MacArthur Museum

Brisbane, Queensland

Exploring the role of Brisbane in World War II at the MacArthur Museum.

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Discover Brisbane's MacArthur Museum

Through interactive exhibits, original artefacts, and knowledgeable guides, visiting the MacArthur Museum in Brisbane is like stepping back in time to witness the role Brisbane played during World War II. Housed within the restored and heritage-listed office of General Douglas MacArthur, at 201 Edward Street, visitors can sit at the very table where MacArthur and his staff planned strategies that shaped the course of the war.

The experience will also shed light on the challenges of wartime rationing and how civilians adapted to the disruptions of daily life to support the war effort in the South West Pacific Area (SWPA). This includes how the role of women in the workforce evolved to meet the demands of a wartime economy, from 1939 to 1945.

Since its inception the museum has received many prestigious awards. These include the Lonely Planet Award for Best World War II History and recognition as the top choice for history lovers in the TripSavvy Editor’s Choice Hall of Fame Awards 2022.

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- U.S. Pacific Fleet

Creating the MacArthur Museum

The MacArthur Museum was officially opened on 15th August 2004. The museum's inaugural exhibition, sponsored by the then Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie, marked the 59th anniversary of the end of fighting in the Pacific. Reflecting on the significance of MacArthur's role in the war, Beattie emphasised the importance of preserving contemporary history for future generations. Since then the museum has undergone several stages of development, each intended to protect and broaden its narrative and enrich the visitor experience.

Stage two of the museum's exhibitions, unveiled in 2007 and sponsored by the Brisbane City Council, was an immersive experience that delved into the wartime experience of Brisbane and its residents. The exhibit centred on the perspective of children and the impact of restrictions on daily life, using interactive displays, actual newsreel footage, and personal stories to provide insight on the challenges and triumphs of life on the home front.

Preserving the MacArthur Museum in Brisbane

In light of Peter Beattie’s desire to preserve the MacArthur Museum, the General Douglas MacArthur Brisbane Memorial Foundation Ltd was created. This is a registered charitable organisation dedicated to ensuring the museum's continued operation and historical accuracy.

Part of this commitment involves maintaining General MacArthur's wartime office as a public display. In this manner the foundation ensures that future generations have the opportunity to learn about the operations and characters of those who served in the past.

Inside the MacArthur Museum

General Douglas MacArthur's office, located on the 8th floor of the MacArthur Chambers building, acts as the museum’s centrepiece. Once the Boardroom of the Australian Mutual Provident Society, this space now acts as a symbol of MacArthur's command of the war effort in the SWPA from July 1942 to November 1944. Today, visitors are welcome to explore it as part of the broader MacArthur Museum.

The SWPA Gallery, funded by a grant from the US Mission to Australia, honours the cooperation between Australian and US forces operating in the region. Exhibits highlight key moments of collaboration, including the defence of Milne Bay and the coordinated efforts of the Royal Australian Navy and the US Navy. With new galleries constantly being created and old ones updated, the museum continues to shed light on the nature of the campaign in the SWPA.

MacArthur Museum
- U.S. Secretary of Defense

Exploring the Exhibits at the MacArthur Museum

Brisbane at War

The "Brisbane at War" exhibit reveals how a city of fewer than 350,000 people transformed into a vital support base for the war effort in the SWPA, through vivid displays and firsthand accounts. From the influx of U.S. military personnel to the construction of air force bases and civil defence networks, explore the impact of the war on daily life in Brisbane.

As Brisbane swelled to over 700,000 inhabitants with up to one million U.S. troops passing through en route to the Pacific War, the strains on transport, accommodation, and food supplies were unprecedented. City offices and university buildings became military headquarters, while private homes and schools were repurposed for military use. The construction of over 200 surface shelters changed the city's landscape, and the threat of Japanese carrier aircraft led to taped windows and sandbagged entrances.

South West Pacific Area Campaign

Journey through the theatre of war in the South West Pacific with the "South West Pacific Area Campaign" exhibit. Led by General Douglas MacArthur, Allied forces fought across Australia, the Philippines, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands in a series of important campaigns.

General MacArthur's appointment as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the South West Pacific Area marked a turning point in the Pacific theatre of war. Within the SWPA, campaigns often suffered heavy losses, including key battles such as the Battle of Milne Bay, the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, and the New Guinea campaign.

This exhibit explores the cooperation between Australian and U.S. armed forces including their strategies and sacrifices as they overcame challenges like the threat of malaria, and battle losses to secure victory in the Pacific.

Who Was General Douglas MacArthur?

Uncover the life and legacy of one of the most important figures in World War II history with the "Who Was General Douglas MacArthur?" exhibit. This exhibition takes visitors on a journey through MacArthur’s early years as the son of a decorated Army officer, his career which spanned both world wars, through to his rise as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the SWPA, during World War II.

Delve into his controversial decisions and strategic manoeuvres, from his defence of the Philippines to his role in shaping post-war Japan. Through personal artefacts, archival footage, and detailed accounts, gain a deeper understanding of the man behind the military legend.

MacArthur Museum 1
- U.S. Secretary of Defense

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