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Liverpool, England

Royal Albert Docks in Liverpool is the biggest tourist destination in the city!

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Exploring Liverpool's Royal Albert Docks

Royal Albert Docks in Liverpool is the biggest tourist destination in the city and holds the title of the most visited multi-use attraction in the United Kingdom outside London. Welcoming over four million visitors annually, with a royal designation as of 2018, the docks have lots of attractions including the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Beatles Story, the International Slavery Museum, and the Tate Liverpool. The site also has two hotels, Holiday Inn and Premier Inn, within the Britannia Pavilion and dozens of shops and restaurants.

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Alongside its attractions the dock is surrounded by five warehouses and the former dock traffic office, all of which have a Grade I listing. This makes the Royal Albert Docks home to one of England’s largest groups of Grade I listed buildings. Other structures each have Grade II listings.

Originally opened in 1846, the maritime complex had a revolutionary design, which facilitated the direct loading and unloading of ships. Throughout history, the Royal Albert Dock has stored many valuable cargoes, including brandy, cotton, tea, and silk.

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Creating the Royal Albert Docks

Constructed primarily from cast iron, stone, and brick, the Royal Albert Docks were the world's first non-combustible warehouse system. Building the docks at the Old Dock required a staggering 23 million bricks and 47,000 tonnes of mortar, with a total cost of £782,265, equivalent to approximately £41 million today, and its current estimated value is £230 million. Once created they held a warehouse space of 1,290,000 square feet and the dock basin itself covered 7.75 acres of water.

Among the distinctive features of the Albert Dock are its imposing cast iron columns along the quayside. Standing at 15 feet high and nearly 13 feet in circumference, these columns draw inspiration from Greek Doric architecture. The decision to use cast iron was driven by its cost-effectiveness over granite. Although granite had to be used in some areas so the dock trustees established their own mine in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.

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The History of the Royal Albert Docks

Early History

The history of the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool began in 1837 when Jesse Hartley initiated plans for a revolutionary dock and warehouse system. Designed alongside civil engineer Philip Hardwick, the concept of directly loading and unloading ships from warehouses was groundbreaking. Construction began in 1841 following parliamentary approval and the ‘Albert Dock’, as it was known, opened in an official ceremony in 1846, attended by Albert, Prince Consort, husband of Queen Victoria.

Role in the Second World War

Initially prosperous, the Albert Docks unique, enclosed design and direct loading system made it a secure and efficient place for trade. However, by the early 20th century, ships were getting bigger and the docks was unable to accommodate. Despite struggles, it played a pivotal role in World War II, serving as a base for the British Atlantic fleet.

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Post-War Decline

After World War II, having been bombed during the conflict, the dock faced financial difficulties and neglect. Ownership transitions and economic shifts led to its closure in 1972. Various redevelopment plans surfaced, including proposals for landfill and transformation into a teaching facility, but further challenges threatened any progress.

The MDC and Regeneration of the Albert Dock

In 1981, the Merseyside Development Corporation (MDC) was established to finally get things off the ground. Collaborating with private developers and Arrowcroft plc, the MDC prioritised restoring the dock's infrastructure and renovating its historic buildings.

The 1984 Cutty Sark Tall Ship Race and International Garden Festival drew millions of visitors to Liverpool. With renewed momentum, the Albert Dock underwent rapid restoration, welcoming attractions like the Merseyside Maritime Museum and Tate Liverpool.

Television broadcasts and the opening of The Beatles Story museum, as well as new hotels to accommodate visitors, also added to its appeal. In 2003, the last undeveloped space became a new Premier Lodge hotel. In 2018, in anticipation of its 175th anniversary, the dock received a royal charter, formally becoming Royal Albert Dock Liverpool to distinguish it from its London counterpart.

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Visiting the Royal Albert Docks

Cultural Attractions

Today, the Royal Albert Docks host a lively calendar of events and festivals including the International Mersey River Festival, live music concerts at the Echo Arena, food fairs, art shows, and boat races. There are also many cultural attractions at the Royal Albert Docks. These include:

  • The Tate Liverpool
  • Merseyside Maritime Museum
  • The Beatles Story
  • International Slavery Museum
  • Escape Hunt
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Food Spots

If you’re after sophisticated restaurants with cuisines ranging from Italian and Catalonian, to Mexican and British, then these are the options:

  • BMH Wine Shop Cafe and Bar
  • Gusto
  • Lunya Lita
  • Maray
  • Madre
  • Miller and Carter Steakhouse
  • Panam Restaurant and Bar
  • Rosa’s Thai Cafe
  • The Botanist
  • Rudy’s Pizza

For cafes and coffee shops (and a greek street food truck!) these are the most popular:

  • Costa
  • Rubens
  • Fab 4 Cafe
  • Quayside Cafe
  • Docklands Fish and Chip Shop
  • Peaberry Coffee House & Kitchen
  • So Greek Full

And if its a pub or bar you are after then these are the choices:

  • The Pumphouse
  • Revolution
  • The One O’Clock Gun
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Shopping at the Docks

The docks also have a range of shops that mix with the many restaurants, cafes, and bars along the waterfront. You can pick up souvenirs at With Love from Liverpool – or in the form of mouth watering fudge and other sweet treats from Roly’s Fudge or Quay Confectionery – and dip into Harbour Accessories, The Nest, or Lost Soles. Its even possible to get your hair done, get a tattoo, and pick up vintage photographs along the way.

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