Mercato Mayfair

London, England

An artisanal food hall based in a Greek revival church, Mercato Mayfair has it all... if by 'it all' you mean delicious food, stained-glass windows and craft beer brewed in a crypt.

Deconsecrated Ground

In John Wick, deconsecration meant violence, murder and mayhem, but for St Mark's Mayfair, the results have been a bit more savoury. Well, sweet and savoury.

The disused church now hosts one of London's finest artisanal food markets: Mercato Mayfair.

Serving food from all over the world, top picks include Italian Gelato; sushi, pizza, pasta, bao buns, burgers, cocktails, beer and much, much more.

Everything served in this stunning Late Georgian setting serves is fresh, locally sourced and, crucially, delicious.

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When A Church Is Not A Church

There can be no surer sign of Christianity's decline than the deconsecration of its churches. More and more of these once sacred places have been deemed surplus to requirement, because there simply aren't enough church-goers to fill them.

And if, like me, you are a lover of good beer, sustainable food and religious architecture, then this is cause for celebration. Raise a glass to Mercato Mayfair and other markets of its kind.

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Heavenly Highlights and Devilish Lows

Along with its two floors of bars and eateries, Mercato Mayfair boasts a produce market with a mouth-watering array of deli products. To get the best out of it, however, you must look to the sky and below ground.

Its rooftop terrace is the perfect place to enjoy Mayfair on a sunny day. More decadent, below the dirt, its vaulted crypt serves fresh German beer, brewed on site, alongside a host of fine wines.

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Godly Values

Mercato Mayfair's produce doesn't just taste good, it comes accompanied by an admirable mission. The not-for-profit, FarMM, has partnered with businesses, charities and communities, since 2018 to try to bring about food for all, climate action and ecological innovation.

Learn more about their work here.

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One More Thing...

Mercato Mayfair has two sister sites: Mercato Metropolitano and Mercato Elephant Park, both in Elephant and Castle.

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What you need to know

Mercato Mayfair
St Mark's Church, North Audley Street, London, UK
Tips before you visit

Mercato Mayfair Opening hours:

Mon-Thur: 12pm-11pm

Fri-Sat: 12pm-12am

Sun: 12pm-10pm


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