Top Ten Unusual Experiences In London

There is so much to see and do in London its best features often fly under the radar. Check out our list on the top ten unusual experiences in London so as not to miss out.

1) Get Freaked Out At The Viktor Wynd Museum

Shrunken heads, two-headed kittens, nails from a crucifixion, celebrity faeces, the skeleton of a giant anteater, dildos, mermaids, pickled prostitute parts, artworks of the insane, condoms used by the Rolling Stones, need we say more? This modern cabinet of wonders puts the EXPERIENCE in London experience.

2) Discover Underground Art In Leake Street Arches

A disused railway tunnel turned urban art gallery, Leake Street Arches is covered head to toe in stunning murals by world renowned artists such as Banksy, and that's not all! It also boasts a bar, a board game cafe, a couple of independent restaurants, a club and an immersive theatre.

3) Explore The City Streets With A Secret City Trail

There's no better way to see London than by foot, and why settle for a run of the mill city tour when you can have an immersive, puzzle-filled outdoor escape game experience? History, riddles, games and an incredible city to do it in, have your cake and eat it with a Secret City London treasure hunt trail.

4) Get Spooky At Dracula's Cemetery

Satanism, sex rituals, vampires, Dracula and duels, Highgate Cemetery is as terrifying as its history suggests. It's also oddly beautiful. Why not stop for a picnic amidst the ghouls and gravestones? And don't forget to pay a visit to Karl Marx's big stone head whilst you're at it.

5) Experience The High Life At Burlington Arcade

Stunning 19th Century Passage? Check. Luxury goods? Check. Private militia dolled up in Victorian frock coats? Check. If this sounds up your street, then Burlington Arcade is the place for you.

6) Bow Down And Kneel! At The London Mithraeum

The ancient worship place of a military cult that once threatened to take over the world, London Mithraeum is a place of ruin, ritual and intrigue.

7) Sample Sustainable Food From World Cuisines At Mercato Mayfair

An artisanal food hall based in a Greek revival church, Mercato Mayfair has it all... if by 'it all' you mean delicious food, stained glass windows and craft beer brewed in a crypt.

8) Experience London Architecture Through The Ages At Lincoln's Inn

Home to one of London's four Inns of the Court since the 1300s, Lincoln's Inn is made up of grandiose buildings from almost every century since. It's a fascinating amalgamation of London architecture throughout history.

9) Pay Homage To The 'Outcast Dead' At Crossbones Graveyard

The unconsecrated final resting place of Medieval London's sex workers. In their day these women were denied proper burial. Visit Crossbones Graveyard to pay your respects and witness the efforts being made to put this right.

10) Find Peace In The Tranquil Ruins Of St Dunstan-in-the-East

The bombed out ruins of a 900 year old London church that have been transformed into a stunning and peaceful garden, St Dunstan-in-the-East is the perfect way to unwind at the end of any London visit.