Marie Laveau’s Tomb

New Orleans, Louisiana (LA)

Marie Laveau's Tomb contains the spirit of New Orleans’ most powerful voodoo priestess.

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Who was Marie Laveau?

Marie Laveau was a famous voodoo queen and folk healer who lived in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 19th century. She was known for her powerful spells and potions, and was said to have the ability to predict the future and control the spirits of the dead.

After her death in 1881, Marie Laveau was buried in the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans, where her tomb has become a popular site for visitors and followers of voodoo.

Where is Marie Laveau’s Tomb?

Laveau's Tomb is located in the centre of the cemetery, and is marked by a large, white marble slab. The tomb is decorated with elaborate carvings and symbols, and is often covered in offerings left by visitors, such as flowers, candles, and other objects.

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Offerings at Laveau's Tomb - Sarah

Is the Tomb really Marie Laveau’s Final Resting Place?

Despite being mentioned in her obituary, and being the most likely spot, many historians argue that this is not Marie Laveau’s final resting place. However, this dispute does not seem to affect the amount of tourists who visit the site each year.

Visiting Laveau’s Tomb

Many visitors to Laveau's Tomb believe that it is still inhabited by her spirit, and that she continues to perform her magic from beyond the grave.

Some people leave offerings at the tomb in the hopes of receiving good luck or protection from evil spirits. Others visit the tomb to ask Marie Laveau for help with their problems, or to seek guidance on important decisions.

Preserving Marie Laveau’s Tomb

Alongside leaving various offerings ‘XXX’ markings are etched onto the white marble by those hoping for a blessing from Laveau. Preservationists condemn this practice, stating that there is no instance of ‘X’s accounting for any granting of luck or wishes, in voodoo tradition.

In 2013 after the marble was painted bright pink, a restoration of Marie's Tomb was undertaken by Bayou Preservation. The scribbles were removed and a large fine is now in place for anyone attempting to defile the crypt.

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'XXX' Markings on Marie Laveau's Tomb - Sarah

Historical Significance of Marie Laveau's Tomb

Despite its reputation as a place of magic and mystery, Laveau's tomb is also a site of great historical significance. It is a reminder of the rich cultural traditions of New Orleans, and of the important role that voodoo has played in the city's history and folklore.

Our thoughts…

The tomb offers a unique glimpse into the world of voodoo, and is a testament to the enduring power of Marie Laveau's spirit.

So, whether you're a believer in voodoo or just interested in learning more about this fascinating aspect of New Orleans history, a visit to Laveau's tomb is a must for anyone visiting the city.

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