Museum of Curiosities

Nottingham, England

The Museum of Curiosities helps satisfy your curiosities about a range of things from human skulls to haunted dolls.

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Discover Nottingham's Museum of Curiosities

Founded by Marie and Steve Wesson, often likened to Britain's renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, The Museum of Curiosities in Nottingham, formerly known as The Haunted Museum, is spread over three floors. The museum is filled with thousands of artefacts including human skulls, taxidermy items, and haunted objects linked to famous supernatural occurrences. Each year the collection continues to expand, offering visitors an ever-evolving perspective on the world’s paranormal history.

Situated a short stroll from Nottingham's town centre, on Derby Road, entry to the humble looking Museum of Curiosities is straightforward. There is a small fee allowing full access to the museum. Additionally, visitors can browse the curio gift shop at their leisure, purchasing mementos and keepsakes from their visit. Despite its compact size, reviews often highlight the museum's ability to captivate and engage its audience. Guests also appreciate the effort put into explaining the significance of each artefact, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the exhibits.

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Is the Museum of Curiosities Haunted?

As one might expect, the Museum of Curiosities is not simply an exhibition space—it's a haunted hotspot. Ranked as the 29th most haunted location in the UK, this museum is believed to be haunted. Originally housed in an old cinema on Woodborough Road, the collection found its current haunt after relocating, where eerie occurrences have become a norm rather than an exception. The recent discovery of an underground area and a hidden cave within the building, complete with a surprising headstone and grave, only adds to its haunted reputation.

Exploring the Museum of Curiosities in Nottingham

As a result of its reputation, the Museum of Curiosities has become a popular attraction in Nottingham for both sceptics and believers. Priced affordably at £8 per person, visitors typically spend 1-2 hours exploring the museum, delving into its collection of haunted objects and becoming increasingly creeped out by the unnerving atmosphere. The museum continually updates its displays, ensuring there's always something new to discover and return for.

Discovering the Ground Floor Wonders

The Museum of Curiosities’ ground floor sets the eerie tone with a collection that includes human and animal skulls, an original funeral hearse, and a dybbuk box. As part of the funeral hearse exhibit, visitors can witness unsettling footage of its handle being lifted by an unseen force—spooky!

The Cave-like Section and Human Skulls

As visitors delve deeper, they encounter a cave-like section where they have to don hard hats. Here lies an array of animal burial areas alongside two human skulls, which are available for visitors to hold. The decision to hold a human skull is questionable, raising questions about respect and curiosity. Those who do lift the human skulls often report unusual sensations afterwards, including tingling wrists and unexpected insights, such as random names coming to mind.

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- Francis Gray

The Enfield Haunting Exhibit

Ascending the stairwell, the journey takes visitors on a journey through the famous Enfield haunting, a significant case in paranormal history. Memorabilia from this haunting is displayed along the stairs. For many, encountering artefacts from such a renowned paranormal event is a thrilling highlight of their visit.

The Doll Exhibition

Venturing onto the first floor, the museum delves deep into the realm of dolls. Here, a mesmerising exhibition awaits, focusing on Mexico’s hauntingly beautiful Island of Dolls. This floor is perfect for those who are curious about haunted dolls. Personally, we would be skipping this exhibit!

Demon House

Continuing the journey, the first floor also houses intriguing artefacts, including items with ties to the infamous Demon House. Made famous by Zak Bagans’ documentary, these artefacts carry with them a sense of foreboding, drawing visitors deeper into the darker side of the supernatural world.

Movie Props and Creepy Clowns

On the final ascent to the second floor, the atmosphere intensifies with movie props from iconic horror films such as The Exorcist. Additionally, a smaller room dedicated to creepy clowns adds an extra layer of macabre and spine-chillingness to the museum’s collection.

Onsite Paranormal Investigations

Beyond its exhibits, Marie and Steve Wesson actively engage with the paranormal community by hosting events and investigations onsite. These gatherings allow believers and the curiously inclined to delve deeper into the mysteries that surround the museum.

Drinks Lounge

In 2024, the museum opened an on-site drinks lounge, serving unlimited drinks for £1.00. Here, visitors can enjoy hot and cold beverages amidst horror-themed decor, perfect for snapping photos with props from the exhibits. The lounge also offers live streams from cameras placed throughout the museum.

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Private VIP After Hours Tours

One of the standout offerings at the Museum of Curiosities is its Private VIP After Hours Tours, which are available for booking after regular museum hours. Groups of up to 20 guests can enjoy exclusive access with a personal museum guide, who provides insights and answers questions throughout the 90-minute experience.

As part of the VIP experience, guests can unwind in the museum's drinks lounge, enjoying complimentary refreshments before or after their tour. The museum's gift shop also remains open.

For those eager souls wishing to embark on a VIP private tour through the Museum of Curiosities, booking is essential. Time slots are available from 6:15pm to 7:45pm and 8:15pm to 9:45pm. Reservations can only be made via phone between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Prices for the tours are as follows:

  • Up to 10 Guests: £150
  • Up to 15 Guests: £200
  • Up to 20 Guests: £230

But make sure to check the website as prices may change.

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Visitor Information for the Museum of Curiosities

While the Museum of Curiosities is a great attraction in Nottingham, it's important to note its suitability for visitors. While not excessively frightening, the museum's collection, including eerie dolls, may be unsettling for younger children. As such, visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. There is also a strict no-photography policy, except for a designated area near the human skull exhibit. Keep an eye on the museum's social media, where videos capturing unexplained occurrences are often shared.

Attractions Near the Museum of Curiosities

While visiting the Museum of Curiosities, take advantage of its proximity to other attractions in Nottingham:

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