Ten NYC Highlights You Won't Find On Any Other List

NYC is buzzing with life around the clock. At any one minute there are always dozens of things going on. Despite this however lists of NYC places tend to regurgitate the same old names. Here are ten highlights you won't find anywhere else.

1) Make The Most Of A Former Industrial Center At Greenpoint Terminal Market

A sight of worker riots, urban blight, punk rock squatting, activism and fire, Brooklyn's Greenpoint Market has today become a place brimming with art, music, food, culture and life.

- © jmzz25

2) Discover Hidden Histories At The Museum Of Sex

Inspired by a German institute that, in 1933, was destroyed by a Nazi mob, the Museum of Sex stands proudly in the face of censorship and banality. The perfect place to learn more about a vital part of the human experience that has too often gone ignored by 'serious' research.

- © Beyond My Ken

3) Visit NYC's Most Romantic Building: Jefferson Market Library

Known as the American Neuschwansteinian, this former courthouse might be located in the heart of Greenwich Village, but to look at it is to be transported to a European castle from some lost fairytale.

- © Jay Dobkin

4) Explore The Derelict Beauty That Is The Vale Of Cashmere

This decaying Victorian beauty was once so picturesque that it was named after a Thomas Moore poem. Today, its charms are faded and worn, but no less striking for it.

- © Allison Meier

5) Have A Picnic In Fort Wadsworth

An old coastal fortress with origins in a 1663 Dutch blockhouse, Fort Wadsworth is today one of the city's strangest picnic spots. What better place to have a leisurely lunch than within the walls of a military marvel looking out across the New York bay.

- © Whomever

6) Visit The Site Of Maritime Tragedy At Pier 54

Both the arrival point of the Titanic's survivors and the departure point of the ill-fated Lusitania, this unfortunate pier has evolved beyond its tragic back-story to become one of NYC's most unique parks, Hudson River's Little Island.

- © Kim Carpenter

7) Discover The Power Of Numbers At MoMath

Robots, lasers, monkeys and a square-wheeled trike that somehow glides smoothly across the floor, math doesn't have to be boring and NYC's Museum of Mathematics proves this!

- © Beyond My Ken

8) Immerse Yourself In Ukranian Culture At Streecha

A humble semi-basement below a dentist's, this restaurant and Ukranian hub might not look like much from the outside, but head in and you'll be transported to another culture. Streecha is the perfect place to enjoy authentic, home-cooked Ukranian food in the environment it was made to be eaten in.

9) Enjoy A Historic Tipple At Van Brunt Stillhouse

Breathing new life into a centuries old Brooklyn distilling culture that was almost stopped dead by prohibition and the rise of big booze, Van Brunt Stillhouse is a local business where you can really taste the homegrown, natural ingredients.

- © Van Brunt Stillhouse

10) Be Captivated By Music At Widow Jane Mine

Pounding drums, energetic dance, thick limestone walls, this cavernous industrial relic turned mushroom cave turned performance hub is a bit further afield, upstate in Rosendale, but for music lovers it really is a must see. Where else can you catch a concert inside an old mine?

- © Mad Hare Imagery