Wattamolla Beach

Sydney, New South Wales

Wattamolla Beach, a unique Australian paradise where you can swim either side of the sand!

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Discover Wattamolla Beach

Nestled in Wattamolla Cove on the eastern side of the Royal National Park, just 50 km south of Sydney, Australia, Wattamolla Beach is a truly unique slice of paradise.

Wattamolla owes its uniqueness to its strange geography, being one of the few beaches in the world that acts as a sandy barrier between the ocean and a beautiful lagoon.

It was discovered in 1796 by an English navigator and cartographer, Mathew Flinders. Flinders and his crew were caught in a storm and sought shelter in the lagoon’s calm waters.

Today the lagoon allows beachgoers to float calmly in crystal clear waters and avoid the swell of the ocean. It is also the perfect spot for snorkeling or kayaking.

What can you see at Wattamolla Beach?

Views from Wattamolla Beach are breathtaking; the ocean before you, the golden sands stretching out beneath you, and the waterfall twinkling behind you as it tumbles into the lagoon below.

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- Shane Fuller

Wattamolla Falls

Moments from the northern car park lies Wattamolla Falls, which is a great starting point for any trip to Wattamolla.

Despite being a popular cliff-jumping spot, the top of the waterfall is actually fenced off and jumping is prohibited. Hidden rocks and the depth of the water can be easily underestimated as changing currents and rain continually alter the conditions.

Watching the daredevils hop the fence and careen off does however, make for an interesting spectacle; we just wouldn’t recommend it!

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- Shane Fuller

Wattamolla Picnic Area

Wattamolla Picnic Area is a super popular spot with a great family-friendly atmosphere, located right next to the car park.

The large open field is dotted with covered and uncovered benches and several electric BBQs. As soon as you step out of the car you’ll be hit with the sizzling, mouth-watering scents of someone else’s lunch.

Stay for a social bite, a break from all the swimming and hiking you’re sure to try in Wattamolla, or simply to take in the stunning scenery.

Walking Trails at Wattamolla Beach

The Royal Coast Track’s 26 km hike from Bundeena to Otford passes through Wattamolla. This makes it the perfect starting point for little half-day hikes, exploring smaller sections of the iconic track to the north or south.

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Providential Point Lookout

The most obvious hike to do in Wattamolla is the short trail to the Providential Point Lookout. Roughly 600m from the Wattamolla Picnic Area, the trail is relatively flat and easy to navigate, making it a great trek for all the family.

Once at Providential Point take the steps up to the top for magnificent views over both the ocean and the headland. Between May and October, the Lookout is a prime viewpoint for whale-watching.

Wattamolla Dam

Trekking north, another lovely hike is the gentle trail to the beautiful Sydney swimming hole known as Wattamolla Dam, or Wattamolla Creek Dam.

Set against a gorgeous woodland backdrop, Wattamolla Dam is perfect for a refreshing dip in what isn't far off being a large rock pool!

Wattamolla Beach to Little Marley

Continuing on from Wattamolla Dam through the heath and up onto the cliff tops, you will be met with glorious panoramic views over the ocean.

From here, the 7km hike from Wattamolla to Little Marley, is one of the best stretches of trail along the whole 27km Coast Track.

Set on a curved boardwalk, the trail itself is relatively easy-going and if you prefer a quiet spot to the hustle and bustle of Wattamolla, then Little Marley is definitely worth a visit. But the currents are strong so if swimming is your priority you might prefer to stick around the Dam!

Wattamolla Beach to Big Marley

Venture on an extra 1km from Little Marly and you will come to Big Marley! This big sister beach has even wilder waves than Little Marley however, so it's more of a look don’t touch situation.

Hiking to these beaches will take a couple of hours so make sure to take plenty of water and a big picnic, which you might enjoy feasting upon in the shelter of Big Marley’s sand dunes.

From the Marley Beaches you can continue north along the Royal Coast Track for more whale-watching opportunities and discover the geological delight that is, Wedding Cake Rock.

Wattamolla to Eagle Rock

Another incredible hike along the Royal National Park is the signposted trail from Wattamolla Beach to Eagle Rock and Curracurrong Falls further south.

The trip to Eagle Rock is an 8.8km return hike with the kind of views that will free you from the burdens of daily life.

Once at the iconic rock formation, you’ll discover Sydney’s most beautiful waterfall, which tumbles straight into the ocean.

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What you need to know

Wattamolla Beach
Wattamolla Beach, New South Wales, Australia
-34.137400, 151.117300
Tips before you visit

The weekends are particularly busy, so either avoid them if you prefer a more peaceful beach experience or arrive early.

During the summer, be aware of the heat and the exposure. There is some shade, but not much, and always bring plenty of drinking water!

Even though there are some BBQs available, there aren't many so get their early to secure one on the weekend.