14+ Things to Do in Bath for Couples

CityDays’ guide to finding fun, romantic and actually enjoyable things to do in Bath for couples…

As a born and bred Bathonian, I can vouch for something: Bath is a city for couples. 

Everything from its beige stone buildings to its tall spires, flowing river Avon and the cobblestones in between screams romance, so it’s no wonder that wherever you look, there are couples young and old walking hand-in-hand through its dreamy, creamy streets. 

things to do in Bath for couples

That said, like with all cities, there’s a definite hierarchy of places to visit and things to do in Bath for couples. Obviously, what you decide to do will come down to personal preference - but it doesn’t hurt to hear about your options from someone who’s actually given them a try at least once before (if not several times). 

Ready to find out the top 14+ things to do in Bath for couples? Read on! 

And just so you know, nobody pays us to be featured on this list. They’re just our recommendations to you, so you can find the best things to do in Bath

Uncover Bath’s Hidden Gems on a Treasure Hunt

things to do in Bath for couples

Looking for things to do in Bath for couples that incorporate a bit of adventure? This is for you.

Whether this is your first time visiting Bath or you’re a seasoned pro at finding shortcuts away from the tourist hotspots, “Secrets & Sigils” unveils a whole new side to Bath’s many-layered history and hidden gems.

Together, you’ll explore iconic Bath landmarks such as The Crescent, Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey and much more, while picking up fascinating tidbits of history and quirky facts along the way. 

From Romans to royalty, sphinxes to Aquae Sulis, it’s your job to unravel Bath’s secrets by following clues and solving riddles and puzzles. 

You also get a bunch of top-recommended pub, bar and café spots along the way included and you can stop and start the game whenever you like it (there’s no pressure to beat the clock but, by all means, race against time!). 

Head to The Little Theatre - The Cinema that Inspired Wes Anderson

things to do in Bath for couples

As a Bathonian, nothing makes me prouder than spotting iconic Bath buildings in the background of blockbuster films - think The Duchess, Les Miserables, Bridgerton, and most recently, Wonka - but one of them stands out above the rest.

If you’re a Wes Anderson fan, you’ll recognise some iconic red doors in the cinematic masterpiece that is Fantastic Mr Fox. What you might not know is that the building those red doors belong to is a real-life cinema right here in Bath - and it’s the perfect place to bring your movie buff partner!

My favourite cinema in Bath, The Little Theatre is tucked around the corner from Thermae Bath Spa. It’s got a kind of vintage charm to it - think soft red velvet seats and dimly lit walls - and the screening rooms are all small and intimate. 

Check out the current listings - The Little Theatre often shows vintage or foreign films if that’s your bag - and enjoy a romantic film away from the hustle and bustle of Southgate.

Give a Bridgerton or Jane Austen Fan Their Heart’s Desire by Visiting No.1 The Crescent

things to do in Bath for couples

It won’t take you long to notice that Bath really embraces its Georgian heritage - and that’s all the better if you’re looking for romantic things to do in Bath for couples.

If your partner is especially interested in Jane Austen, then of course The Jane Austen Centre might be your first port of call. That said, personally, I found visiting No.1 Royal Crescent more insightful and enjoyable for a few reasons.

Firstly, No.1 gives context and an immersive example of the world Jane Austen conjures for us in her novels. The rooms have all been authentically restored and contain period furnishings and detailed information about wealthy 18th-century people and their lives. Secondly, it’s on The Crescent (which is so iconic and aesthetically pleasing you simply can’t miss).

Perfect for history-loving couples or Bridgerton fans alike, a wander through these lavish settings gives you a glimpse into an opulent past that is as romantic as it is insightful. 

Ponder The Mysteries of The Universe Together at the Place Uranus Was Discovered

things to do in Bath for couples

Skating over any cheeky jokes you or I might want to make, if you’re looking for things to do in Bath for couples that involve some quirky, universe-related activities, pay a visit to the Herschel Museum of Astronomy.

This museum can be super hard to spot and, if you ask most locals where to find it, they probably won’t be able to point you in the right direction. In my opinion, this is one of 

Pay a visit to Bath’s most curious museum where William Herschel discovered Uranus from his back garden in 1781. 

Explore the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, where William Herschel discovered Uranus from his backyard in 1781. This museum invites curious couples to dive into the wonders of the cosmos. Visit this link for a chance to gaze through historic telescopes and ponder the vast mysteries of the universe together.

See a Local Rugby Match at The Rec

things to do in Bath for couples

If you, your partner or the pair of you are sports enthusiasts, then there’s only one thing to do: go to The Rec.

As one of the oldest clubs still in existence, a love for Bath Rugby Club is one of Bath’s best traditions. Take it from me: any weekend there’s a rugby match on, forget about parking or taking public transport in Bath unless you like to be wedged between a sea of black, blue and white strips - which means you’d be wise to read the next bit closely if you plan on attending a match. 

Firstly, the atmosphere on home match days is electric. It feels like the whole of the southwest turns up to watch, so it’s a good idea to secure your tickets early – really early. Secondly, you’ll need to do a bit of planning beforehand. Get to Bath the day before if you aren’t local, or resign yourself to the crowds, it’s absolutely worth it once you get in! 

Finally, remember that we’re cider drinkers in Bath - of course, beer and soft drinks are available, but when in Bath, do as the Bathonians do! Thatchers is the locally brewed option (from Bristol) or Tribute is the Cornish alternative. 

Immerse Yourselves in Bath’s Most Beautiful Bookshelves

things to do in Bath for couples

Looking for things to do in Bath for couples that speak to your literary love language? You’re in luck - Bath has some truly incredible bookshops that’ll surprise and delight your book-loving partner. 

Picking a favourite among Bath’s beautiful bookshops is tricky, so I’ll give you a few options.

Probably at the top of my list is Mr B's Emporium, a gorgeous, tucked-away paradise that contains a few stories of every title imaginable. The staff are incredibly friendly and this is a great place to find interesting titles or get recommended something you’ll actually enjoy - it’s also independent, so it feels good to support them.

Further up, you’ll find Topping & Company Booksellers - noticeable by its opulent facade and inviting, massive doorway displaying hundreds of books. You’ll also find a huge Waterstones on Milsom Street which has a cafe, but it’s especially popular with tourists for grabbing Bath merch so queues here tend to be long. 

Go for a Stroll Around Royal Victoria Park

things to do in Bath for couples

When you feel like you’ve seen everything Bath city centre has to offer, escape to Bath’s miniature Eden and take a romantic walk among the plants.

While Bath might be a city, it’s slap-bang in the middle of the countryside and there’s nothing people like more around here than getting a breath of fresh air. The best place to do that without leaving the city is to head to Royal Victoria Park. 

Once there, enjoy the botanical gardens, gaze at the majestic Royal Crescent, and maybe even share a romantic picnic under one of the park’s many trees. 

Watch a Choir Performance at Bath Abbey

things to do in Bath for couples

If you’re looking for things to do in Bath for couples that strike a romantic chord (literally), look up the next performance at Bath Abbey.

Now, realistically, I can admit that choir music isn’t to everyone’s taste and probably doesn’t feature in your Spotify Wrapped every year, but trust me on this one: this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Bath Abbey itself is absolutely gorgeous (tours are available if you’re interested in that sort of thing) but I feel that it feels most alive when filled with the echoes of song. It goes without saying that the songs are biblical and many may be unfamiliar to you, but personally, I appreciated the experience for what it was: witnessing incredible talent in beautiful surroundings. 

PSST: Check out the listings of upcoming performances in advance to see what might take your fancy. 

Sip Drinks and Play Board Games at Thirsty Meeples

things to do in Bath for couples

Got a competitive streak or planning a double date? Thirsty Meeples it is.

Even if you think playing board games sounds too nerdy - or you haven’t played any in years and don’t know where to start - I can personally vouch for this being one of the top things to do in Bath for couples. 

Yes, you have to pay a small entry fee (I’d recommend you book your table in advance) but you get access to hundreds of games, and the staff are only too happy to recommend something or teach you the rules if you’re unfamiliar with anything.

There’s also a drinks menu with everything from tea and coffee to cocktails (I recommend the espresso martini) to sustain you while you go head-to-head, and it’s quiet enough in there to hear each other speak - or gloat at your loving life partner for losing a round. 

Join the Queue Early for Tacos and Tequila at Dos Dedos

things to do in Bath for couples

If either you or your partner are fans of Mexican food and lively dining experiences, I recommend checking out Dos Dedos.

Word of warning: this place has the best tacos and margaritas in Bath and even though it’s still very much a local hidden gem, the queue can get massive

Dos Dedos itself is tiny - it’s tucked down a back alley, wedged between Milsom Street and the Assembly Rooms and it’s super easy to miss if it wasn’t for the queue. Arrive early-ish, order a spicy margarita and soak up some Central American cuisine and atmosphere - your date will thank you for it.

Enjoy Asian Food? Book a Table at Any of These Restaurants…

things to do in Bath for couples

You’ll have noticed we’ve included relatively few eateries on this list - and it’s not because there are few good places to eat in Bath. On the contrary, there are loads of great restaurants, but since you’re here looking for things to do in Bath for couples, it’d be pretty boring if we just listed nice restaurants we’ve been to.

On the other hand, chances are you’ll get hungry after you’ve done a few of these things - so just in case you want some recommendations and your tastes align with mine, here are two of my favourite spots in no particular order.

If you want to impress your date with a fancy (but expensive) meal, head to Robun. This place serves incredible sushi (tricky to find in the southwest for some reason) and Japanese dishes - they also have a karaoke bar if you’re into that.

If you want some authentic, incredible-tasting and reasonably priced Chinese food, I recommend Chilli Family Noodles (at the end of Bath Bus Station). There’s nothing flash about it - just tables and chairs and it’s cash only, but the food is genuinely fantastic. 

Have a Spa Date at Thermae Bath Spa

things to do in Bath for couples

Bath isn’t called Bath for nothing, you know. Romans were the first to discover Bath’s abundant underground mineral waters, but they certainly weren’t the last.

Today’s equivalent to the Roman Baths is Thermae Bath Spa, pretty much opposite and down the road from the original.

Popular with tourists, packages on Fridays and weekends are pretty expensive and, in my opinion, mostly worth it for the views you get from the rooftop pool. The steam rooms are also lovely and themed around Bath’s iconic eras, Roman and Georgian England. 

Go For a Bike Ride Along The Kennet & Avon Canal

things to do in Bath for couples

Speaking of Bradford-on-Avon, did you know that the edge of the Cotswolds is accessible by bike?

For couples who like to exercise together, I recommend renting a couple of bikes and stopping off at charming villages (in particular Avoncliff, Freshford), historic locks, and inviting pubs along the way. 

The towpath can get muddy if it’s been wet so pack some waterproofs just in case - but there’s something deliciously tranquil about watching the canal boats chuffering up and down as you whiz past on your wheels.

Grab Tickets to One of Bath’s Many (Incredible) Festivals

Last but not least on our list of things to do in Bath for couples, a quick mention of festivals.

Bath is a small but busy city, and it seems to me that there’s always something going on around here. From the Bath half marathon to the Children’s Literature Festival and the Christmas Markets, the calendar is packed with plenty of events to keep you entertained.

A highlight to look out for during the spring/summer months is the Garden Theatre Festival, where you get to sit back and watch incredible performances outdoors in the lovely Sydney Gardens. 

From Shakespeare to slapstick comedies, there’s bound to be something you two lovebirds will enjoy - and yes, there’s a fully-stocked bar for you to enjoy while you’re there too.

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So there you have it! 14+ things to do in Bath for couples.

Want to find more things to do in Bath? Of course you do! 

Whatever your interests are, there’s always something new for you to discover. In fact, you don’t have to go out of your way at all to find them - you just have to know where to look.

Discover Bath’s secret sights and noteworthy nooks by playing one of our Bath treasure and scavenger hunts, urban exploration games, walking tours or team building activities.

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