Vale Of Cashmere

New York City, New York (NY)

A derelict Brooklyn park that was once so full of fountains, plants and life that it was named after a Thomas Moore poem, the Vale of Cashmere is today awaiting renovation.

Who has not heard of the Vale of Cashmere, With its roses the brightest that earth ever gave, Its temples, and grottos, and fountain as clear As the love-lighted eyes that hang over the wave.

Thomas Moore (1817)

- © ParkSlopeLove

Moore wrote these lines about a valley in Kashmir. Lalla-Rookh, the poem in which they feature, was a celebration of the botany and romance of the Mughal imperial court. Towards the end of the 19th century however Moore's words were adopted by Brooklyn NY, and Prospect Park's very own Vale of Cashmere was born.

Brooklyn's Vale Of Cashmere

Designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, the famed architects of Central Park, the Vale of Cashmere is a divot of land in the NE corner of Brooklyn's Prospect Park. It was carved out 17,000 years ago by a melting glacier, and then, much later, transformed into a naturalistic park by Vaux and Olmstead.

To begin with, it featured a pool, gardens and a playground, but it was later redesigned. The pool was replaced with a fountain full of water lilies big enough for children to sit on; the playground was turned into a rose garden complete with three fountains. Almost 20 years before Brooklyn got its own garden, the Vale of Cashmere was populated with rare plants from around the world. It was at this time that it was given its nickname.

- Public Domain

The Vale Of Cashmere In Decline

All this was expensive to maintain however and, during the economic turmoil of the 1960s, the Vale fell into disrepair. The lily pool became overgrown, the fountains ran dry and the rare plants were removed as they could not be properly looked after.

As bleak as this sounds it was in many ways positive. As the Vale grew less and less popular, it became a safe haven for New York inhabitants in need of a place to go away from discriminating eyes. Between 2008-11, it was a favourite meeting spot for gay men, particularly gay men of colour.

The Vale Of Cashmere Today

In October 2019, the Parks Department vowed to restore the Vale. Since then, $40m has been pledged towards these ends, two new entrances have been built, paths and lights have been put in place. The project is expected to continue for the next 4 years.

- © Allison Meier

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Vale Of Cashmere
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