Top 8 Things To Do In Mayfair

The most expensive square on the London Monopoly board, Mayfair has as much going for it as its price tag would suggest. Enjoy a jam-packed tour of the area with these eight suggestions!

1) Visit The Beautiful Arcades

Mayfair has not just one, but three of London's Victorian shopping arcades: Princes Arcade, Royal Arcade and Burlington Arcade. These are worth visiting not just for the luxury boutiques within, but also for the stunning architecture and fascinating history. Burlington Arcade, for example, boasts the world's smallest and oldest private police force: The Burlington Arcade Beadles. You can find them there to this day, still clad in their original top hats and frock coats.

Burlington Arcade, London - 2
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2) See Art From All Eras At The Royal Academy Of Arts

A gallery featuring the works of Michaelangelo, Salavdor Dali and Tracey Emin; a 17th Century palace responsible for putting Palladian architecture on the (UK) map; the site of (possibly) the most generous rental agreement in London, the Royal Academy of Arts is a lot of things and one of those is a Mayfair must-see.

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3) Rock Out With Handel And Hendrix

Sculptures, paintings and architecture not your thing? How about a bit of baroque and roll? Turns out Jimi Hendrix and George Frideric Handel were neighbours. At the 'Handel and Hendrix in London' museum- 23-25 Brook Street, Mayfair (aka their old houses)- you can learn all about the London lives of these two musical visionaries.

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4) Wine And Dine At Mercato Mayfair

Time for a bit of nourishment. Mercato Mayfair is Mayfair's very own artisanal food and drinks market. Set in a Greek revival church, it's the perfect place to enjoy food from a host of different cultures. Gelato, sushi, pizza, pasta, bao buns, burgers, wine, they've got it all. They even brew their own German craft beer in the vaulted crypt below.

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5) Learn About Archaic Laws At Brown Hart Gardens

Mayfair has plenty to do and see outdoors, too. Brown Hart Gardens, for instance, is a charming and unique spot with a bizarre history. Built on top of an old substation that still powers much of the West End to this day, it is subject to some pretty strange by-laws. Singing, quarrelling, shouting and... erm, the practice of gymnastics are all banned on its premises.

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Brown Hart Gardens, London - 2
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6) Get Spooked At Mayfair's Most Haunted House

Legend has it that 50, Berkeley Square is the home of three cursed spirits: a young girl who fell out of an attic window, a child who was murdered by a servant, and a man who was locked in a room and fed through the keyhole until he succumbed to madness. And that's just where the spookiness begins.

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7) Unwind In Mount Street Gardens... If You Can

The perfect place to relax, read a book and escape from the pressures of city life, Mount Street Gardens is a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Mayfair. Or so it would seem... Despite its pleasant appearance, the place has a grim history. It was once burial ground and, worse still, this was only changed because its conditions were so bad as to put it in breach of Victorian health and safety regulations.

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8) Experience Mayfair In A New Way In Our Outdoor Escape Game

A unique way to experience the area, this hybrid escape game/city tour will take you on a cryptic adventure through Mayfair's past and present. Solve tricky clues and untangle enigmatic directions as you work your way between the impressive, the beautiful and the outright bizarre. Along the way, enjoy great cafes, bars and pubs, and learn the baffling history of Mayfair and its people.