The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia


Palawan Island is a tiny spit of land in Singapore with a big claim: to be the highly contested location of the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.

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- Paul Lemons

Defining the ‘Southernmost Point of Continental Asia’

Singapore claims to hold the title for containing the intriguing and hotly debated location of the Southernmost point of continental Asia. Why is this hotly debated, you ask? Well, the term "continental" represents the extremity of Asia’s southern boundary, before it reaches the open waters of the surrounding seas. Therefore, excluding islands or other offshore territories. In the context of Singapore, the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia is claimed to be on Palawan Island.

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- Aykut Gebes

The tiny islet of Palawan is accessible from Sentosa Island via a narrow suspension bridge, and Singapore itself is in fact an island – so there are in fact three islands before you reach the landmark. However, Sentosa is linked to Singapore via a causeway, as Singapore is to Malaysia, so that is the counterpoint. There is also the argument that Sentosa has another beach – Tanjong Beach – which is located further south than Palawan… Do you see the intrigue and debate now? Uh huh, we thought you might.

The Malaysian Claim to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

Traditionally, the southernmost tip was recognised as Tanjung Piai in Malaysia, where the Strait of Malacca meets the South China Sea. However, the claim of Palawan Island, just off Sentosa Island, has introduced an alternative perspective and today the Southernmost Point serves Singapore as both a geographical landmark and an attraction for visitors.

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- Paul Lemons

Palawan Island and the Southernmost Tip of Continental Asia

So, despite the contest, traversing the swinging suspension bridge, from Sentosa's Palawan Beach to Palawan Island, will take you on a journey to the acclaimed Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. It also exists as the closest point in Asia to the equator. Adding to the authenticity of the claim, there is a sign on Palawan Island, erected by the Sentosa Development Corporation, declaring that it is the “southernmost point of Continental Asia.”

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- Paul Lemons

The small U-shaped spit of land that is Palawan Island, is a considerably picturesque islet with an artificial sandy shore and lush greenery. For an elevated perspective, climbing either of the two viewing towers at the entry point will grant you a panoramic view of the South China Sea. The wooden towers are connected via a walkway and are perfect for watching the freight ships approaching Singapore, as the sun dips into the crystal clear waters.

Exploring Sentosa Island

Palawan Island is part of a larger island – Sentosa – a tropical paradise with a myriad of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages. After making the crossing to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia why not stop to explore everything that Sentosa has to offer? There are stunning beaches and rainbow sunsets. But Sentosa is also renowned for its thrilling theme parks. Universal Studios Singapore is a must-visit for movie enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

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- Faye Hilling

For a more relaxing experience, Sentosa's S.E.A. Aquarium is an ethereal land of all things aquatic, from sharks to ‘Finding Nemos’. Take a leisurely stroll along the Sentosa Boardwalk, and don't miss the iconic Merlion Statue, symbolising the fusion of Singapore's past and present.

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- Faye Hilling

Sentosa also has a lot of food places, from beachside cafes to world-class restaurants. Cap off your day with the mesmerising Wings of Time show, a spectacular light and sound extravaganza set against the backdrop of the open sea. Sentosa Island ensures an unforgettable escape with its blend of natural beauty, entertainment, and cultural experiences.

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- Faye Hilling

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Regardless of the geographical debates, Palawan Island – as the home of the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia – clearly has a lot to offer its visitors, and a trip to its shores holds the promise of a great time.

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Southernmost Point of Continental Asia
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