20+ Fun Activities in Melbourne For Adults

20+ of the best fun activities in Melbourne for adults that you can do today, tomorrow, or any time you like!

When you’ve finally got some spare time to spend time with your mates, the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around trying to find something to do. 

And if you’ve been visiting the same places for however many years, you might be feeling like it’s time to mix things up a bit and get creative. Well, good news. We’ve listed 20+ fun activities in Melbourne for adults that will get you and your friends back out there and having a ball together.

Ready for the fun to begin? Let’s dive in!

Best Fun Activities in Melbourne for Adults

Haven’t got time to read through each and every activity available on this list? No worries! Here are 8 of the best fun activities in Melbourne for adults - no kids allowed! 

Try An Outdoor Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the rage but by now, you might have already been there and done that. On the other hand, we can almost guarantee that you’ve never quite experienced an outdoor escape room in Melbourne quite like these

Instead of gathering your mates and standing around in a dark room, head out into Melbourne’s CBD and crack codes in the sunshine. Answer clues, decipher riddles and argue about where the directions are telling you to go - a guaranteed way to fire your friends up and embrace their playful sides.

Sing Sea Shanties at Mission to Seafarers Victoria

Did you know that talking to a pirate is illegal in Victoria? (That’s one of our favourite facts about Melbourne). Well, anyway, luckily, it’s not illegal to sing like one.

Mission to Seafarers Victoria is a registered charity and fascinating venue that does incredible work for people who live and work at sea. Visitors to the Mission can take self-guided tours, learn about Melbourne’s maritime history and poke around the venue’s hidden garden and courtyard.

And, if you happen to be at 717 Flinders Street at Docklands on a Thursday night around 7pm, you and your friends can learn some sea shanties in great company (and a fantastic bar). 

Gather Around a Hot Pot in Chinatown Melbourne

Is there anything more convivial than meeting up for some delicious aromatic food? The answer is probably not. 

Spice World Hot Pot Melbourne offers diners the chance to craft their very own hot pot at the table - meaning you choose the ingredients, broth base and extras to ensure everyone around the table is happy.

On top of that, the service here is super highly-rated and there’s no pressure to immediately leave your table. Eat, drink and be merry! 

Relive The ‘90s at Bartronica

Anybody old enough to remember the ‘90s will remember how gaming took over our lives, and even if the craze passed you by, there’s no reason not to give it a go now.

Bartronica is an awesome games bar full to the brim with retro and nostalgic games. Take on your friends in a Smash Bros throwdown or race to the finish line playing Mario Kart. Or, if you’re super retro, why not give some classic arcade games a go? 

Go on A Mystery Walk


Reckon you’ve seen it all and been everywhere in Melbourne CBD? Think again. No matter how long you’ve lived in a place, there’s always something you’ve missed.

Turn your friendship group into a code-cracking team of Melbourne as you wind your way through the city’s streets, stumble upon hitherto unseen alleyways and curious sculptures and even find gateways to the past. Through cryptic clues and head-scratching puzzles, you’ll find a whole new side of Melbourne you might never have noticed.

Bonus: You’ll get plenty of steps in without even realising it!

Get Competitive With a Mini Golf Tournament

Holey Moley Golf Club in Melbourne’s CBD  wins as one of the best fun activities in Melbourne for adults with its name alone - c’mon, the pun alone is surely worth some kind of prize! 

And if you’re into giving prizes, why not challenge your friends to a tournament of mini golf? Instead of typical windmills and picket fence style mini golf, Holey Moley takes it to a whole new level with creative courses that’ll challenge even your Tiger Woods wannabe pal. 

Psst: If you fancy it, they also host karaoke…

Get Pub Quizzical at The Palace (Camberwell)

Are you the friend that has a secret love for bad TV quiz shows, or have one who is? Here’s an idea for a fun activity in Melbourne for adults for you.

The Palace Hotel in Camberwell might look old fashioned from the outside but let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned fun. Quiz nights are held every Monday at 7pm and you can win some pretty epic prizes if you put your mind to it (ha-ha). 

If you’re lucky, your friendship group will have a variety of interests evenly spread: the sports junkie, the geography whizz, the music maniac, etc. If you’re unlucky, it’ll be a laugh anyway - and drinks don’t cost a fortune here either!

Go on a Melbourne Treasure Hunt 

No matter what suburb you live in, you’re almost guaranteed not to have noticed the subtle signs that are everywhere reminding you that you live in one of the best cities in the world.

Well, let’s remind you again - in the most fun way possible. Fall back in love with Melbs as you explore the city streets looking for clues on a treasure hunt through Melbourne. Pause and take in the breathtaking views, marvel at the beauty all around you - and yes, stop and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in the sunshine afterwards to reward yourselves for your effort! 

Fun Experiences in Melbourne

Want to take it a step further and turn an activity into an experience? Gotcha. Here are the most fun experiences in Melbourne for adults that’ll bring out your inner kid!

Get Giggly at a Comedy Club

Everyone’s got a mate who reckons they should be on TV because of their comedy prowess, and maybe that’s true - but sometimes humour is best left to the professionals. 

The Comic’s Lounge on Errol Street is a great place to throw yourself down and see the funny side of life. With regular shows and the ability to enjoy a three course meal at the same venue, you’ll be laughing at how easy it was to organise (and hopefully at the comics, too).

Watch A Documentary About Shackleton in IMAX

Sure, you could just host a movie night at home or at a cinema but there’s something fun about heading to an IMAX theatre. And, even better, this show is actually hosted at the Melbourne Museum, meaning you can turn your group activity into a whole day of interesting fun if you want to!

Watch in awe as the story of Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated trip to Antarctica unfolds in front of you. Perfect for adrenaline junkies and history buffs alike, this is sure to be a winner among even your fussiest friends. 

Bring Movie Night Outdoors With an Outdoor Cinema Experience

Everybody loves a movie night but there’s something extra special about bringing it outdoors.

While this activity is reserved for the summer months, (who’d want to go when it’s raining cats and dogs anyway?) this is one of the best fun activities for adults in Melbourne who want some chilled fun.

Pick a movie no one in the group has ever seen or see a favourite for the umpteenth time. The Moonlight Cinema movie calendar is released in December for Melbournians (November for readers from Brisbane, Sydney and Perth).

Find out more here.

Play a Friendly Soccer Match at Your Local Park

The great thing about soccer is that all you need is a ball - that’s it. And after the Matildas’ stunning performance at the Women’s World Cup this year, you barely need an excuse to try it out for yourself.

So even if you’re as rusty as your garage door or you’ve never put a pair of soccer boots on, just head outside and make the most of your local green space with a kick about - bonus points if your local pitch has a goal but, as any kid will tell you, two water bottles or two jackets on the ground evenly spaced apart will do!

Watch a Show At Princess Theatre

As Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne is the city to catch a show in. 

And even if you think theatre isn’t really your thing, there’s another great reason to go to Princess Theatre: it’s Australia’s oldest ongoing entertainment venue and the interiors are to die for

Besides, there’s nothing more fun than getting the gang together to watch an incredible show; whether it’s a musical, an opera or a ballet, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great evening out with your friends.

Visit One of Melbourne’s Many Markets

One of the best things about Melbourne is its home to plenty of interesting markets with heaps of fun things to do in the city.

Gather some ingredients for a never-before cooked meal or set a budget and release your friends to find the coolest/weirdest/most interesting object under an hour - the choice really is years. 

Read about our favourite Melbourne Markets.

Explore Old Melbourne Gaol After Dark

Another timeless and classic Melbourne venue, Old Melbourne Gaol has everything you would want out of an activity venue: interesting stories, interactive exhibits and the chance to scare the pants off your friends (and yourself!). 

Take a night tour (between 8pm and 9pm on select days) and get to grips with the gaol’s chilling history. Ghostly, ghoulish and grizzly tales await - for those who dare to enter. 

Stroll Around Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens

Don’t scroll away yet - we know you know they’re world-famous and you’ve probably been there too many times to mention, but Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens are truly out of this world. 

Seriously. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, called it the most beautiful place he’d ever seen. And we agree with him.

Home to Guilfoyle’s Volcano and the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, the Botanical Gardens have been a meeting place for Melbournians for centuries. Get some much needed fresh air and take a stroll together around the gardens, and for a low-budget treat, grab an ice cream afterwards.

Get Out of The City and Explore William Ricketts Sanctuary

Located just a stone’s throw away from Melbourne lies the William Ricketts Sanctuary, a serene natural art gallery in the Dandenong Ranges. 

If you’re into art or just want to escape the buzz of the city for a while and try somewhere new, you can do a lot worse than heading out to the Sanctuary. Explore the beauty that surrounds you in the fresh air while examining one of Australia’s most elusive and intriguing artists.

Please Note: Currently closed for refurbishment following storm damage.

Go For a Hike at Organ Pipes National Park

Organ Pipes Trees.jpg
- Adrienne

Want to take your friends somewhere unforgettable outside of Melbourne’s CBD? Head to Organ Pipes National Park for a breathtaking hike in some of Victoria’s most glorious bushland.

Keep an eye out for the native flora and fauna along the bushwalk and hiking trail, bring a camera to snap some shots of the happy hopping ‘roos and feel virtuous for getting your steps in! 

Get Cosy With The Locals at Healesville Sanctuary

No, not the kind of locals you see on the tram. We’re talking about the native animals who come to Healesville Sanctuary to receive expert care and rehabilitation just an hour away from Melbourne’s CBD.

Get up close and personal with Australia’s most beautiful animals: kangaroos, koalas, platypuses, dingoes, wallabies and much, much more at Healesville Sanctuary! 

Take a Tour of Old Treasury Building

Old Treasury Building- Melbourne 1

We’re guessing you’ve walked past this iconic Melbourne building hundreds of times but have you ever actually stepped inside?

Home to an incredible museum and plenty of intrigue, the Old Treasury Building is the keeper of Melbourne’s Gold Rush and social history. Treat yourselves to an interesting day out by absorbing the varied exhibitions and peeking into some of the swankiest 19th-century government rooms in the city!

Find out more here.


So there you have it! 20+ fun activities for adults in Melbourne that are sure to shake up your day-to-day routine.

Remember that no matter what you decide to do on your morning, arvo or evening out with your grown up friends or family, there’s nothing like teamwork to make the dream work.

That’s why we at CityDays create fun, interesting and challenging trails around the world to help you immerse yourself in a city’s culture, history and curios. 

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