Raffles Marina Lighthouse


The Raffles Marina Lighthouse, never ceases to inspire wonder – or act as a nautical navigational tool in Singapore.

Raffles Marina Lighthouse
- Lightmeister

Discover Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Perched on the western shores of Singapore, the striking Raffles Marina Lighthouse is a hidden gem awaiting discovery. Built in 1994 and contained within the Raffles Marina Club in Tuas, this lighthouse defies the notion that it is a relic of the past. Today, it is the only lighthouse – privately owned by the Raffles Marina Club – not operated by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore. And continues to guide ships through the intricate waters of the Johor Strait.

Raffles Marina Lighthouse 3
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Raffles Marina Lighthouse: A Maritime Beacon

A beacon of both utility and beauty, the Raffles Marina Lighthouse flashes every 10 seconds, its beam reaching an impressive 15 metres. Positioned at the tip of the club's breakwater, it offers an unobstructed view of Tuas Second Link and the Johor Bahru skyline, making it a favourite spot for couples seeking to capture a special moment. Beyond its photogenic allure, visitors can revel in the breathtaking sunset from the pier, adding a touch of magic to the lighthouse's already enchanting presence.

The strategic positioning of Raffles Marina Lighthouse, at the entrance of the Raffles Marina, near Tuas, ensures that it serves as a crucial guide for both recreational boaters and commercial ships entering the port. The lighthouse's distinctive red and white colour scheme, along with its tower height of 12 metres, makes it easily recognisable against the backdrop of sea and sky.

Raffles Marina Lighthouse 2
- Xingjian Loy

The Lighthouse's Architectural Details

The architecture of the Raffles Marina Lighthouse seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic allure, making it a distinctive landmark along Singapore's western coastline. Standing at an impressive height, the lighthouse beckons visitors to ascend its spiral staircase and reach the observation deck, offering a 360-degree panoramic sensation. From this elevated vantage point, the marina unfolds below, the Johor Strait stretches into the distance, and the skyline of neighbouring Malaysia becomes a radiant backdrop.

Beyond its primary function as a form of safety, the Raffles Marina Lighthouse is a testament to Singapore's rich maritime heritage. Its tower, visible from afar, gracefully rises above the marina's facilities, becoming an integral part of the surrounding landscape. The lighthouse's aesthetic significance is particularly pronounced during sunset, when its silhouette is juxtaposed against a sky tinged with orange, pink, and purple.

Raffles Marina Lighthouse 1
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Activities at Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Lighthouse Tour: Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area and gain further insight into its significance and the role it plays in directing ships into one of the busiest ports in the world.

Taking Photographs: As we mentioned the Raffles Marina Lighthouse and its surroundings provide excellent photo opportunities. So try your hand at taking some cool shots, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Walk around the Marina: Adjacent to the lighthouse, Raffles Marina itself is a hub of maritime heritage and recreational activities. Boasting a comprehensive marina, yacht club, and resort facilities, it attracts sailors, yachties, and curious families, couples, and friends.

Get out on the Water (or cast a line into it!): Raffles Marina is known for its boating and yachting facilities. You can rent either to explore the waters or even organise some sailing lessons. It is also possible to try your luck at nearby fishing spots.

Dining near the Lighthouse: Raffles Marina has countless restaurants and cafes. Why not treat yourself to a delicious meal while enjoying the beautiful waterfront views.

Events and Celebrations: There are often live music, art exhibitions, festivals or other nautical themed events held at the marina so keep an eye for one that peaks your interest.

Whether you're drawn to the lighthouse because of its operational significance, panoramic views, or the charm of the marina setting, the Raffles Marina Lighthouse promises a captivating experience for all who visit.

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Raffles Marina Lighthouse
10 Tuas West Drive Singapore 63
1.342706, 103.635788
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The Raffles Marina Lighthouse is not to be confused with the Raffles Lighthouse on Pulau Satumu.


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