Fort Siloso


Fort Siloso is a well-preserved decommissioned military battery on Sentosa Island in Singapore that offers visitors a unique insight into Singapore’s colonial history.

One of four decommissioned military batteries located on Sentosa Island, Fort Siloso is now a popular tourist destination for those interested in military and colonial history. 

Built in the 19th century, Fort Siloso once played a vital role in protecting Singapore’s shores and maritime interests in Southeast Asia. 

History of Fort Siloso

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The history of Fort Siloso dates back to the late 19th century, a few decades after Singapore was “founded” by Sir Stamford Raffles. It was built primarily to protect Singapore’s shores and maritime interests in Southeast Asia, but its significance would later permeate far beyond its original purpose…read on to find out more.

Singapore’s Colonial and Early Military History: Fort Siloso 

Fort Siloso was erected during the late 19th century as part of the British colonial efforts to fortify Singapore’s main island against potential naval threats. Sentosa Island, just south of Singapore’s main island and directly opposite what was Singapore’s most valuable port, Keppel Harbour, was chosen as the prime location for the most important military batteries.

The construction of Fort Siloso began in 1878 and was completed in 1885, making it one among several coastal forts such as Fort Serapong.  Fort Siloso was named after the Malaysian word "Siloso" meaning "rock".

Fort Siloso and World War II

In February 1942, Singapore fell to Japanese occupiers in what has since been remembered as the Battle of Singapore. Fort Siloso played a crucial role in the island's defence during this trying time, as British and Australian forces manned its guns in a valiant but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to repel the Japanese Army. Despite their efforts, the fort succumbed to the Japanese, marking a significant turning point in Singapore's history.

Fort Siloso During The Postwar Era

The post-World War II era saw Fort Siloso’s military unity wane, leading to its decommissioning in 1967. By then, Singapore had gained independence from Britain and was in the grips of transforming Sentosa Island from a military stronghold into a tourist paradise. 

This transformation saw many local people removed from Sentosa Island and their homes were demolished to make way for new tourist attractions. Fort Siloso was originally supposed to meet the same fate, but it was ultimately decided that it should be preserved as a historical site in the late 1970s. Today, Fort Siloso stands as a living museum, offering visitors a glimpse into its storied past and Singapore's military history.

Things to See and Do at Fort Siloso

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Fort Siloso is more than just a historical relic; it's a captivating destination that offers a range of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Here’s what you can expect to see and do at the remarkable fortress of Fort Siloso:  

Explore the Fortifications

One of the primary draws of Fort Siloso is the opportunity to wander through its well-preserved fortifications. Visitors can traverse underground tunnels, uncover hidden chambers, and even climb into bunkers that once housed soldiers tasked with defending against potential threats. These fortifications provide a tangible link to Singapore's military history and offer insight into the challenges faced by its defenders.

Visit the Fort Siloso Skywalk

For panoramic views of the surrounding area, take a leisurely stroll along the Fort Siloso Skywalk. This elevated walkway provides breathtaking vistas of Sentosa Island and the sea, offering an excellent vantage point for photography and an opportunity to appreciate the fort's strategically chosen location.

Examine The Museum Exhibits

Fort Siloso is home to a museum that boasts a wealth of artefacts, photographs, and historical exhibits related to Singapore's military history. Visitors can gain insights into the fort's role during World War II and familiarise themselves with the various weapons and equipment utilised by British and Japanese forces. The museum also provides a comprehensive understanding of the fort's historical significance.

Take a Guided Tour

For a deeper dive into the history and stories behind Fort Siloso, consider joining one of the informative guided tours led by knowledgeable guides. These tours offer a richer perspective on the fort's past and the people who lived and served within its confines.

Surrender Chambers

One of the most poignant and thought-provoking aspects of Fort Siloso is the Surrender Chambers, where visitors can see a recreation of the moment when the British surrendered to the Japanese in 1942. 

The Cultural Significance of Fort Siloso

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Beyond its historical significance, Fort Siloso also holds cultural importance for Singaporeans and visitors alike. It serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination of the individuals who safeguarded the island during trying times and the losses sustained during a bloody period in world history.

Preserving History at Fort Siloso

More than just a tourist attraction, Fort Siloso's preservation as a historical site underscores Singapore's commitment to safeguarding its heritage. In a city known for its rapid modernisation, Fort Siloso is a living reminder of recent history and its impact on the world. 

Education and Awareness at Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso plays a vital role in educating younger generations about Singapore's history. School groups frequently visit the fortress, and the exhibits and guided tours help impart the lessons of the past to future generations. 

Commemoration and Reflection at Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso also serves as a place of commemoration and reflection. It offers visitors a space to pay their respects to the soldiers and civilians who fought and the many lives lost during World War II. It's a place where individuals can pause and reflect on the human cost of war and the enduring importance of peace.


Fort Siloso in Singapore stands as an intriguing historical site that combines a rich history with cultural significance. 

As a living museum, Fort Siloso continues to educate and remind its visitors of Singapore’s tumultuous history and offers a unique insight into the dangers locals once faced, both long ago and in recent living memory.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, interested in Singaporean heritage, or simply a curious observer, Fort Siloso offers an enriching experience that celebrates Singapore's history and cultural resilience.

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