Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

Las Vegas, Nevada

Set on the site of a haunted mansion the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum is a chilling institution filled with supernatural elements and eerie artefacts.

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Discover the Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum

Amongst the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas strip in Nevada, is a historic mansion known as Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum. Recognized as the “#1 Most Haunted Destination in America” by USA Today, this attraction, a far cry from other institutions in the area, is a spine-tingling favourite of thrill-seekers and supernatural enthusiasts.

Founded by Zak Bagans, best known for his role as the lead investigator on the television series "Ghost Adventures," the museum brings tales of ghostly encounters, cursed artefacts, and paranormal phenomena to life.

"I want people to experience firsthand what it's like to be in the presence of these haunted objects and to witness the unexplainable."

Zak Bagans, founder of the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum.

Guided by Bagans' expertise, visitors to the Haunted Museum embark on a hair-raising journey through dimly lit corridors and secret passages. For Bagans, the museum allows him to share his passion with others. Whether visitors are believers or sceptics, a visit to the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum might just set them straight on a few things!

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Origins and Haunted Property

Zak Bagans Haunted Museum is contained within the historic Wengert Mansion, a sprawling 11,000 square foot building that was once owned by Cyril S. and Lottie Wengert. Built in 1938, this Tudor Revival home was designed by architect, H. Clifford Nordstrom, and was amongst the largest in Las Vegas.

According to legend, the mansion is haunted. Tales of dark rituals being performed within its walls during the 1970s and restless spirits roaming around makes the mansion the perfect setting for a haunted museum.

Discovering the Man Behind the Mansion

As the brainchild of reality star Zak Bagans, the Haunted Museum owes its origins to Bagans' lifelong fascination with the paranormal. His journey began at the age of ten, scouring garage sales and his mother's antique shop for odd and spooky collectibles.

Then, after a life-changing encounter with a spirit in his Michigan apartment, the fascination intensified. From that moment Bagans was inspired to create the “Ghost Adventures” documentary series in 2006.

Since then Bagans has travelled the world in search of paranormal phenomena, amassing a huge collection of haunted objects along the way. These artefacts, each with its own unsettling backstory, are spread across more than 30 themed rooms throughout the museum and lay the foundation for its exhibits.

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Inside the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

Those brave enough to embark on the museum's harrowing 3-hour tour are delivered to the darker side of the supernatural realm. Among the highlights is a sombre funeral parlour, with hand-painted glass windows dating back to the 1800s, and a sinister circus-themed puppet theatre. For those with a morbid curiosity, there are rooms dedicated to infamous cult leaders and serial killers such as Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy.

One of the museum's most iconic displays is the Dybbuk Box, a wooden wine cabinet believed to be possessed by a malevolent spirit. This infamous artefact, hailed as the world's most haunted object, gained widespread attention after being featured in a documentary and subsequently inspired the horror film "The Possession."

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Visitors can also encounter the haunted doll, Peggy, known for causing dizziness, nausea, and even fainting among those who dare to hold her gaze. As well as the Propofol Chair from Michael Jackson's death room.

Another eerie attraction is the Volkswagen Death Van, once used by Dr. Jack Kevorkian for assisted suicides, and the bone fragments of notorious cult leader Charles Manson. Perhaps most unsettling is the original staircase from Indiana's Demon House, a site plagued by demonic possession and paranormal activity before its demolition.

Zak Bagans Museum After Dark: The Flashlight Ghost Tour

One of the most intense ways to experience the museum is by going on the Flashlight Ghost Tour, a nocturnal adventure that plunges brave souls into complete darkness. With only a flashlight to guide them, participants navigate the haunted halls of the eerie mansion.

Limited to just 20 individuals per session, this 90-minute tour grants exclusive access to the entire museum. Delve into the sinister history of the mansion, including its basement where documented dark rituals transpired decades ago. Armed with spirit boxes and EMF detectors identical to those used by Zak and his team on “Ghost Adventures”, visitors can communicate directly with the mansion’s spirits.

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Before venturing into the unknown, all guests must sign a waiver acknowledging the potential risks associated with the experience. Due to the intense nature of the tour, children under 14 years old are not permitted, and proof of age is required for all attendees. As a souvenir, participants receive a Haunted Museum engraved flashlight, a symbol of their courage in the face of the unknown.

While capturing video footage or photographs is prohibited during the tour, visitors are encouraged to participate in the museum's regular or RIP All Access tours beforehand, for a fully immersive experience. Among other things these tours highlight the museum's paranormal hot spots.

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Our Thoughts…

Those brave enough to venture into the shadows of the Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum will unravel a world of pure terror and paranormal mystery.

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