Spruce Street Harbour Park

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

Spruce Street Harbour Park: a place of light, and rainbows.

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Spruce Street Harbour Park is a seasonal public park decorated with colourful hammocks, floating gardens, and technicolour lights dangling from the trees. The park boasts glorious views out over the river and Philadelphia’s skyline, is ready to entertain with a plethora of games and activities, and serves some of the tastiest food and thirst-quenching local craft beers in the city. It truly is the perfect place to while away those dreamy summer days.

Features of Spruce Street Harbour Park

Beachfront Oasis

Situated in Penn’s Landing, on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, Spruce Street Harbour Park has acted as a tranquil waterfront oasis since its creation in the summer of 2014. This marked the beginning of the first beer garden orientated Harbour Park Festival and a new, annual tradition, known as ‘Summer in the City’.

With its waterfront boardwalk and beachfront atmosphere, Spruce Street Harbour Park has been hailed one of the best urban beaches in America. Although there is not a ‘sandy’ area as such, there are still plenty of other aspects to project that ‘beach vibe’.


In Philadelphia settling into a hammock at Spruce Street Harbour Park is a sure sign that the lazy days of summer are in bloom. Strung between the trees under a starry maze of technicolour string lights, the popular hammocks are operated on a first come first serve basis. Groups of up to ten people however, can book a private, riverside lounge online, which has hammocks, chairs, and other seating.

The Water Garden

The floating barges are an interesting and unique feature of Spruce Street Harbour Park. One of the park’s most recent additions is The Water Garden, created by FCM hospitality. Originally the Oasis Barge, this revamped floating platform is now home to a restaurant – serving up seasonal Philly delights – with views out over the floating gardens and waterfront activities. It features raw metal railings and authentic boardwalk details, has a Caribbean inspired net lounge and is the best place to relax, 4 ft above the water.

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Colourful Hammocks at Spruce Street Harbour Park

Attractions at Spruce Street Harbour Park

Games and Activities

For those looking for a bit of adventure, Spruce Street Harbour Park has plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Visitors can challenge their friends to giant versions of classic games such as Jenga, Connect-4, and chess along the boardwalk. Or try their hand at mini-golf, and their luck, in the arcade!

If you want to get out on the river, kayaks and swan pedalows can be rented from the Independence Seaport Museum next door. Or step out onto the restaurant barge or the beer garden, floating on the water. With great eats and tasty beers, you won’t be disappointed spending a sunny afternoon on the Delaware River.

Food and Drink

Thanks to its harbouring of some of Philly’s most popular restaurants and celebrated chefs, food and drink has become a large part of the park’s appeal. Consequently, the mouthwatering goodies on offer are mostly Philly-inspired. From funky converted shipping containers the vendors are serving up burgers, funnel cakes, crab fries, lobster rolls, cheesesteaks, Philly Taco Burritos, and more! There’s also beer, wine, frozen cocktails in hollowed out coconuts, fried Tastykakes, and toast bites – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Events and Weekend Pop Ups

But Spruce Street Harbour Park is not only the home of good food, drinks, and games. There are also events and pop ups throughout the season, including Taco Tuesdays and live music.

The weekend is also a special time at Spruce Street Harbour Park! On Saturdays, Spruce Street Harbour Park plays host to the Art Star Pop Up Market, where local artists sell candles, clothing, and jewellery (among other artsy goods!). And for family events and activities, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (who founded the park) have partnered with local organisations to ‘spruce’ up your Sunday afternoons.

With so many entertainment options its a far cry from the isolated tranquillity you’ll find at other Philadelphia hotspots such as Bartram’s Garden.

Spruce Street Harbour Park

Sustainability Values at Spruce Street Harbour Park

In addition to all of the fun and games, Spruce Street Harbor Park is also committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Floating gardens are used throughout America for wetland restoration. At Spruce Street Harbour Park they are made from a durable, non-toxic post-consumer plastic, and are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve to clean the water in the marina.

The Park has also implemented a number of green initiatives, including composting and using solar-powered lights.

Our Thoughts…

Day or night, Spruce Street Harbour Park in Philadelphia is truly a sight to behold. Take your friends, take your family, take your dog and sample for yourself the twinkling lights, colourful hammocks, delicious food, and endless entertainment – there’s really no excuse not to go!

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