15+ Outdoor Team Building Activities in London

CityDays’ guide to finding outdoor team-building activities in London that you and your colleagues will *actually* want to do.

There are two types of people: ones who hear the words “outdoor team building activities” and feel their stomach drop to somewhere beneath their feet, and those whose first thought is something like “sweet, a day off”. 

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Whichever camp you fall into, if you’re in charge of finding and booking this year’s outdoor team-building activities, you’ll want to be sure you pick the right one.

And that’s where we come in! By now, we’ve seen and heard it all. From watching PowerPoint presentations about someone’s pet cockatiel (true story) to solving a murder mystery, we’ve gathered our intel on the best outdoor team building activities in London and put them into this handy list of ideas. 

And just so you know, nobody is paid to be featured on this list. They’re just our recommendations to you, so you can find the best team building activities in London.

Go on an Urban Treasure Hunt in One of London’s Boroughs

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Kicking off our list of outdoor team-building activities in London, a fan favourite both inside and outside the office - an urban treasure hunt.

Just as the name suggests, this outdoor team building activity sees you and your colleagues scurrying around London’s diverse boroughs, hunting down snippets of history and unravelling mysteries - with a few twists. 

You’ll navigate through winding streets, decode cryptic clues and uncover hidden gems that even long-term Londoners miss - and the only piece of equipment you’ll need is your phones. 

The clues are sent directly to you and you’re free to start, pause and stop the game at any time (so if it starts raining cats and dogs, you can just postpone your game until London’s skies look a bit more inviting).

Put Some Emphasis on Balance by Trying Out Paddle Boarding

Ditch the desk chairs for paddle boards and take your outdoor team building activities in London to the water. 

Paddle boarding isn’t just great exercise; it’s a test of balance and coordination that can mirror the dynamics of working life—requiring calm, concentration, and a bit of bravery. 

Whether you’re paddling through serene waters or racing your teammates, it’s a refreshing way to foster team spirit.

Get to Know London Better Than a Black Cab Driver with a Self-Guided Walking Tour

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Looking for outdoor team-building activities in London to show off what’s waiting out there on your doorstep? This is for you. 

Whether you work for a global corporation with thousands of offices or it’s just you and your loyal team, it’s never a bad idea to fall in love with London - or fall in love with it over again.

As a team, you’ll stride through the capital discovering more nooks and crannies than even the savviest black cab drivers out there. Armed only with a phone and your collective wits, you’ll explore London’s rich tapestry, from historic landmarks to hidden cafes and iconic street art. 

Ideal if you want to show London off to colleagues visiting from overseas or want to remind the team how lucky you all are to work in the UK capital, self-guided walking tours like these do all of the hard work for you - without getting any strangers involved.

Test Interdepartmental Relationships with a Game of Life-Sized Monopoly

As a London-based business, you’re probably acutely aware of the significance of Monopoly squares. They’re where you work, maybe where you live, and places that you know a little too well (we’re looking at you, railway stations). 

If you’re looking to inject some friendly (and possibly unfriendly, depending on who puts a hotel on Mayfair) competition, consider playing a giant, life-sized game of Monopoly. 

Navigate the board, build your empire, and maybe even send a colleague to jail as you strategize and negotiate your way to success.

Get a Bespoke Outdoor Team Building Activity Designed Specifically For Your Team

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Let’s be honest, there are loads of outdoor team building activities in London, and you might be feeling like none of them are very “you” or “your office”. 

That being the case, there’s a very simple solution: start from scratch and get one made just for you. 

Bespoke outdoor team-building days like these give you the flexibility to implement your own ideas or take the backseat and get the whole day planned for you. 

So if you want to involve blindfolded games, theme it around your office, dress up, or visit a particular pub, restaurant or end venue - you can. All without losing a single minute of your own precious time.

Need Some Ideas or Inspiration? Here are some themes and ideas we’ve implemented in the past…

  • Film clues in London for a movie production company
  • Swiss facts and games including “cow stacking” in Washington DC
  • Buildings conceptualised by an architecture firm in San Francisco
  • A fashion-themed luxury trail through New York City

Go Old School With a Game of Rounders at Your Nearest Park

Office budgets are as diverse as the businesses that try to manage them, and if you’re looking for outdoor team building activities in London that cater towards the lower end of the spectrum, fear not.

When you think about it, all you really need for this is a few bats, balls and some space to run around in - which probably explains a lot about why all schools nationwide teach us how to play it. 

Obviously, this throwback to schooldays won’t be met with enthusiasm by all (whatever you do, don’t line your colleagues up and insist managers pick them one by one) but for smaller, sports-enthusiast groups, it’s a great way to squeeze in some laughter, teamwork and a bit of friendly competition.

Race Against The Clock to Save London From Doom in an Outdoor Escape Room Game

Outdoor team building activities in London

Depending on what your day-to-day work tasks look like, you might be feeling that it’d be nice to leave reality at the office door. If that’s the case, this is for you.

Outdoor escape rooms like this bring the thrill of puzzle-solving and timed competition to the great outdoors - and where better to set the scene of your story than London’s city streets? 

Like a real-life board game, you and your colleagues will become the main characters in your own zombie apocalypse saga. Teams have to crack codes, solve puzzles, and race across the city to avert the spread of a (thankfully fictional) zombie disease. Follow the story, interact with the characters and remember – time is of the essence!

Amp Up Your Office’s Survival Skills by Taking a Wild Foraging Class

Looking for outdoor team building activity ideas in London that will equip your office with some (actually) useful life skills?

Swap office attire for walking boots and baskets and take the team out foraging for nature’s bounty in London’s lush outskirts.

Led by expert foragers, your team will learn to identify and harvest seasonal produce, transforming the day’s pickings into a wild feast. Beyond mere survival, this foraging adventure is about reconnecting with nature and each other, a leafy respite from the concrete jungle.

Gather Ingredients for a Mystery Picnic in The Urban Eden of Shoreditch

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Ditch eating “al desko” for eating “al fresco” with some outdoor team building activities in London that cater for hungry (and competitive) coworkers.

The concept of a mystery picnic is simple: split up into teams, answer riddles and clues to unlock access to unique, independent vendors and collect delicious ingredients as you go. 

As you and your colleagues navigate through the eclectic mix of bakeries, artisanal shops, and delis, you’ll get the duo-benefits of exploring London in a multi-sensory and immersive way (and yes, you get to eat your delicious and precious bounty in a cosy, comfortable setting at the end). 

This outdoor team-building activity not only spices up your office day out but also offers you the perfect blend of exploration, teamwork, and gastronomy, wrapped in the lively spirit of some of London’s most dynamic neighbourhoods.

Play a Competitive Game That Nobody’s Familiar With Such as Pétanque

Looking for something refined to do for your outdoor team building activity in London? 

Introduce a slice of French je-ne-sais-quoi with a game of pétanque, a game where strategy meets skill and, of course, some jocular ribbing and ball-related jokes. 

As the fancy, older sibling of bowling, pétanque is the ideal activity if you’re short on time but want to inject some fun into your outdoor team building session. There are a few plusses to consider: firstly, pétanque offers a level playing field for all, as few will have prior experience, and it’s also super easy to learn, which is a bonus.

Solve a (Real) 200-Year-Old Cold Case as a Team in an Immersive Outdoor Escape Room

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Your day jobs might be as far away from the misery of violent crime as it’s possible to be, but there’s no reason you can’t spend your team-building day as London’s top detectives.

It didn’t take long after Jack the Ripper’s disappearance for gruesome scenes to appear again in Whitechapel. Detectives at the time were perplexed: was the Ripper really gone, or was this the work of yet another brutal murderer? What if he was back? Which outcome was worse?

200 years later and it’s up to you and your fellow colleagues to combine your collective wits and sleuthing skills to crack the case. In this outdoor escape room game, you’ll visit the crime scenes and pubs frequented by both victims and suspects alike, read transcripts from the contemporary reports and, by the end, have seen the Ripper’s old stomping grounds from a new perspective.

Chase High-Speed Thrills at a Go-Karting Track

If you’re mostly after entertainment for your outdoor team building activity in London, consider taking the team go karting.

Sure, you’ll spend a lot of your time sitting down but on the plus side, there’s not a desk in sight. Instead, you’ll spend a few hours chasing victory around a track - and bragging rights for at least a few weeks after the event.

Of course, it's not just about wanting a need for speed; your team will need precision and teamwork to outmanoeuvre the competition. Ideal for adrenaline junkies and those who thrive under pressure (and any boss who’s been binge-watching Drive to Survive and wants to feel like Toto Wolff for the day). 

Unleash Your Colleagues in Unfamiliar Territory with an Urban Exploration Game


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hanging around the office – but let’s be honest, most people already feel like they spend a bit too much time there.

Go for the ultimate immersive experience by playing an urban exploration game that transforms the streets of London into a giant board game that challenges teams to navigate, solve puzzles, and complete tasks in unfamiliar parts of their city. 

Perfect for teams looking to build communication and problem-solving skills while experiencing the unknown corners of the capital, these outdoor team building activities in London are a great way to give your colleagues some much-needed respite from their everyday surroundings. 

Put Your Teammates Through Their Paces at Totally Wiped Out

This outdoor team building event offers a series of mental and physical challenges that are as fun as they are unique – so if that’s your vibe, this might just be for you.

Teams navigate through obstacles like the Big Red Balls Alley and dodge the Sweeper Arm, just like on BBC’s "It's A Knockout" – and they even have the original props and costumes from the TV programme, too. 

A sure-fire way to break down barriers and foster a stronger team dynamic, it’s an ideal way to let everyone—including the boss—show a different side and bond in a unique setting.

Challenge The Office to Take On an 18 Hole Adventure Golf Course

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If your main objective with your outdoor team building activity in London is to have some light-hearted fun, this is for you. 

Ideal for building camaraderie, a classic game of mini golf will whisk you and your fellow coworkers away to a world of whimsical obstacles and friendly competition. As you tackle each creatively designed hole, you'll find the team naturally bonding over the fun challenges and light-hearted rivalries. 

Although participants are largely left to their own devices when it’s their turn to putt, they’ll also be encouraged to sharpen their problem-solving skills and strategic thinking without the pressure of the boardroom. 

Plus, mini golf is wonderfully inclusive, ensuring everyone can swing into action regardless of skill level (and, if anything, it’s more fun the worse at it you are. Take it from me!). 

Find More Things to Do in London with CityDays

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So there you have it, 15+ outdoor team building activities London has to offer! 

Want to find more things to do in London?

Whatever your interests are, there’s always something new for you to discover. In fact, you don’t have to go out of your way at all to find them - you just have to know where to look. 

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You’ll find curated trails and hunts all over London, including Central London, Greenwich Mayfair, Shoreditch, Kensington and Southwark. 

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