

"The South got something to say."

OutKast's iconic declaration at the 1995 Source Awards.

Atlanta, often referred to as the epicentre of trap music, played a pivotal role in the genre's development. Traces of trap music can be found in the southern state as early as the mid-1990s, with Atlanta-based hip-hop groups like Goodie Mob referencing the term in their lyrics.

Trap Music Museum 5
- Anthony G. Reyes

"We're documenting history. Atlanta is so important to the culture."

Adlia Halim.

Adlia Halim, the museum's art curator, expresses the importance of preserving Atlanta’s legacy, making sure people are aware of its influence on trap and celebrating its expansion into entertainment, art, and popular culture.

Trap Music Museum 4
- Anthony G. Reyes

The Global Influence of Trap Music

In recent years, trap music has transcended geographical boundaries, taking a seat at the global stage. Pop artists like Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus have embraced the trap sound, contributing to its mainstream popularity and its absorption into different genres, such as K-pop and reggaeton.

Despite its global reach, trap music has faced criticism for deviating from its roots. The newer generation of trap artists have been accused of prioritising aesthetics over authenticity, leading to concerns about the genre's direction. Original innovators like Shawty Redd have expressed disillusionment with the current state of trap music, citing a lack of understanding and respect for its origins.

Trap Music Museum 3
- Anthony G. Reyes

Visiting the Trap Music Museum

What began as a local attraction has grown into a national phenomenon, drawing music lovers from across the country.

"We're speaking to a lot of people through what we do and what we've created."


When visiting the museum, guests enter a recreated "trap house," complete with a replica drug dealer living room, crack cooking kitchen, and jail cell, whilst trap music plays in the background.

Trap Music Museum 9
- Anthony G. Reyes

The museum's collection also includes T.I.'s recreated closet, featuring his iconic clothes, assault rifles, and his 2008 Grammy for Best Rap Performance. Additionally, guests can explore a variety of exhibits, including a full bar, an add-on escape room, and the infamous pink Chevy from artist 2 Chainz's "Pink Trap House" installation.

"Art heals. It is a way of expression. It is an art form."


However, the Trap Music Museum is more than just a showcase of artefacts. Through the healing power of art it empowers the community, providing a platform for expression and connection in Atlanta.

Trap Music Museum 2
- Anthony G. Reyes

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