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Everton Park trumps Haji Lane as Singapore’s coolest street, here’s why!

Everton Park
- Jeff Rosenberg

Everton Park: Singapore’s Coolest Street

Move over Haji Lane, Everton Road in the Everton Park neighbourhood has recently claimed the title of Singapore's coolest street. Built in 1965 and lined with vintage shophouses that are now home to pottery studios and trendy cafes, Everton Park is one of Singapore’s oldest residential estates. But aside from its historical significance, there are a myriad of activities to engage with in this bustling neighbourhood, from exploring the renowned Art Porters Gallery and other colourful street art murals along the way, to delving into the rich heritage at Baba House.

Everton Park 7
- TW Cheong

Art Galleries at Everton Park

Everton Road isn't just a corridor of buildings; it's a cultural melting pot. The Art Porters Gallery at Everton Park showcases an eclectic mix of artworks, ranging from paintings and sculptures to mixed-media installations. With a commitment to established and newly emerging artists, the Art Porters Gallery acts as a conduit for private collections and public exhibitions, offering a diverse and enriching artistic panorama. Beyond these regular exhibitions, the gallery also rotates pop-up exhibits, providing visitors with an ever-changing mix of contemporary art. However, to ensure its influence extends beyond the display of art the gallery also explores the history of art as well.

Everton Park 4
- TW Cheong

The Buildings at Everton Park

Colonial Architecture: The Spottiswoode Building

Within Everton Park, the Spottiswoode area, including the distinguished building at 64 Spottiswoode, signifies Singapore's architectural heritage from the colonial period. As a whole, strolling through Spottiswoode reveals a collection of conserved pre-war shophouses and historic pathways.

Everton Park 5
- TW Cheong

Peranakan Architecture: The Blair Plain Conservation Area

The Blair Plain Conservation Area is a masterpiece of beautifully preserved Peranakan residential properties. These elegant shophouses intricately blend Chinese and Malay influences, exemplifying the Straits Chinese culture in Singapore. Wander through the streets of this area, to be transported to, and gain a better understanding of, the nostalgic kampong days.

NUS Baba House: An Immersive Peranakan Experience

The NUS Baba House at Everton Park is a meticulously restored historic site that now serves as a museum dedicated to Straits Chinese culture. Offering a rare chance to step into a traditional Peranakan home, the NUS Baba House enchants visitors with its authentic furnishings, intricate architectural details, and knowledgeable guides. It also provides an insight into the lives of affluent Peranakan families, making it an essential destination for those intrigued by Everton Park's past.

Everton Park 1
- knowenoughhappy

Street Art at Everton Park

One of the highlights of the Everton Park neighbourhood is the transfixing (and kind of unusual) street art that adorns the buildings. Each mural you feast your eyes on unveils a new aspect of Singaporean culture and so it is a historical experience in itself!

Yip Yew Chong’s Murals

Yip Yew Chong is a famous local artist who has contributed to Everton Park’s catalogue of street art with his heritage murals concerning daily life. From ‘Amah’, a mural of a housemaid washing and drying clothes for a Peranakan family, to ‘The Provision Shop’ and ‘Barber’ murals, the latter having been inspired by growing up in Chinatown.

Everton Park 2
- knowenoughhappy

Alex Face’s Mural

Going back to the Art Porters Gallery, if you take a visit to the back of the exhibition space you’ll find another famous street art mural, created by Alex Face. This piece of graffiti was commissioned by Guillaume Levy-Lambert and Sean Soh, founders of Art Porters Gallery, and features two characters dressed in traditional Peranakan clothing.

Eating at Everton Park

Everton Road proves that coolness isn't just about aesthetics but an experiential journey through culture and cuisine. Home to some of the best family-run coffee spots in Singapore, like Nylon Coffee Roasters and The Better Half hole-in-the-wall, visitors will come to remember Everton Road as a highlight of their visit to the city-state.

Everton Park 6
- TW Cheong

Take a moment or two at Myo, meaning ‘wonderful’ in Japanese, which offers affordable beer towers starting from S$10 a pint. Or for those craving a taste of nostalgia, Ji Xiang Confectionery awaits with authentic Nonya pastries like the renowned ang ku kueh. Ang ku kueh is a bite-sized, turtle-shaped confectionery crafted from glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, and sugar and Ji Xiang has 6 different varieties on offer.

For a more local experience, aka a hawker, Everton Park Foodhall is bursting with different vendors from Vietnamese pho to Korean BBQ. So put your bus pass or water bottle down on a table to save your space (in Singapore it is safe to do this) and browse the hall until you find something that takes your fancy!

Everton Park 9

Café enthusiasts will find no end to Everton Road’s collection of trendy eateries – or the delicious food options on offer within them! All we can suggest is to make sure you’re hungry when you visit!

Other Activities at Everton Park

The Tiny Rabbit Hole

Tiny Rabbit Hole is the place for all enthusiastic crochet and craft lovers. It's a cosy store with a casual and laid-back atmosphere that offers a range of workshops and classes suitable for all ages. Surrounded by an enchanting collection of amigurumi and handcrafted items, visitors need little encouragement to unleash their creativity.

Bethel Pottery

It's all in the name! Bethel Pottery, by Studio MC, is a mere 5 minutes from Outram Park station and has engaging classes and workshops led by skilled instructors to help you create some beautiful pieces for your homes. There’s something incredibly soothing about carving and moulding the raw clay, and watching it transform over an afternoon into a delightful keep-sake of your visit to Everton Park. So why not give it a go next time you’re in the neighbourhood?!

Everton Park 8

Our Thoughts…

Everton Park is a place where travellers and locals alike can gather together to experience the true culture (and culinary delights!) of the city, all in one place! With splashes of colour from renowned street artists, the cultural dimensions from ornate buildings, and delicious aromas from local eateries it's no wonder this often-overlooked street now takes centre stage as the beating heart of Singapore.

Everton Park 3
- TW Cheong

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